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"We are real, and so is our porn."


If you asked people to describe their dream life, you might get a few different answers - "I want to travel as much as I can." "I want to escape my office job." "I want to start my own business." "I want to fuck beautiful people on the beach for the rest of my life."

Not a lot of people can say that they're already living all of those things.

But MySweetApple can. 

I had the pleasure of chatting with them, and learned how they left their ordinary life behind to become full-time hedonists. It's easier than you think:


Let’s start off with the MySweetApple story. How did you meet?

We were both working at IBM South America and met on a trip we went on with some mutual work friends. We had never talked to each other before, but from that day on we became best friends. About a month afterwards we had sex for the first time along with a friend of ours. We had just come back from a party and after a lot of touching, kissing and caressing we decided to go to Kim’s place together, and we finished the three of us on bed, making out and giving each other oral. It was our first sex experience together and it was with another girl. After a few kinky moments, she had to go. Once we were left alone, we fucked for a whole week - we didn’t even want to leave the house, we couldn’t stop being all over each other. The sexual chemistry was incredible. We also realized we had a lot in common, and the happiest surprise was to discover we were both big exhibitionists. It all went upwards since then.


When and how did you start filming together?

As it always does, it all started with a smartphone. He was recording me sucking his dick and then we thought, why don’t we do a full scene? So we did. After that, we wanted to improve the quality, so we switched to an action cam, added better lighting and even added a plot to our scene. We produced tons of videos but not for profit or with the intention of sharing them - it was all for us. We had a camera fetish since the beginning; we’ve been doing porn for a long time before actually doing the porn that you can all see here.


Your video editing is great. What software do you use for editing?

Mostly we use Premiere Pro for editing and blurring, but After Effects is also a great tool for special effects, and visual corrections. For sound editing we use Adobe Audition and Ableton Live to make our own music. 


How did you learn to edit videos?

Video tutorials on YouTube. Paolo has an IT background and he’s a media designer, which gives him the base to be an autodidact. Since we started traveling, the chances to study long courses are null, because most take 6 months at least, and we move every 3 months - so the solution was on the internet. Watching tutorials, following guides, I watch 5 to 20 video tutorials per day. You should try it with everything! The Internet isn’t just for fun and porno, there is tons of content people are happy to share and explain.


What’s your lighting setup when you film at home?

 We always try to take advantage of the daylight, it just makes all the scenes a lot more beautiful and natural, but when we need artificial lights, we use two studio LED lights and a small light attached to the camera.

"Make videos that actually turn you on."


Do you pay much attention to your sound/audio? If so, what microphones or equipment do you use?

We are temporarily using a Sony Shotgun microphone - I say temporarily because we are always upgrading our equipment. Sometimes when we’re shooting an outdoor scene we cannot go with a professional camera and mic because we need discretion, so we use the integrated microphone on the action cam or smartphone. After recording we control and remaster the sound with Adobe Audition.


What’s something simple models can do to improve their videos?

Invest in good lighting and audio, be aware of new trends and styles but at the same time show your own style. Porn is an ocean of content, so you have to be unique and original, but most importantly - patient. Make videos that actually turn you on, make your fantasies come to life! All our videos are based on our own kinks (and some on kinks our followers commissioned from us) and we always end up fucking or masturbating to them. We’re our own biggest consumers.


Let’s talk about marketing a bit. How important is social media for your marketing?

It’s the most important tool we have right now, and we couldn’t have achieved any of this without social media. Thanks to having a curated Instagram profile and being consistent with our posts we’ve been contacted by newspapers, tv shows and radio to interview us, which means thousands of new followers and customers each time. Thanks to sharing our news and thoughts on Twitter we’ve been hit up by other models, we’ve been hired to do shows for other companies and even to translate/design for others (which were our professions before doing porn). Being active on social media puts you and your product in the loop, and it lets your fans know who you really are. It’s the only tool that allows you to be in contact with the consumer - they can see us living our life and we can get real feedback from them. We also let people be part of our decisions related to videos, travel destinations and even clothing.


You also have your own website. What do you use the website for?

It’s our Frankenstein! It started as a simple web with a contact form because we started as webcam broadcasters, then it evolved to a custom video, private shows and Snapchat request forms, and now it’s our library, we collected all our services from all third-party websites and social media and integrated everything there, we also have our Pornhub videos embedded. There our followers can find all our videos, photo sets and social media, know when and where we’re online, they can also design their own custom content, schedule private shows, buy our used underwear, read our story, from how we met to awards we won, interviews, milestones and basically everything we are as MySweetApple. We’ve also recently started writing our blog, where we’ll share important news, advise and real life erotic stories.


When you’re uploading to Pornhub, do you pay much attention to your video titles?

Yes, a lot! Titles are the hardest and should be carefully chosen. Your video’s success will depend a lot on your title. Same with the thumbnails - it can make a video stand out, or it can make it look like yet another low-quality sex tape. We try to point out the most important features of the video while trying not to make it too robotic or simply too descriptive. Tags are also a very important tool that allow you to complete the title and let everyone find your video based on what it includes.


Do you have any plans to sell videos on Modelhub? If so, what will your strategy be?

Absolutely yes! To start with, our followers will be able to download our most popular videos on Pornhub, and we’re adding all our outdoors, roleplays, public and wildest videos in places such as a nudist city, all around exciting cities like Rome, Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Cancun! This is our exclusive content and we can’t wait to share it with our Pornhub followers!

"They want to see their own life reflected in the porn they watch."


What advice do you have for someone who’s just starting in the industry?

Don’t rush. Enjoy every step. Some days are awful, some others are incredible, don’t get used to any of them. Succeeding is a matter of very hard and constant work, so don’t give up too soon and never settle. We see hundreds of couples who contact us for advice, and after a few weeks they just quit. You need to know that porn is like a normal business, you have to work hard! It does grow faster than any other content, but still you have to be patient, and not too emotional - sometimes people are very rude, there are a lot of trolls, bad competitors, haters, but they are not against you, they are just part of the internet ecosystem. Focus on the other part, the bigger one: the audience who loves you, and ignore competition, be neutral, be yourself, have fun!


What changes do you think we’ll see in the industry in 2018?

We’re seeing the amateur world taking over professional porn, because people like relating with the people on screen - they want to see their own life reflected in the porn they watch and maybe recreate a scene they lived with a past partner. Amateur porn has brought many diverse faces, body shapes and personalities that are different from what people are used to seeing in porn. That adds a real-life value to the videos that makes it all more exciting. Porn is taking part in society, sex is not a taboo anymore, and more people are joining this fetish every day, sharing their intimacy and fantasies. We are real, and so is our porn.


What changes would you like to see in the industry in 2018?

What we want is to be recognized as people with rights and choice. We don’t do porn because of the money or because we’re brainwashed or because we have daddy or mommy issues. We do porn because having amazing sex is part of our lifestyle, and we’re open-minded enough to share our sex lives with the world. Still we must fight prejudices, discrimination and censorship. In our utopia we all practice free love, respect and understanding.


How can the average person support sex workers on a day-to-day basis?

The obvious way to support a sex worker is by buying our products. Of course we all love free porn, but if the free video is good, imagine the one for sale, and the wet panties, and the custom content! We put so much effort and hard work into everything we do, that each sale warms our hearts because we understand the gesture of trust and admiration. Other ways of helping are spreading the word, let everyone know how good our work is. You love our video? Don’t download it and share it - share the link to our authorized sites, make more people know about us, watch, comment, retweet, thumbs up, shout outs, spread the word! Always report stolen content - we are not big enterprises who can deal with constant takedowns, we are a small business of two dudes paddling against the current.


What’s the funniest or weirdest thing that ever happened during a shoot?

We’ll never forget the day we were shooting our video “Teen Couple fucking in Cap D’Agde." it was set in the Naked City in France, a place where nudism and outdoor sex are allowed and loved by everyone. It was our little paradise for a week. While having sex behind a bush, enjoying the wind and the sun on our skins, one by one a crowd of about 10 guys gathered around us, all with their cocks out, masturbating and being very careful not to enter in the camera angle. We did the full video and when Paolo cums on my face they started clapping and came to shake hands with us, it was hilarious! We even gave them our official stickers and a couple of them became very good followers and customers.


Any upcoming projects you’d like to tell us about?

This year we did our “first” threesome and it was an incredibly horny bonding experience for us. Our fans were exhilarated with the videos, so we’d love to repeat some more of that with other girls and boys. We’ve opened a contact form on our site for other performers to reach out. Soon you’ll see all the videos in our Modelhub account!

Around September we’re traveling back to Europe, we miss the nudist beaches (and cities) and the erotic panorama overall. We have big plans for MySweetApple but we’re keeping them a secret, not to spoil it too early, but make sure to follow us, you don’t want to miss the news - lots of new content is arriving soon!


Thanks again to MySweetApple for sharing their story, expertise and insights. Pornhub wouldn't exist without content creators like them, and we're forever grateful.

Make sure to follow them on Pornhub, Twitter, and Instagram.


"If you're serious about making money, you need to be paying attention."

Mark Rockwell

Model Citizens continues with the world's greatest low-life smut peddler, Mark Rockwell. Read on for answers to burning questions like, "will we ever get that face reveal?"


Let’s start with The Mark Rockwell Story.

Well, I started my smut peddling journey circa 2011. I was nearing my retirement date from the US military and thought getting my cock sucked for a living sounded pretty good, you know, as opposed to sleeping in a hole, crapping in a slit trench, and side stepping landmines. [Laughs] 

I’ve been a pervert since I found my grandparents porno collection in the mid 1980’s, so the idea of fucking on camera seemed pretty rad to me. Being in the military, I had to keep everything very lowkey, that’s why I hid my face and tattoos; I wasn't trying to have the Army find out what I was doing. I don't know what they would have done.

Northing good I'm sure.

First, I did a little browsing on the old Google machine and purchased a camera, some lighting, and the rest of the equipment I would need. Then I had to find models that would actually shoot with me. I used a site called sexyjobs.com and Twitter. Twitter turned out to be the best option.

I started reaching out to a lot of amateur and fetish models that I saw performing on clip sites, and that's how I got a lot of my first gigs. One of them knew Jada Stevens and they gave me an intro. When I shot Jada, she and I hit it off, and she started recommending me to some of her friends. That's how I kinda got my foot in the door and came to shoot some bigger name porn stars. That certainly didn’t happen overnight. I was strapped for cash and struggled to stay afloat for the first couple years. But I was determined to be successful. I suppose “obsessed” is a more accurate word to use.


So it all happened kind of organically, just one connection after another. You did good work, so people got on board because of that?

Exactly. That was the key in the beginning. I was like, "Man, I gotta be good to the models. If you're good to the models, the models will be good to you." You get great scenes and then the girls recommend you to their friends, so it really works out. Being polite and professional is the way to go.


Your video production is consistently super high quality. How much of your camera and lighting setup are you willing to share?

I get asked this a lot and I always try to take the time to answer.

I'm not trying to hide anything and I certainly don’t think I do anything special. I always buy Sony cameras. Probably 90% of my clips were shot with a Sony NEX-VG30. I really enjoy the excellent picture and deep colors the Sony cameras produce. Although all of my cameras are capable of shooting 4K, I prefer shooting in 1080p. I just don’t feel there’s a need for 4K when shooting super up close POV porn. 1080p at 60fps is absolutely beautiful. Honestly, I prefer to keep it simple and inexpensive when it comes to lighting, although I think it’s super important. You can get a set of three soft box lights for pretty cheap off of Amazon. I prefer 5500K bulbs and soft boxes that allow you to turn each bulb off and on individually. Also, make sure your lights come with a compact and discreet carrying case, in the event you travel. Get a few outlet splitters and extension cords too, there’s never enough outlets and they are never where you need them, especially in hotels! I find that the LED panels can be pricey and the light a bit harsh, especially in tight areas, but that’s just my opinion.

I also use a ring light mounted to my camera, which gives the little "donut" in the girl's eyes that most people enjoy. If you’re going to invest in a ring light, make sure the light is dimmable - they can be extremely bright when close to your subject. Also, be sure that it is compatible with your camera model, they are not one size fits all! I don't really feel like I have a certain secret. I do minor editing to make my videos pop and to give them their own unique look. Sometimes it looks cool, sometimes I dick it up.

"It can be the difference between making a few hundred dollars, or making a shit-pot of cash."

Mark Rockwell

That’s something you do in post-production?



How much editing do you typically do? Is it pretty close to the original footage?

It's pretty close to the original footage. If it's POV, I try to shoot straight through - I think people enjoy it more when there's less cuts. They feel like they're seeing everything.


What editing software are you using?

I do everything on Final Cut Pro.


What's something simple that our readers could do today to improve their video quality?

Lighting. Invest in some lighting. A lot of amateur porn is poorly lit.

Amateur doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality. Most cameras shoot a pretty decent picture now a days, even camera phones, you just need to feed them some light. Start cheap and upgrade as you go. Also, it doesn’t take much time or effort to clean up your “set”. Hide the lighting and the electrical cords, make sure there isn’t anything distracting in the background or anything personal like a family photo! A clean set just looks professional.


How is Modelhub going for you so far?

Awesome. I tweeted earlier, I’ve sold 666 videos so far [Laughs], and I think I just went over that now. But yeah, it's going really well.


What has your strategy been for selling videos on Modelhub?

I'm starting off with low prices. I did $1 for my videos that were already free on Pornhub and I'm doing $3 for all the premium videos.

They seem to be selling pretty well. I think that’s because the prices are significantly lower than what I use to sell on other clip sites.

There’s two reasons for that. One, producers are earning 85% off of all sales for the first three months. So I think everybody can start off a little bit lower to entice people to start spending some money.

But also, I think I’ll be able to keep my prices pretty low because the amount of traffic Pornhub is pushing to Modelhub. I really like how those two sites are interwoven together. With that much traffic, I should be able to lower prices and rely on sales volume. After all, I want everyone to be able to afford and enjoy my clips, that’s why I make them!

Ultimately, I don’t think I wanna charge more than $4 for a clip.


You're betting on low price, more sales rather than higher price, less sales.

Exactly. I always feel like the customers and the producers are at a standstill. The producers are forced to charge more because they're not getting the sales they need (mainly due to piracy), but the fans who do pay for content don't wanna break the bank on a single clip, so we actually wind up pushing the good customers further away. Something’s gotta give. So, I'm lowering my prices and hope customers see the value. Pirates are going to pirate, regardless of the price.


How do you choose the models you wanna shoot with?

Most of the stuff I shoot is POV, really up close in their face with the ring light. So I'm usually looking for girls with very attractive faces and very beautiful eyes, which comes down to my personal taste, I suppose. Like when I saw Britney Amber for the first time, I was like, "Oh, I gotta shoot this girl. Her face is perfect for POV." Along with looks, I look for models who I think will be able to shoot the kind of scenes that I shoot, the slow and sensual type. I’ve learned that some girls only know one way to suck a dick; by gagging on it!


Let's talk about marketing a little bit. You're on Twitter. How important is social media for your marketing?

You're probably not gonna like the answer: it's not important to me. Honestly, I just don't advertise that much and I never have. I did a very small amount on Twitter starting out, but I've just never seen an impact from it. So in my case, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.


Do you think it's because the content is quality enough, that it speaks for itself?

That’s what I like to think. If you make good content and place it on a site that gets a lot of traffic, it'll sell itself and you shouldn't have to do too much. I don't wanna say that and sound like a cocky asshole, but it’s true.


Do you pay much attention to your video titles?

Yes! That is extremely important; it can be the difference between making a few hundred dollars or making a shit-pot of cash. The title and the thumbnail are what decides whether or not you get that click. So you really have to nail that. Sometimes I’ll have a clip on the front page of the “hottest” videos and I can tell within the first hour or two that it's not doing that well. In my experience, if it’s not getting around 10,000 hits an hour it probably won’t stay on the front page very long, and that’s exactly where you want it. So I'll go in there and change something, either the thumbnail or I'll email Pornhub and ask them to change the title, within a few hours, I'll see a huge difference on the amount of traffic it's getting.

"In my case, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze."Mark Rockwell

So it’s important to pay attention to video performance, even once it’s already live?

Oh, absolutely. If you're serious about making money you need to be paying attention to your page, I'm on there all the time monitoring how well things are going, what’s getting viewed and what’s not, what’s being purchased and what’s not. If something is being featured, I'm definitely monitoring the stats to ensure I’m getting enough views to remain competitive on the “hottest” page. “Features" and the “hottest” page are where the money is made when it comes to ad rev. Same principle goes for selling videos on Modelhub though - if you upload a new video and notice it’s not getting any sales, consider tweaking up the title or thumbnail.


Do you have any tips for creating a good title?

I think you just have to be really descriptive. You only have a small sentence to grab the potential viewer’s attention; be descriptive and graphic!


What factors do you think have contributed to you winning Model Program awards?

People like the content. You know, it's like we were saying earlier, make good content, they'll come. [Laughs] I didn't mean it like that, but that works.


Everything comes down to the content. Start with that and the rest will follow.

Exactly. Also, if you can build a unique persona that helps too. I used to keep my face and my tattoos hidden because I didn't want the military to find out what I was up to, but now it seems to have played in my favor - it’s made a lot of customers and fans very curious about the mystery man behind the camera, getting his cock serviced by beautiful women for a living. [Laughs]


Are we ever gonna get a face reveal?

I don't know. I don't know if I'll ever do that. There's some videos where I've let it peek in for a few seconds, but I don't know if I'll ever fully show my face. I like being able to go grocery shopping and not have somebody recognize me - not because I'm embarrassed of what I do, I’m just a really private person and prefer to keep to myself.


What changes do you think we're gonna see in the industry this year?

I think that the switch from pro to amateur has already been happening. A lot of the focus seems to be going from mainstream porn to more of the amateur stuff. Anyone can shoot and sell porn now, it’s beautiful. Sites like Modelhub are giving amateur producers like me the ability to get their content out there, get recognized and make a little cheddar.

I feel like all the mainstream producers are now trying to jump on our stuff.


Related question, what changes would you like to see in the industry?

I'll probably get some hate mail for this. I'd like to see less agencies and more independent models. As a low-level producer, agencies are typically hard to deal with and are just another obstacle I have to negotiate. I’d also love to see some type of centralized booking site for the entire industry.


What's something the average person can do to support sex workers?

Buy our content. That's a no-brainer, isn't it?


Any exciting projects coming up?

I'm doing a trip to California in early August, so my fans can expect a bunch of new content coming out. I've already got some amazing models booked. One of them being Brandi Love.


Much love to Mark for taking the time to share his knowledge and expertise. Check out his videos on Pornhub and Modelhub. And for any models in California looking to shoot with Mark, shoot him a message on Pornhub!



To celebrate 5 years of the Model Payment Program, we're announcing a new contest! But this time, there's OVER $15,000 USD IN PRIZES.

For this contest, our theme is #Glowup2018.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, UrbanDictionary defines it as:

"To go from the bottom to the top to the point of disbelief. An incredible transformation."

So for this contest, we wanna see your evolution within the Model Program and the industry. It's the perfect way to showcase your videos past and present, and how you've changed along the way.

Upload compilation videos showing how things have changed for you since you joined the Model Program (or since you started making content) - whether you've changed your personal style, or stepped up your production quality, we wanna see how far you've come!


- Upload your #Glowup compilations

- Videos can include any actions or categories

- Your videos must be tagged with GLOWUP2018 to be eligible 

- No previous uploads are eligible, but you can use old videos to make your compilations

- Only ad-supported (free-to-view) videos are eligible (i.e. no for-sale Modelhub vids, but paid downloads are ok)

- You can enter as many videos as you want! 


Huge cash prizes for all winners:

- $10,000 for first place

- $2,500 for second place

- $1,500 for third place

- $1,000 for fourth place

- $500 for fifth place


Contest open to all Verified Models. 

Not a Verified Model yet? Join our Model Payment Program & make $$ from your video uploads! 

Selection and tracking for the contest will be based on the use of the GLOWUP2018 tag. 

Inaccurately titled/tagged/categorized content will not be eligible to win. 

Contest closes on the 1st of September, 2018, at midnight EST. 


Click the button below to see our playlist. Be sure to click "like" and comment on your favorite videos! New videos will be added every few days, so check back often!


 Watch the Glowup2018 Videos! 

"Money is just a tool for your happiness. It can buy everything except your soul."



Stories matter. In our Model Spotlight series, you get a chance to hear the backstory behind some of your favorite models. We were lucky enough to speak with WetKelly, who shared with us how she got involved in the adult industry, her #1 celebrity crush, and how she overcame a conservative upbringing to become the sexually liberated person we know and love today.

How did you hear about Pornhub’s Model Payment Program?

When I first joined the Pornhub community two years ago, I didn’t know about the model program. I used Pornhub to watch hot videos – I’m a kinky person, so I loved meeting people in the community who were into the same things that I was. I love being watched, so I uploaded my own simple video. I wasn’t expecting many views – it was more for fun.

But then, I discovered that I had made a few dollars from the video. That’s what inspired me to learn more and to become a model.

How did you get into the industry?

I’ve always flirted with the adult industry. It’s something that keeps me going, that keeps me motivated. I love to do all kinds of things that some people find unnatural or intimidating, like being exposed, shooting porn, shooting naked in public, and so on.

I was raised in a very Christian household, with a very closed-minded mentality. I was told, “God sees you. This isn’t healthy. This is shameful.” But my heart knew what it wanted, so I pursued my career in the adult industry and never looked back. I’ve never felt any remorse.

What advice would you give to someone looking to join the industry?

My number one advice is to never do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. There’s a million ways to make money, what matters is what you actually want to do.

If you make porn, will you do it with all your heart, and feel proud? Or will you feel ashamed afterwards?

Make sure this is really what you want.

Money is just a tool for your happiness - it can buy everything except for your soul.

How did you meet your boyfriend and how long have you been shooting together?  

We met long time ago, but how we met is a secret – we can’t reveal too much! We shot homemade porn videos just for ourselves for several years, then we decided to post them on Pornhub!


Have you ever thought of going the professional route? Who’s the first pornstar or studio that you would want to shoot with?

Definitely! I’ve actually attempted to break into the professional world a few years ago. My very first pornstar that I shot with was Terri Summers. I would love to shoot with Tera Patrick if she is still doing porn [ed. note: she is!]. I also love Jenny Blighe and Danika Mori! Ladies, hit me up!

Who would you say is your pornstar idol?

I have always admired Jesse Jane and Jenna Jameson.

What's the most embarrassing or funny moment that has happened to you during a shoot?

I have so many! I have one in mind that I will never ever forget; we were shooting a scene in Ibiza, on the beach. We were fucking on the top of a cliff, and there were so many spectators shooting us, or masturbating while watching us. It was crazy! I was so embarrassed and laughing at the same time. It was difficult to keep shooting, but also really exciting.

If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be?

Definitely not Trump! But I would never say no thank you to Gerard Butler. Love his charming cheeky smile and eyes. I bet he is so kinky in bed!

 What is your favorite…

Video on your account?

“Busty girl fucked in an abandoned building Huge got a huge cumshot over ass.”

I felt so hot and kinky there, in an abandoned building with a risk of being caught!

Category on Pornhub?


Sex position?

69 and doggystyle

Type of video to film?

Amateur of course, with all kind of crazy and kinky stuff.

Thing about Pornhub?

I am so blessed and happy that I met you guys! You have changed my life and I will be always thankful and will love you till the end. You have the best team ever, so warm and kind. Love you guys!


Thanks so much for sharing your story, Kelly! Stay tuned for more Model Spotlights. Check her out on Pornhub and Twitter.

Modelhub is HERE!

1 year ago

by: brett



We built you an adult marketplace, designed for models from the ground up.


You asked. We listened.

You’ve been looking for more ways to sell and monetize your content. You’re sick of having 20 different profiles on 20 different sites, and trying to keep everything organized. And you need a platform that supports you every step of your career, whether that’s helping you promote your content, or offering the best, most responsive customer support in the game.

That’s why we just launched Modelhub – an all new clip site, designed with you in mind, powered by the biggest adult network on earth. It’s seamlessly integrated with Pornhub, and you can use the profile you already have to get started.


Now you can sell your clips to our billions of visitors, all from the same platform you’re used to. You don’t need a new account, or any special info. You don’t need to code your own profile. All you gotta do is set the Privacy Settings to “For Sale” when you upload your next video. 

You can also set download prices on your public ad-supported videos. In your video manager, edit your video, under setting and allow downloads set any price you want. The video will then automatically appear on your modelhub profile. Users can also buy the download right on Pornhub.

For more detail on selling videos on Modelhub, just check out our FAQ. Also check back here for plenty more announcements and tips.

Anybody working in the industry today knows that there’s serious cash to be made in selling exclusive content to loyal fans. Your success is our success, so we built a platform that gives you an effortless way to make more money from the content you love to produce.

With Modelhub, you’re 100% in control of all your content. Choose where it is (or isn’t) available with advanced geoblocking. Remove your videos at any time.

Models can also receive tips from their Modelhub profile. Soon tips will also be accepted right on Pornhub as well.

Here’s a few tips for getting the most out of your Pornhub and Modelhub content:

  1. For videos to sell well, you gotta get specific. Keep your more general videos monetized on Pornhub for maximum visibility, then sell more niche videos on Modelhub. For example, fetish and other specific content performs the best on clip sites.
  2. Post exclusive clips for sale to your top fans, then move them to free after a few weeks.
  3. Experiment with your clip prices. Try offering a video for $5, $15, or $50, and see what your fans are willing to spend. Remember – the more specific it is, the higher the chances that they can’t find it for free somewhere else. Do not undercut yourselves.
  4. Don't want to even sell exclsuive videos? No problem, keep what you're doing best and set a download price to make extra $ from your viewers.


But we’re just getting started. Modelhub is a work in progress. We will be constantly improving and adding more to make you the most money. Here’s what else we’re adding in the next few months:

  1. Paid subscriptions. Make a fan club for recurring subscriptions. Offer things like exclsuive content, priority messaging access and more.
  2. Custom videos. Your fans will be able to request exactly what they want you to do. Of course, it’s up to you what you choose to create or not.
  3. Merch stores. Sell anything you want, from custom t-shirts to panties to homemade brownies. No, seriously, anything you want - if it’s legal, you can sell it on your store.
  4. Promotional tools. We’re creating a full suite of marketing tools to help you build your brand and attract more customers.
  5. Tons more. Let us know in the comments exactly what you wanna see from Modelhub, and we’ll do our best to build it for you. This thing is for you, and we want it to be perfect.


P.S. – sign up now, because we’re giving you 100% net payouts (85% after 15% processing fees) for the first three months. After that, you keep a full 65% of your revenue (80% minus payment processing fees).

P.P.S - referrals are still paying out $50 so get the word out there and make even more cash.

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