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Spring isn’t the only thing that’s about to be sprung. You guessed it – it’s time for our latest Pornhub Model contest. This time, our theme is Roleplay. Show us your most creative, steamiest roleplay videos for a chance at some incredible prizes from SimplyElegantGlass, along with some sweet Pornhub gear. Roleplay videos from any and all orientations are welcome. The more the merrier! And make sure to get creative – submissions are judged on originality as well as quality. Make sure to tag your videos with ROLEPLAY2018 to enter. Need some inspiration? Check out simplyelegantfilms on Pornhub.


- Upload your best roleplay videos for a chance to win - Videos can include any actions, as long as there’s a roleplay element - Your videos must be tagged with ROLEPLAY2018 to be eligible - New videos only – previous uploads aren’t eligible - Inaccurately titled, tagged and/or categorized videos aren’t eligible - You can enter as many videos as you want! - Note: step or family roleplay will not be eligible for this contest


Our #Roleplay2018 winners will win amazing prizes from SimplyElegantGlass, along with some sweet Pornhub gear. Prizes are as follows: 1st Place: Xenomorph Glass Dildo + Pornhub Gear 2nd Place: Alien Probe Glass Dildo + Pornhub Gear 3rd Place: Galaxy Sparkle Glass Plug + Pornhub Gear


Contest open to all Verified Models. Not a Verified Model yet? Join our Model Payment Program & make $$ from your video uploads! Step or family roleplay will not be eligible for this contest. Selection and tracking for the contest will be based on the use of the ROLEPLAY2018 tag. Inaccurately titled/tagged/categorized content will not be eligible to win. Contest closes on the 30th of April, 2018, at midnight EST. Winners are chosen by a panel of judges from Pornhub & SimplyElegantGlass, and are selected based on creativity and quality of content.

Click the button below to see our playlist. Be sure to click "like" and comment on your favorite videos! New videos will be added every day, so check back often!

Watch the Roleplay2018 Videos!

Good luck to all of our amazing models! ~ Andy

testicular cancer

2 years ago

by: ARIA

Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in young men. It’s a subject matter that leaves many guys embarrassed. But if we lessen the stigma and get more guys talking about their nuts, well that’ll save many more lives. In fact, if testicular cancer is caught early enough, men have a 97% chance of survival. #LetsTalkBalls Testicular Cancer Canada www.testicularcancer.ngo

Welcome back to Pornhub’s Model Spotlight – your inside look at the adult industry, as told by real models.

This time, we spoke with AprilEighteen – Pornhub’s Amateur Newcomer of the Year for 2017. The European babe has put her love of photography and cinematography to excellent use, racking up 65,000,000+ video views on Pornhub (that’s about to be 65,000,001 when you’re done reading this).

She claims to be shy, but if she is, we didn’t notice. She certainly wasn’t bashful answering our questions.

Find out how a summer job “quickly escalated” into millions of video views and a seriously lucrative porn career:

How did you hear about Pornhub’s Model Payment Program? It's a funny story, actually! I was watching a talk show/podcast with my boyfriend and the guest appearance was from a known amateur model from my country. She was talking about how she started, and how Pornhub was a great platform to share some sexy adventures.
After getting on the site and seeing and reading all the information about the Amateur Program, my boyfriend convinced me to try it!

How did you get into the industry? I don't think that I am truly "into the industry" - like I say on my profile, and to everybody else, we are the regular couple next door. We did have the necessary courage to upload the first video (a very frightening experience!), but other than that, I think we are just one horny couple. I guess being petite also helps, since people seem to love the fact that I am so tiny but with a round booty.
I believe the proportion to my partner is perfect, so that's one attractive feature of our videos. The positive comments and feedback were the driving force that kept me trying to do better with every video!

What advice would you give to someone looking to join the industry? Every person is different, so my advice may not be relevant to everyone else - but what works for me is to enjoy every moment! To be natural when sharing my experiences. I don't do anything for fame or views, because what you see is what you get!
I am not compelled by things that are "trending", because I don't aim to achieve a certain status. Other couples may find more exciting to do challenging new things... And that is good, if that's something that works for them. But I am shy, so I prefer intimacy.

How did you meet your boyfriend? How long have you been shooting together? We met during a summer job, and we have been together since 2015. We started things simple, with a couple nudes here and there... Then a couple hundred nudes. Then some naughty Skype calls. Those quickly escalated to some "homemade" clips. And now here we are. We have only been uploading since August 2017, but it's already unbelievable! Can you actually believe I was awarded Amateur Newcomer of the Year? Me neither!

Have you ever thought of going the professional route? If so, who’s the first pornstar or studio that you would want to shoot with? I’ve never thought about that! I like watching professional work, and some people in this industry are fantastic and hardworking, but I don't think it's my world. I would love to meet Bryci and her husband, because I can relate to them in a way. I would love to watch them work and learn their flow! Strictly professional, of course (not).

Who’s your pornstar idol? I love watching Remy LaCroix's tight body getting fucked and tossed around. Super cute babe! Also, Manuel Ferrara for all the intensity that he brings to the scenes. A true stud!

What's the most embarrassing/funny moment that has happened to you during a shoot? Since we are not living together (yet!), it's embarrassing when trying to record at our parents' house and almost getting caught! More than one time even!

If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be? Without a doubt, Tom Hardy (sorry babe :b).

What’s your favorite…

...video on your account? Hhmm, I would have to say: Morning Creamy Quickie to Celebrate One Million Views (With Creampie!). I don't know, something on that video made it special. We were both thrilled for having reached that magic number, the sex was long and intense and my butt just looks fantastic on that one!

...category on Pornhub? Verified Amateurs, of course! I just love watching our models get naughty. Some of our couples are fantastic, and the video quality and production values can sometimes rival the pros! Also, the viewers make this a fantastic community! Always giving their opinion, and leaving constructive comments.
The Amateur Program team is also fantastic, working hard to make this a fantastic experience for every content creator. Other categories don't come close to us! ;)

...sex position? Doggy while my hair is being pulled for vaginal, and reverse cowgirl for anal.

...type of video to film? Passionate POV with either a fantastic cumshot to the face or a messy swallow finish!

...thing about Pornhub? Getting to know all the other kinky hot couples on the Amateur Program, and their sexy adventures! (Really, have you guys seen some the scenes that are getting uploaded? They are, like, what dreams are made of!)

Thanks April! Here’s to 65 million more views, and many more awards to come.

They used to say that gentlemen prefer blondes. But now we know better – it takes all kinds to make the world go ‘round (just look at all our different categories).

That’s why we just launched Model Attributes – a surefire way to get you noticed by more fans who are looking for models with your exact features.

Set up your Model Attributes in the "My Attributes" section of your Account Preferences.

Now you can tell the world about yourself in detail. From home country to eye color to tattoos (and even where on your body they’re located), make sure the right fans find you by setting up your model attributes. You can enter as much or as little information as you want.

Your information will not be shown on Pornhub just yet, but it will be used in upcoming filters and search options being added to the site as well as revamped model pages!

Pornhub users can search for models based on their attributes, so the more detail you enter, the more likely you are to be found by just the right person. And when you match someone’s tastes perfectly, that means they’ll stick around, view more videos, and you’ll earn more money.

Head over to your profile to set up your attributes, and start getting more fans, more views, and more cash.

Need a hand? Hit us up.


With the ongoing success of Pornhub's Model Payment Program, Pornhub’s Model Spotlights are your chance to get to know your favorite stars.

This week, we spoke with Danika Mori. She’s got over a quarter-million subscribers (more than anyone else in our Model Payment Program), and she’s pushing 300,000,000 (yeah, that says THREE HUNDRED MILLION) video views on Pornhub, not to mention multiple Pornhub achievements – like Amateur Of The Month, January 2018.

Read on for an insider’s perspective on breaking into the industry, what it means to be a member of a community, and who she'd bring to a house party:

How did you hear about Pornhub’s Model Payment Program? We used to be viewers on Pornhub, so discovering it was pretty easy. Just looking around!

How did you start to share adult content? We started about six years ago doing live webcam shows as couple. I still remember - we had our first live show with a very low-quality webcam, so we bought a better one and easily became the most viewed couple on the site. Meanwhile, we had a lot of interesting experiences, we found ways to discover our sexuality and meet people around the world...but that's another story.

How is your experience on Pornhub so far? We started to upload seriously in November 2016, and since that moment we’ve had great support from all the staff.
We quickly felt like part of a big community, and were glad to discover that our contributions are appreciated.

What advice would you give to someone looking to share their own content? Amateur doesn't mean bad quality!

Have you ever thought of going the professional route? If so, who’s the first pornstar or studio that you would want to shoot with? That's a great question! We really love being amateurs - we are willing to grow as artists, and personally. We haven’t considered becoming professionals, ‘cause we love this unprofessional way to share. It's like a game between us! Furthermore, we really enjoy being part of the process that brings our content to the public. We create, edit and post it.
We are open to new experiences, so we'll probably add some categories to our collection of videos.
If I ever change my mind about this question, I would really love to shoot with Greg Lansky (artist director for Vixen, Blacked and Tushy).

What is your favorite video on your account? College teen takes huge cock stud like a champ!!Choke me with huge cum load

What is your favorite category on Pornhub? Anal, of course!

What is your favorite type of video to film? I don’t have a favorite type of video, but I have a favorite part of the day and it's afternoon.

What is your favorite thing about Pornhub? Besides the community, we really love your way of communicating to the public, your way of communicating in this business. More specifically, we like Pornhub’s attitude towards sexuality, which is also shown in all your commercial spots.

Which Porn Stars would you bring to a party? Johnny and Kissa Sins, Asa Akira, Riley Reid, Mia Malkova, and Kimmy Granger. Thanks Danika! Check out Danika’s profile and get to know her even better. ;)

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