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Video Quality Toggle!

7 years ago

by: Katie

The best site on the internet just keeps getting better. We've made a slight change to our video player and Pornhub is now even easier to enjoy, even if you're logging on from somewhere with a weak internet connection!

Located between the volume button and the menu button we've added a settings button that will let you choose which video quality you'd like to watch.

You can choose between 180p, 240p, 480p and 720p HD! Got a slow connection get off on 240p setting, if you’re wired for speed bump that baby up to 720p and rock out in High Definition on all our HD porn videos!


There are now even more ways to search and filter results on Pornhub!

1. Multiple Search Options

Searching Pornhub is now easier than ever! You can search three areas of the site all from one search bar. Simply type what you would like to search for in the search bar and then select either Videos, Photos or Users from the dropdown menu by clicking on the arrow.

2. Filter Video Searches

We've made some changes to the results page as well. On the left-hand side you will see a filter results column which will let you restrict your search to a specific category as well as let you know how many results are in that category.

You can also filter the search result by video duration. You can select one category and one duration for each search. This makes it easy to find a short video if you're in a rush, a long video if you have more time to get your fap on.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


We are pleased to welcome Bree Olson to the Pornhub Family.

This former AVN award-winning superstar has joined the team as our official spokesperson and brand ambassador for 2013.

"I couldn’t be more eager to sign on as brand ambassador and spokesperson for Pornhub.com,” says Bree Olson. “I think that our partnership will be enormously beneficial for both parties and I will do all I can to make sure I can effectively spread the word about Pornhub.com as an exciting, easy-to-access adult entertainment hub that, in all honesty, is completely unrivaled in the amount of viewing choices they provide.” Following the success she brought to the "Save the Boobs" breast cancer initiative, which provided free breast screenings around New York City, she will be representing Pornhub at red carpet events, media launches and promotional activities. Also expect to see her on Pornhub Radio, our Twitter feed, Pornhub TV as well as other Pornhub activities and initiatives. We look forward to working with Bree and are very excited to have her aboard. -K

Comments Have Been Totally Improved on Pornhub

Commenting has been improved to provide a better user experience site wide. You'll notice these changes on the videos, photos, playlists, and your profile wall!

1. Liking or Disliking comments

The first change that you'll notice is that you can now like or dislike comments. Click the "thumbs up" to like a comment and vote it up, and click the "thumbs down" to dislike a comment and vote it down. All users will be able to like comments but only users that are logged in to their free accounts will be able to dislike comments. If you don't currently have a free account you can sign up here.

2. Top Comments

You'll also see top comments on the videos, photos, and playlists. These are determined by your votes and make finding the best comments really easy. Make sure to show off your porn connoisseur skills in the comments section and you're sure to make your way to to the top! As you can see below, this video is loved by our resident porn expert brettg :)

3. Replying to Comments

Right next to the like and dislike buttons you'll see the "reply" link. Clicking this will make a text bubble pop up as shown below. Here is where you can type your reply to the comment.

Once you press comment, your reply will show up below the comment that you were replying to as seen below.

4. Your Wall

All of the features above (except for top comments) have been added to your wall. So you can reply to a comment directly on your wall without any confusion as to who you are replying to. The wall-to-wall feature also remains.

Let me know what you think about these changes in the comments below.


Meet The Interns!

7 years ago

by: Katie

Last fall Pornhub was on the hunt for some interns to do all my dirty work. It is my pleasure to introduce our two lucky interns. By now you've probably seen them around the site and running the @PornhubInterns Twitter. Community Profile: InternMadeline Madeline's combined love of porn and social media led her to apply to be one of our lovely interns. Her favorite activities include masturbating, watching porn, and watching porn while masturbating. She also enjoys video games, the Chicago Blackhawks, soup, erotic asphyxiation and fake eyelashes. If you want to impress her start up a conversation about Pokemon, the Three Stooges, or Austrian Economics and then present her with a rotisserie chicken. Community Profile: InternAmber Amber is 24 years old and from Canada. She's super excited to be your little "sex-nerd" for the rest of this year. She's a really simple girl that loves zombies, food, being naked, big tits, and guys with beards. She's got a thing for redheads and freckles and loves dirty talking and role playing. Be sure to send them some friend requests and pervy questions for The Interns Show where they answer all your questions! Here is the first episode of their show: -K

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