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Everyone's favorite payment method is here.

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We’re now offering Direct Deposit payments for all USA-based models. You asked for the fastest and easiest way to receive your money, and we listened. To get your Direct Deposit set up in time for your next payout, make sure to update your payment information in the Settings tab by May 1st. Here’s the info you’ll need:

  • - Beneficiary name (that’s you!)
  • - ABA Routing number (that's your ACH number, not your wire number)
  • - Account number

That's it! Make sure that your address in the Model Settings tab is up-to-date to ensure hassle-free payouts.


Dick and Jane 420

1 year ago

by: ARIA

Where there's smoke, there's fire! Happy 420 from your beloved friends at Pornhub!!!

In exciting advances in pornography, today we have officially announced that we are accepting anonymity-focused cryptocurrency Verge to keep current with our community’s payment preferences. Pornhub users will now be able to use Verge, which allows for anonymous transactions by obfuscating the IP address and geolocation of its users so that they are untraceable, to pay for all Pornhub purchases – including Pornhub Premium! Welcome to the future people!

Watch the video on Vimeo:

BTS of Wallstreet and Silicon Valley

The Panda Family talks authenticity in an inauthentic world, the type of love you can see through a screen, and the David-and-Goliath dynamic in the porn industry.

“Why do we make up rules for ourselves that nobody told us we had?”

When you live together, work together, and love together, it builds a kind of understanding and support that you don’t see every day. The kind of connection where you finish each other’s sentences. The kind where a single shared glance can speak volumes. If love is trust, this is what we should all be aiming for. Connections like those are palpable. You can feel them when you’re in their presence – or even when you’re watching them on-screen. In a world of curated representation, where everyone with a social media account is putting on a mask at least some of the time, authenticity has become currency. And nobody does authentic like the Panda Family. So if you’ve ever wondered how to make a living smoking weed, playing video games, and fucking your three partners all day, read on.
Andy: How are you guys doing today? Daddy: We're doing excellent. It's been a great Friday. We've done a couple of streams and broadcasts already. We work from eyes open to eyes shut. So, it's a good Friday for us. No days off. Daddy: Yeah, no days off. Who are you, how did you meet each other, and how did you come to work together? Daddy: My stage name is Daddy Panda. The "Daddy" part has been a thing in my life for a while. I'm a BDSM enthusiast and I've been in that lifestyle since I was 19. I met Elle first, and we've been together in a polyamorous relationship for two years now. We decided to start filming the things that we were already doing about a year ago. So, we had been doing crazy fun poly-swinger-type stuff, and filming it on our phones for our own enjoyment, our own pleasure. I’ve been doing that for many years and never really did anything with it, but then we started to realize that people wanted to see it and it was popular. So then we put stuff up. I met Andi next. Andi is not here with us today, but I met her about nine months ago… Elle: Yeah, nine months ago. Daddy: Yeah, nine months ago... Elle: On your birthday. Daddy: On my birthday. I met her at a dungeon for the first time. We just had a cool-ass night and never really stopped talking after that. So that's my other girlfriend. And then I met Ronni about two months ago on FetLife and same thing—she came to the house and has been with us ever since. Nobody really wants to leave. It was fun first and then the work came from that. Daddy: Exactly. It was fun at first. I've been involved in the BDSM community for about 19 years now. So, that's been something I've been doing on my own—like, all the stuff that we do on our videos and our live broadcasts is basically a glimpse into our actual life. It's a piece of our actual life. I think that's what makes us different. We're not really performing, we're not really “filming,” per se. We're just doing the things we do and then rolling cameras. So, it looks a little different than what a lot of other people are doing, which is kinda staged and set up, and some of these people don't even know each other. We know each other in our lives, we have really good chemistry and that makes a different look. And some people like that, some people don't like that. So, we've been able to find a niche audience with the shenanigans that we do. Is there much separation between the professional and the personal for you? It sounds like it's kind of the same thing. Daddy: Yeah. We don't have, like, a professional-personal split. We are pretty much living the lifestyle 24/7. So, there's no real professional-personal split. I run an IT consulting firm. I've been doing that for about seven, eight years ago now. Elle's doing her thing as well. She's been helping me with [the business]. Once she became my live-in partner, she just kinda started doing the businesses that we were doing. So, we're business owners and serial entrepreneurs. Tell us about that, Elle. Elle: I go by Elle Panda but my performer name is ElleAtTheEssex. When I met Daddy, I was in graduate school getting my masters in social work. And he really introduced me to a polyamorous lifestyle, to open, consensual non-monogamy. And for the most part, the people that we interact with are heavily into that life. Ronni was already doing cam work under the performer name Veronica_Pink. She just kind of came into our family because we’re like-minded people. Our journey really started with a lot of people seeing Daddy and I's relationship on social media, along with his other partners. He really cultivates an exciting lifestyle that people wanna know more about—kind of a window of intrigue. So, people saw his other partners and wanted to know more. And Andi came on after seeing him on Pornhub. Daddy: Yeah, Andi was a fan at first. She had watched us a lot on Pornhub. Elle: Because of our social media presence, we have a very extensive family. We've never been monogamous. [Andi] was really interested in what his lifestyle was and then they just clicked magically. They just had the best chemistry together. So, it's more like-minded people just asking to see more of us. We get a lot of comments on Pornhub, like, "You're the only porn I wanna watch now because you guys are so fun. I like the interaction because it's people who actually know each other, love each other, wanna make each other happy." I think that's something people can really notice, is that there is that genuine connection between you guys. Elle: You know, when we look for other talent we really have stressed the fact that we wanna hang out with you. We want you to come play video games, we wanna eat lunch with you, we wanna hang out, we wanna know you. We do not wanna “just shoot.” Daddy: Yeah, that's been my acquisition for finding partners and people that we wanna shoot with: we really just wanna hang out with you and film what we do while we hang out. So that's been part of our process for finding new people to shoot with. They have to be able to hang out with us, they have to be able to eat lunch with us, play video games. That's what we do all day every day. So, there has to be that synergy. Is there anything that you weren't ready for when you first started exploring polyamorous situations? Was there anything that took you by surprise, or took some getting used to? Daddy: I'm pretty even-keeled emotionally. I don't really have a whole lot of swing. And I was very surprised that I do have jealousy, it exists for me. So, that's what I dealt with polyamory, is that I did have an amount of jealousy that I had to work through. I just didn't think I had any. I just figured, "No. This'll be simple for me because I'm very naturally poly. So, I'm not very jealous. I'm very possessive, but I know how to be possessive and also open and free as well." I just didn't think that I would fumble with jealousy, but as I got further into polyamory I realized that everyone has jealousy. It's an emotion. It exists for everyone. What matters is how you interact with people after you feel jealousy. You know, your actions are not dictated by your emotions. So I learned to categorize my emotions of jealousy like any other emotions and to be able to control those; like anger or sadness or any other emotion. That was one thing that was surprising to me. I didn't think that I had that to work on. Elle: For me, the biggest thing that was surprising was how little other people are actually monogamous. I always have this stance of like, "Why do I feel, like, a little bit different? Why do I feel like I'm not necessarily this thing that everyone always says?" Like, "Oh, we're doing this like marriage and you know, one track." We call that an “escalator lifestyle.” You step on, then you get engaged and then you marry, and then kids and then house, you know. So, I asked myself: why is that not necessarily what I need to feel fulfilled? I started interacting with a lot of people on other dating websites, trying to date polyamorously and finding out a lot of people are not necessarily doing monogamy, which is something I was really surprised about. Whether they're really conscious of it or not, a lot of people seem open to emotional connection, not just physical connections to other people. They keep people on Facebook from high school just to check in with them or, you know, Instagram people that they used to date. It's like an emotional connection people are trying to fill their life with, with more than just one person. I didn't always realize that before I knew what healthy polyamory was. So, I mean, I was surprised. So you’re doing the same thing that other people are doing, you guys are just honest about it. Daddy: Yeah. That's kind of a conclusion we came to is we're honest and upfront about it. This is the most healthy relationship I've ever had. We've been together two and a half years now. And every relationship I’ve had once I discovered polyamory has been successively more and more healthy. I learned how to interact with people reasonably and genuinely and, lo and behold, it makes my relationships stronger and more fulfilling for me. It's crazy.

“More love creates more love.”

Elle: People normally suppress those desires. Daddy: Right. It's insanity. Ronni: When I first discovered polyamory, the thing that surprised me the most was the connection and the bond that the people in the family have and how much everyone loves and cares about each other, how much everyone wants each other's needs to be met, how the girls can get along so well, and that they appreciate that there's someone else there to also take care of and love their partner. It’s something that I didn't ever experience in monogamy. It was a really beautiful thing for me to learn that people love each other, and it's okay for everyone to love each other, and people can really get along. It's really beautiful. Elle: More love creates more love. Ronni: Yeah, more love is more love. It's sort of a built-in support structure. Daddy: Yeah. You know a lot of sex workers are complaining a lot about being isolated online. We talk to a lot of our fellow cam stars and... Elle: The Pornhub community. Daddy: Yeah, the Pornhub community is very tight-knit because a lot of the community feels isolated in real life and we kind of… don't. I don't ever feel alone. We're always doing something, we're always together. We can always at least high five each other, like, “We have 17 million views on Pornhub right now, high five!” I couldn't really text my mom that. I can definitely have some champagne with my girlfriends. How open about your relationship and your work are you with family? Daddy: 100%. I'm very open with everyone in my life. I don't really like keeping secrets. My parents have known that I'm a weirdo since I was born. So, there's no point in trying to lie to them. I conditioned the relationships in my life to be the way that I need them to be. And if they aren't, then I can't have them. So, if my parents weren't on board with every choice that I make, like—I don't understand how people love you and don't love you at the same time. That's really ridiculous. So, my parents have been very accepting. My family all know what I do and anything I do is not private. The girls have varying degrees, but the most part we live a pretty open life. Like, obviously, we're not sending our videos to our famil, but we all live a pretty open life. This all started for me as a crusade on FetLife. I wanted people like me to see someone being open and honest about who I am, what I am and having little to no consequences for that. I think that a lot of times these consequences are in fact made up. They're made up in our minds. I had a friend, she's a little, tell me that she didn't feel like she could be little in public. I was like, "That's ridiculous. You can wear whatever you want." If you don’t know what a little is, it's someone who likes small things, like, coloring or colorful hair bows or, you know. I have a theory that most women are little because a lot of women like colorful shit. Laughs Elle: The way that I explain little to most people is adults who have a propensity for whimsy and fantasy and, you know, girls who like dress up, and bright colors, and are not that demure. Daddy: So all the cosplayers out there are probably little. They just don't know that yet. So, she's a little. She made a comment one time, like, she couldn't wear her fuzzy backpack. It was bright orange or something. You know, it was really crazy-looking. And she said, "I can't wear that to work." And I said, "Why? Is there a rule against this?" She said, "No. I just think it's unprofessional." I said, "Well, you just made that up. So, I don't think anybody agrees with you. There's no rule." Why do we make up rules for ourselves that nobody told us we had? So many of the barriers in life are ones that we put up ourselves. Daddy: Exactly. So, this was a crusade for me to live as openly as possible so that I would give the example for others that can't—because there's a lot of people in our community that have jobs that will be affected directly because of their affiliation with our community, so they can't be open. I wanted to be as open as I could. My mentors in the community taught me that if you could be open, that it was a genuine boon for the community. I took that advice early on and continued to live openly.

“It's not that we can fuck, we're just fucking people we like. That's the secret.”

How has technology helped or hurt the openness that you're able to show with this kind of lifestyle? Daddy: It's definitely enhanced it. Most people are now used to the scrutiny of social media. If you're not used to it, you're behind the times. We've been on social media platforms for at least a decade, and openness and entry into other people's lives is a normal occurrence. It's a normal thing for most people. Elle: We really have to acknowledge that our success in porn is because of technology. Daddy has a master's degree from Stanford in computer science. We really have been able to utilize all of the facets of technology to reach many more people. I've seen a big deficit for a lot of cam girls—they have the drive, they have the desire, they have the sparkle and the spunk and people wanna see them, but they just don't have the technological skill behind it to set up an OBS software system or upload 4K videos. Our channel has had great success in creating amateur content, but viewable amateur.

“We like each other, and that's what you're seeing. We really are trying to sell love.”

Daddy: I saw a term used for it called “pro-am.” We wanna stay pro-am forever. I don't think we ever wanna go beyond pro-amateur, because I really wanna give good quality amateur content. I wanna make things that are not staged. I don't have a problem with staged. I don't think that staged is bad. I just think that there needs to be another side and there isn't. There just isn't a genre out there of porn that is just continuous, this is live, this is the thing that happens, not heavily edited. It's either one extreme or the other. It's very, very, very, very, high production value or none at all on cell phone, grainy at night. Elle: No face. Body parts Daddy: Right. No face, just body parts and real seedy. And that's definitely some people's thing! Elle: They like amateur. Daddy: Right. I've always liked amateur. I like cell phone videos, but I wanted more than that. I wanted better quality videos, but the same kind of content. That's kind of the niche that we're trying to fill, it's that middle ground. I don't want to do the luxurious, giant camera shoots where we've got seven staff on hand just to hold the cameras. But I do want to do this seriously as a career, and I wanna build a production company that makes professional amateur content. Elle: Genuine interaction on professional grade products. Daddy: There you go. A lot of creative industries have been democratized that way, since the tools of creation are so accessible to everybody now. Anybody can kinda break into a field that way. Daddy: It has. Any kind of content creator can take on the same approach as music. Music has been the forefront for consumer-led creation. And I think that video and photography is on its way—I mean, look at Jordan Peele. His movie made $100 Million fucking dollars and he had a budget of nothing. He made it on nothing. It was a very rudimentary budget, it was a very rudimentary film and it did fucking awesome. He did numbers. Daddy: That's the secret. It did hella numbers. Elle: We have this idea that porn, when it started out, was just people who would get on camera. It wasn't necessarily that they could have good sex, that they could show what good sexual interaction is. It was just, "I have a willingness to be on camera," in the '70s when porn became a cinematic thing. And now it seems the culture is shifting to where people only want to watch people who can fuck on camera. They want to see good emotional connection or interaction. That raw energy. I've seen a lot of people turn away from static porn. People are like, "Oh, no. I don't like that. That's not good sex. I wouldn't want to have sex like that. So, I don't wanna watch sex like that." Daddy: Yeah, there was a couple of high profile cases where people were being criticized for their actual performance in the filming. It seems like there is a tide turn; through the last 35 years of life, maybe 25 of that being in porn and shit, I don't recall people saying, "I wish the actors could fuck better." Elle: Yeah, "I could do that better." Daddy: "I could do that better." We're hearing that a lot. Like, "We wish that more people could fuck like you guys do." And it's not that we can fuck, we're just fucking people we like. That's the secret. So the energy is there. Daddy: It translates, dude. It's not like we fuck everybody like this. That's not a thing. We like each other and that's what you're seeing. We really are trying to sell love. We're trying to show people, "Look, dude, your sex life doesn't have to be fake to be great. This is real, and it can be as cool as this with your girlfriend, because this is my girlfriend." What's something that the average person can do today to support sex workers? Elle: My biggest thing that I tell people is, a love is free, a like is free, a follow is free. Really, any type of interaction with me on the platform. So you can follow me, subscribe to me, like a video, thumbs up my videos on Pornhub. I really drive people to our free content. We started our whole endeavor on a social media platform and then on free tube sites like Pornhub. We started there and I drive people there all the time. Like, "Please watch the video. Please give me a thumbs up." Daddy: We're primarily free. We're not heavily sales-driven or trying to sell. We like the model of Pornhub of free advertiser-driven revenue, because a lot of people are just not paying for porn anymore. So, we have to go with what the market is doing. Elle: In this social media age, numbers matter. Follows matter. We love the Pornhub plaque system of 100,000 subscribers and you earn a plaque—I have been pushing people to subscribe. Daddy: We want that plaque. Ronni: We want that plaque so bad. Let's get you that plaque with this article. Daddy: We'll love you forever if you can just get us the fucking plaque, man. Elle: You know, so I tell people that plaque, that thing matters to me because that thing matters to my platform that I'm on. You guys are kinda my daddy too. So, it matters to my people, so I want that thing. So, follow on Twitter or shout me out for free, all of that is support you can do for a sex worker.

“Platforms definitely need to be more creator-centric like Pornhub is.”

What changes do we need to see in the industry this year? Daddy: I think what needs to change most is the culture of these larger companies when dealing with people like us. There's kind of a hands-off approach. We are terrified most of the time as to what is going to get us removed from a platform. We never know what the rules are gonna be today because they tend to be pretty free-flowing. We like to follow rules, man. We're very mature. Like, I'm 35 years old, man. I'm not a kid. I don't do wild dumb shit. My girls are very mature, 28 years old, 20 years old. We are very much adult. Ronni is the most mature 20-year old I've ever met. You can trust that, for instance, if you put us on your Snapchat, we're not going to put any titties on there. So that's really simple, but the platforms also need to trust us to some degree. There needs to be more support. For one, the fans are great for the most part, but the platforms really need to protect their creators from the fans that are not great. The people that are dickheads and assholes, there needs to be more protection as far as blocking that out. Here's the thing: I don't care about being called the N-word or whatever. I don't really give a shit. That's been my whole life, that's not something new, that's not a thing bothers me anymore. Like, it maybe bothered me the first time when I was seven or six, you know. But our fans? It's huge fucking deal to them. When I have 14,000 people live streaming in a room and some idiot is on there talking about monkey this and this monkey that, it creates a really hostile and aggressive environment that doesn't need to be there. Then that asshole can go and ban me by reporting me for something that I didn't do. So, the platforms definitely need to be more creator-centric like Pornhub is. With the Model Program, with this new sales program as a step in that evolution, it seems like you guys are moving towards supporting your creators even more. We are the content. We’re the future.

“We are the content. We're the future.”

I promise. Look at some of the bigger pro studios—they've been here, they've been doing awesome work, they've been doing great stuff. But it's time for a new era. It's time for new stuff to get mixed in there and we are it. The amateurs of the world are it. We are the new wave that are going to come in. We won’t replace [the big pro studios], but we're going to supplement them. The platforms that exist definitely need to protect us. We don't have all the protections that these larger companies do. Even legal protection, we don't have that stuff. And if the industry wants us to continue, if the industry wants us to exist, which it seems like it does, there has to be some more support. Elle: At Xbiz in L.A., [a few people] talked about Pornhub. Daddy: Yeah. They were afraid of tube sites, man. And we were sitting there thinking, "Man, I made $10 grand on Pornhub though. Like, I don't know what's wrong with y'all because I made $10 grand." Ronni: We love tube sites. Daddy: Yeah, I love tube sites. Like, I made $10 grand, $14 grand. Like, dude, I'm doing pretty well. So, I don't know why y'all aren't doing well, but you should maybe get on it. Everybody is afraid of everything that they don't understand. A tube site is just a navigator, that's it. You should be using it as everyone else is. Like, I don't understand. It's a tool.

“I don't have a personal and a private life. I have a life.

It's Uber vs. taxis, it's record labels vs. Spotify. It's the same thing everywhere in the world. Either you adapt to the new paradigm of the industry and you make money, or you don't and you starve. Elle: This year it was the pushback against VR, but it seemed like the past couple of years was a pushback against tube sites and they lost that battle. Daddy: They lost that battle a long-ass fucking time ago. I don't know what fucking time zone they're in, but if you're still talking about tube sites as if they don't own the world already... Pornhub is the biggest porn site in the fucking world. I'm sorry to tell you, but 118 million viewers a day doesn't compare to anything. Yeah, maybe if you made that argument in 2009… Daddy: Right. Like, I'm swinging at a fucking giant here if I'm fighting Pornhub. If you're fighting any of those tube sites, if you think that those people are your competition, then you're fucking stupid. Pornhub has worldwide recognition, you are nothing and nobody. We are not competing—we are partners with Pornhub, because Pornhub is the daddy of porn right now. So, we know who our masters are. We understand BDSM terms and we understand how to be good servants to the things that we claim to serve. I want amateur pornography to be a mainstream idea, man. I don't want us to be considered seedy and dirty. And to be honest with you, we don't suffer that. We've been doing this for a year now and I haven't suffered a single negative interaction with anybody outside of, like, stupid trolls online. I walk around in my Pornhub shirt all fucking day and people are all like, "Oh, you're the best, the coolest thing ever, man. I love Pornhub. Do you guys do videos?" "Yeah, we do videos.” "Oh, man. That's really awesome." Like, nobody's a dick to us about it. Now, I get it, if you're trying to live in two worlds, then yeah, you're gonna have some issues. But we don't live in two worlds. So, we don't have any issues. I don't have a personal and a private life. I have a life. So, it's been very easy for us, but... I digress. I can talk about this shit forever, man. It's a real passion for us.
Big thanks to our favorite family. Go subscribe to their Pornhub profile and help them get that Gold plaque. Make sure to also show them some love on Twitter and Twitch, and cast a vote for Elle for the Xbiz awards.

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~ Andy and the MPP team

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