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This week's Pornstar of the Week is the lovely: Catie Minx!

She's currently the 344th most popular pornstar on Pornhub.

Catie Minx is a sexy brunette babe who is a self-described nerd who loves playing video games and reading graphic novels. She loves cats and can often be scene dressing up as a cat or a sexy superhero.

She has won an award for Ynot Hottest New internet Babe 2012 and also loves to cook. She loves interacting with her fans and answers all of her emails. Be sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook, her blog, her website and her Pornhub Community page

Watch Sucktion and Ride by CatieMinx and be sure to check out her other videos on her Pornhub Pornstar Page.

Don't forget to check back every Monday for a new Pornstar of the Week!


New features on Pornhub

6 years ago

by: Katie

Check out all the exciting changes on Pornhub!

Click on the images below to read more about each new feature.

Click here to read more about the community update.

Click here to read about the new profile pages.

Click here to read about the new tablet site.


Tablet Site Revamp!

6 years ago

by: Katie

The Pornhub Tablet site has been redone from scratch!

1. New Navigation Bar: Logged Out

The site navigation has been updated to a much cleaner design. At the very top you have the big orange button to sign into your community profile and the "Home" button that will take you back to the main page.

The navigation bar has also been divided into sections for your convenience. The first section you'll see is the "Videos" section. In this section you'll see "Videos" which will take you to the videos page which will show you the most recent videos by default. You can also filter it to view the videos with the most views, top rated videos, longest videos or videos currently being watched. On the right side of the page you can filter this even more by choosing Daily, Weekly, Monthly or All time.

Next you'll see the Playlists. Follow this link to check out the Top Rated, Most Viewed, Most Recent and Most Favorited playlists on the site!

Clicking on "Live Sex" will take you to PornhubLive where you can talk to the Live Cam Girls.

If you have a Premium Membership then "Premium HD" is where you want to be. Clicking this will take you straight to the Premium website!

Fuck Date will take you to our Dating website partners to find hot dates.

The next section you'll see is Categories. Here you will see the top 5 most popular categories. These will update as the trends change. If you're interested in any of these categories you can simply click on them to be taken to the category page. If not, just click the "Show All Categories" button to be taken to the category page where you can filter by Most Popular, A-Z or Number of videos.

The last section you'll see is the Community Section. In this section you'll find all the user uploaded content. Clicking Photo Albums will allow you to browser user uploaded photo albums which you can filter by Segment or Tags as well as by Most Recent, Most Relevant, Top Rated and Most Viewed.

Clicking on the Community link will take you to our brand new community page which you can read all about right here! By default you will land on the popular feed and can see all the hottest community contributions!

Next we have the members search where you can search for community members to become friends with.

Finally we have the Pornhub Blog which is where you are right now!

2. New Navigation Bar: Logged In

Once you are logged in there is an extra section that appears at the top of the page. The orange News Feed button will take you to your feed where you can see updates from your subscriptions!

Profile Home will take you to your updated community profile. You can read about all of the changes to profiles here.

The messages link will take you to your inbox where you can reply to your messages or send new ones.

You can also access your content from here using the My Videos, My Playlists and My Photos links or jump straight to your favorites using the My Favorites link!

From here you can also click on My Requests to address any pending friend requests you may have.

Finally you also edit your settings! This includes changing your profile picture, cover picture, email address, password and personal information. From here you can also update your preferences and manage your block list!

3. Tablet Search

By clicking on the magnifying glass the Pornhub Search will pop out from the side and you can search Videos, Photos and Users.

4. New Video Buttons

The buttons under the videos have also been updated to match the new Pornhub look. You can still like/dislike videos, Share them, Favorite them and add them to Playlists. To see full video information click on the View More button!

Let me know what you think of the new features in the comments section.


New Community Profiles!

6 years ago

by: Katie

The community profiles have been completely revamped!

1. Cover Photo

The first thing that you'll notice is that your profile now has a cover photo! This will allow you to personalize your profile on Pornhub. When you hover over the cover photo the "Edit Picture" button will appear in the bottom right corner.

Once you've clicked on the "Edit Picture" button you will have two choices. You can either upload your own image or select something from the Pornhub Library!

If you chose the Pornhub Library this is what you will see. Scroll through the images with the scroll bar on the right and then click on your favorite to select it. Now all that's left to do is click save and your cover photo will be updated!

2. Square Avatars

We also updated the avatars. They are now much bigger and square. If you would like to update your avatar to the new format you can do this by hovering over your current avatar and the "Edit Picture" button will appear. Once you click on it there will be a pop up to upload a new avatar.

3. Streams

The next thing you'll see is your stream. This will post all of your activity on the site: video uploads, photo uploads, and playlists you've created. You can also share content on your own stream if you find something so amazing that you think everyone should see it as well. But that's not all; you can also post to your friends streams by going to their profiles and clicking on the link above their stream. You'll even be able to watch the videos directly from your stream. I wasn't able to resist watching the Brazzers video above ;)

Here's where you can select if you want to post a video, photo, playlist or regular post

If you select Post, you can format text and even insert emoticons onto your own or someone else's stream.

You also have the option to pin something to the top of your stream. This will be the first thing that visitors to your profile will see on your stream.

This is what it will look like when you have successfully pinned something to your stream. You can pin your own content, or someone else's content.

4. Stream Filters

When viewing your stream or a friend's stream you also have the option to filter it. You can choose to see everything or just videos, photos, playlists or posts!

You also have the option to filter whose content you'd like to see. You can choose between the user's content, or everyone else's posts on their stream.

5. Photos, Videos and Playlists

At the top of your profile, under the cover photos, you will see tabs for your playlists, videos and photos. Here you will be able to sort your content by Public, Private, Favorites and Previously viewed.

When you hover next to the "See All" button on the Overview tab a new button will appear called "Play All Videos". This button will allow you to play all of your favorite videos as if they were a playlist.

6. Featured Tab

Any members of our Content Partner Program get an extra tab on their profile called "Featured" here they can select a video to promote. When you visit a Content Partner's profile you will land on their Featured page instead of the Stream.

7. Sidebar Navigation

On the right side of your stream you will find all of your information. If you hover over the top right corner a button will appear to edit your information. You can click 'show more' to see it all. If the user part of our Content Partner Program, a Verified Member, or part of the Pornhub Team the appropriate badge will also be displayed here.

Below the information box you will find your photos. To view all your Photo Albums you can click on the the word "Photos".

Underneath this you will find your Subscriptions. You can view all of them by clicking on the "Subscriptions" link.

8. Buttons

Underneath your avatar both the number of subscribers and your number of friends are clickable. This will take you to the page where you can view all of them.

These buttons appear under your cover photo. If you are viewing your own profile you will see the Edit Profile button and the Inbox Button. If you are viewing someone else's profile you will see the Add/Remove Friend button, the Subscribe/Unsubscribe button and the Send Message Button.

The Block button and Report user button are located under the Subscriptions box. You can only see these buttons when you are viewing someone else's profile!

I'm really excited about all these changes. You can check out my community page here. While you're on my profile be sure to watch some of my favorite videos! Let me know what you think about the new profiles in the comments below.


The hottest community content and a new way to see your subscriptions videos, photos and more.

1.Community Feed/My Feed

We've revamped the entire community section of the site! When you click on the the community tab you will be brought to the new page. By default the "Community Feed" is shown. If you are logged into your community account you will also see a "My Feed" tab. This is where you can view updates from all of the users that you have subscribed to.

2. Popular Feed

Above is the Community Feed. Here you'll find the hottest content from the Pornhub Community. Uploads from the same user are grouped together for easy navigation, to see the full story simply click the "See All" button under the update. You'll never miss hot photos, videos or playlists ever again! Think your content is hot enough to make it in the Feed? Then head on over to our Uploader.

3. Filters

Located on the top right hand side of the screen you'll find the button that says "All Content" when you click on the drop down arrow next to it you will see all of the filter options.

When you filter by "Top" which is the default selection, you will see everything that is popular at the moment. If you select "Recent" you'll see all community uploads, regardless of popularity.

The next filtering option you have is for which users you'll see. You have a choice between All Members, Verified Members or Content Partners.

You can also choose to filter the feed by Segment and view all content or choose between Straight, Gay (Bisexual, Solo Male) or Shemale content.

The final thing that you can filter is what type of content you see. You can select between Videos, Albums or Playlists. It's now easier than ever to filter through community content!

You can also access the members search from here as well as from the community tab.

4. Suggested Verified Members and Suggested Content Partners

On the right hand side you'll find find suggestions from us here at Pornhub! If you aren't currently subscribed to any users your "My Feed" is probably looking pretty bare so check out some of our awesome Verified Members and Content Partners! Below this you'll also find Suggested Photo Albums and Suggested Playlists.

5. Hover Pop

The final change we've made is that if you hover over a user's avatar you can see some additional information about them!

Let me know what you think about these changes in the comments below!


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