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Playlists Have Arrived on Pornhub.

Collect your favorite videos. Watch them continuously on autoplay. Share playlists with friends.

The Pornhub Team has listened to its users and released our biggest feature yet. If you have a user account you can now sign in and hover over any thumbnail to add it to a playlist. Use the default Watch later playlist or create a custom one. Once your playlist is ready to watch head over to My Playlists and click the thumbnail. The first video will start playing and once it's over the next one will start automatically. Share your playlists with other users and watch the likes and favorites roll in.

1. Types of Playlists

There are two types of playlists: Watch Later and Custom Playlists.

Watch Later playlists are the default playlists that every user has. You can't rename, delete or share a Watch Later playlist. These playlists are private and other users will not be able to see it. This is a quick way to collect videos on the fly to watch all at once or at a later time.

Customs playlists are public playlists that you can create. These playlists can have your own titles, tags and description. You can share these playlists and they are all public. Other users can like or dislike this playlist and add it to their favorites.

2. Adding a Video to a Playlist

First make sure you're logged in. If you don't already have a Pornhub account then what are you waiting for? Signup for an account right now!

Once you're logged in the first way to add a playlist is to hover over a thumbnail and press the "+" icon.

Select the playlist you want to add the video to. If you want to add it to a new playlist click on Create Playlist. Once the new playlist is created that video gets added and you can continue to add more videos.

If you're watching a video and you want to add it to a playlist. click on the playlist button underneath the video player. Then select or create a playlist to add the video to.

3. Watching a Playlist

Click on the My Playlists button in the yellow user menu.

Click on the playlist thumbnail you want to watch.

The first video in the playlist will play. You can then play any playlist inside the carousel. If it's another user's playlist you can like, dislike or favorite the playlist.

4. View more information or edit a playlist

If you click on the title of a playlist either on a thumbnail or while watching a playlist you will be taken to the playlist information page.

On the playlist information page you can like, dislike, favorite, share or comment on the playlist. You can also view al the videos inside that playlist in a grid layout.

If it's your own playlist you can click the edit button the edit the playlist

Here you can rename your playlist, add tags, edit the description, edit the order of videos, remove videos or delete the playlist.

To reorder videos simple click, drag and drop the video into the proper order.

To remove videos from a playlist click the X button.

Don't forget to press the SAVE button when you are finished editing.


Pornhub has once again joined Reddit Secret Santa with the goal of bringing the gift that keeps on giving to our lucky giftee. Here are all of the wonderful gifts our redditor will be receiving:

The Goodies:

  • Wicked Pictures: Bad Teacher Uncovered.
  • Digital Playground's Filler Up.
  • Digital Playground's Love Jesse.
  • Wicked Pictures: Barret Blade's House Rules.
  • 2 foreign language DVDs.
  • Emily Addison signed photo.
  • Vstroker for Fleshlight.
  • PornMD and Pornhub T-Shirt.
  • Swimming Pool T-Shirt.
  • Pornhub Hat.
  • Pornhub Tattoos.
  • 1-Year Pornhub Premium Subscription
  • I wish I could see the giftee's reaction opening a box full of porn! I hope that everyone has an extra naughty Holiday Season :) -K.

    HD Videos!

    7 years ago

    by: Katie

    HD Videos have arrived! The first official HD Video is Brazzers' One Night in the Valley. These videos also feature a new widescreen player that can be expanded by clicking the Expand Button () which is located on the bottom right of the player next to the fullscreen button.
    Soon you will be seeing more of these from many of our Content Partners. -K.

    One lucky Pornhub User will win the opportunity of a lifetime and get to have dinner with the Stars of Brazzers One Night in the Valley in Los Angeles.

    Grand Prize:

    1. All expense paid trip to L.A.
    2. One night stay in a luxury hotel.
    3. Personal limousine service.
    4. Private 5-star dinner with Kagney Lin Karter and Monique Alexander

    FIVE Runner-Up Prizes:

    1. Signed "One Night in the Valley" DVD
    2. Brazzers Hoodie
    3. Brazzers Hat

    Enter the Contest NOW


    Verification has officially been launched! There are three types of stamps: Content Partner, Verified Member, and Pornhub Staff. pornhub cpp To receive the Content Partner stamp you need to be a member of our Content Partner Program. This is reserved for Studios that produce and upload their own content (ex: Brazzers and Mofos) pornhub staffTo get the Pornhub Staff stamp you have to be lucky enough to work with me in Pornlandia! But seriously, you can ask us for any help or assistance you may need around the site. pornhub cpp Any user can be become a Verified Member. To do so head on over to the Verification Page and submit a photo of yourself holding a piece of paper with your username and pornhub.com written on it. No digital text is allowed. Here are some examples:
    You can use a photo you already have or take one with your webcam directly on the site:
    I hope to see your submissions soon! -K.

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