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What is so great about Amateur Porn? In a world where bigger is better it's nice to hit home base from time to time, keep it real. Seeing chicks you SWORE you went to school with or dudes that look like your first boyfriend is undeniably hot. Sincere couples, unquestionable orgasms, and raw and simple fucking has something mainstream porn does not. Though extremely hard to get right (between the lighting, angles and overall creativity) when Amateur porn IS done well, the results, well....make me want to cum in my pants. Below are my Top Ten Favorite Amateur Videos on Pornhub: Hot Amateur European Lesbians - Take me to Europe!! Is this seriously how they do over there? Super hot video, extra points for the blind foldage and the strap on action. Damn.
Hot Amateur European Lesbians brought to you by PornHub Busty Girlfriend Working On My Cock - Is this how much fun people have at Mardi Gras? The girl claims "this is the best night of my life" at one point in the video. I'm thinking it's their blatant sobriety *cough* that makes the sex so good.....
Busty Girlfriend Working On My Cock brought to you by PornHub Private Lesbian Sex Tape - Who doesn't love two sexy lesbians going at it? Whatever points were deducted for the horrible radio station in the backround and poor lighting are won back by the dedicated finger fucking and strap on action. This video is a winner.
Private Lesbian Sex Tape brought to you by PornHub Pamela Anderson and Tommy Boy - Celebs do it too! I hadn't actually watched the full video until recently. On top of being delighted to see Pam's clam it's pretty cool to get a peek into the personal sex life of big names.
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Boy brought to you by PornHubShe Needs Many Orgasms To Be Satisfied – Though I wish there was oral sex in this I enjoy this enthusiastic amateur couple. I almost feel like I'm in the closet watching, how romantic.
She needs many orgasms to be satisfied brought to you by PornHub Face Creamed Tenacious Tongue Teasing Amateur – God I love this. It's like your mom in the 90's, giving an incredible blowjob....when she was still hot. Even though her hair is scary I can still recognize good head when I see it.
Face-creamed tenacious tongue teasing amateur brought to you by PornHub Muscular Amateur on Tight Girfriend - Lame name but this video contains some pretty freaky sex moves. Love how the big muscular dude fucks the shit out of her.
Muscular amateur on tight girlfriend brought to you by PornHub Beautiful Teen Gets off For the Camera
Beautiful Lady Gets Off For Camera brought to you by PornHub He Has a Darn Hot Wife - For those of you who don't know this Is Pierre Woodman porn director of amateur series 'Casting Couch'. While his are motives generally debatable the woman in this video is his wife (Sophie Paris). Though he's fat and hairy I'd be lying if I said this didn't look like rockin' sex. Incredible stamina on both ends and multiples? Nice work.
He has a darn hot wife brought to you by PornHub The Hottest Amateur Girlfriend - 10/10 EVERYTHING about this scene is amazing. Probably why it is one of our top viewed Amateur videos on Pornhub. Check it out for yourself
The hottest amateur girlfriend brought to you by PornHub

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