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This week's Model Citizens interview is with the lovely LunaMoonuh. She's not your average content creator - along with her incredible videos, she's also involved in live BDSM shows, and has a SFW YouTube channel that explores the relationship between sexuality and empowerment.

Her story is an inspiration to us all, especially aspiring models who are ready to push boundaries - both their own, and those of society itself.


Andy: I just wanted to start by getting your story. How long have you been doing this, and how did you get started in the industry?

I've been doing this on and off since I was 18. I started out by doing some modeling. The photographer asked one day, "Hey. Do you wanna take your clothes off?" And I did. I took my clothes off and from then, I just started nude modeling here and there.

I didn't necessarily get into the kink, adult aspect of it until I was 19 and I was booked to do a cosplay event. And I'm thinking I'm gonna be dressing up like anime characters, but really I'm wearing a really sexy costume at a sex convention. And that convention totally changed my life - it gave me a whole different view of sex and kink and everything in between.

So from then, I started making little videos, and doing BDSM shows with different fetish masters. And it's been that way from that moment. I'm 21 now and I just started putting more content out and getting on these Chaturbate sites and streaming pretty consistent now for about a month or so. I enjoy it.


What kind of stuff do you do outside of work? What are your other interests?

Outside of this, I do modeling. I have a YouTube page dedicated to things like spirituality, sexuality, and being body positive. So I have a YouTube page dedicated to that. I like to go out and listen to jazz music, and I've just started doing yoga.


You describe yourself as a nudist, a spiritualist, and a model. Tell me a little bit about the first two. What does that mean to you?

Well, to be a nudist and a spiritualist, I feel free because I'm not oppressing myself with clothes. I'm not letting clothes hide who I am. I feel when I am naked, not only am I letting everyone know who I am physically, but spiritually as well, because I'm not hiding anything. Everything gets out and it's open. And I look at nudity as something spiritual because I came into this earth nude. I didn't have on clothes.

So I feel we live in a society where we're taught certain things about nudity and certain things about sexuality that aren't right. It's not correct at all. I'm de-brainwashing myself, reversing everything that was taught and said to me as a child by opening myself up - not just for myself, but for other people. I like to look at myself as a precedent for other people. They say, "Hey, you know what? She's doing it. I can do it, too." Because I've been trying to connect my sexuality and my nudity and my spirituality all together.


Did your lifestyle as a nudist inspire you to start making content?

Yeah. I think you can definitely say it inspired me. It was like a push for me. I was like, I can be naked in front of a room of a million people and be happy. But how much further can I go? So I just pushed myself and I actually enjoyed it. And I try to do everything, like I said, on a spiritual basis. I set intent before I do a video or before I have an orgasm. But during the orgasm, I just state what it is that I wanted to manifest. So I like to bring spirituality and just indulge it and put it all in between.


So far on your Pornhub profile, you mostly have solo vids. Are you interested in working with other models?

I most definitely am. Actually, I'm gonna be streaming live tonight with my boyfriend for the first time because people have actually been asking about him on my Pornhub and on my Instagram.

"I'm de-brainwashing myself."

How has that been, being in a relationship and doing this kind of work? Is that something that is ever awkward, or is he supportive?

It has its moments. It really does have its moments. I just performed at an event last week where I was on stage with King Noire and Jettsettingjasmine. They're some awesome pornstars out here in this industry. I was onstage with them doing a BDSM show. And my boyfriend did not take it well. He was just like, "No. You're my girl. Why are you performing with them?" And I'm just like, "Babe, this is my career. This is what I do. Get with it, or something's gotta give." So he's loosening up to it. So by him loosening up to it, he's just saying, "You know what, eff it, I'm gonna do it with you." That’s a good part. We're getting past the awkward phase.


I wanted to ask you a little bit about the conference and stage show that you had the other week. That was the Sex Down South conference in Atlanta.

Yes, it was.


Tell me a little bit about that experience. What was it like being on stage, and how is it different from making videos?

Being on stage, I'm not gonna lie - I performed since I was 18 being on stage doing erotic stuff. But that made me really nervous because I was actually performing with professionals, professionals that I had been watching before I became of age.

So I was really, really, really nervous. But once I loosened up and I went with the flow, everything was perfect. I wanted to continue to do more. I was actually offered to do a video with them, which was great. But it made me want to do more BDSM style videos for my platform. It made me wanna do more impact play and wax play. So I said, "Okay. I can incorporate this in what I do with my own work."


So it was different in that you have a live audience. But maybe the basic principles are the same. It's still exhibitionism. It's still BDSM.

That’s right.


Would you ever consider working with a professional studio?

I wish. I would love to do that.


You've been active on Pornhub for about two years now. What have you learned about making porn in that time?

I learned that you have to be consistent. Consistency is key, especially if you're serious and if you wanna build a following. Because as you can see, I've been active on Pornhub for two years, but my videos were kind of like, sporadic. They weren't consistent. So I'm becoming more consistent now because I'm starting to see more of a following. And I've been more consistant on my clip sites than I have my Pornhub. And I was just like, "Okay. I'm gonna make some videos for clip sites, and some for Pornhub just for the balance."

So I have found out you have to be consistent and you have to be creative. I'm working on my creativity right now. It's a process. I don't really care for boring stuff, so you gotta be creative. Find something that makes you unique and makes people wanna come back to you because you're you. So that's what I'm learning right now.

"I try to keep it sexy everywhere I go."

Let's imagine you had a time machine, and you could send a message back to yourself on the first day you started making porn. What would you say?

I would say, “Wait.” And the only reason why I would go back in a time machine and tell myself wait is because I tried to start making content while I was living in my mom's house. And it was the most difficult thing ever. And because I was trying to hide it the time, not knowing she already knew because she found my profile and pictures. But now I'm on my own.


Just to take your time with it. That's great advice. What is your overall strategy for making content? Is your strategy different from clip sites versus Pornhub? Is it all the same? What's your overarching goal there?

It's pretty much all the same. I post on Pornhub to get the followers and the fans that say, "Hey. Let's follow her there." See if they could buy more of my content. But ultimately...my goal for what I'm doing, I wanna be a sex educator, but I wanna use myself as the teacher in the example and all this other cool stuff. Because I've seen like a lot of different porn companies that I try to go for, but they never hit me back up. So I was like, "I can just do this myself." Like, "Hey, GreatArt. It seems like everything is like, tantric-based. And I want a tantric-based porn style content to go out there. So I get ideas for what I wanna do, where I wanna go to, stuff like that.


What sort of strategies are you using to get viewers onto your videos?

I like to screenshot my clip site profiles and my Pornhub, and I like post it all over my Instagram and my Tumblr and my Twitter. I have my Pornhub and clip sites connected to my Twitter. So when I post a video, it'll post to my Twitter. So I have people coming in from there and also my FetLife. I talk to people through my FetLife. So I pretty much try to make it a habit to constantly advertise myself on these sites just to bring people in.


I wanna ask about your YouTube channel. What kind of content do you post on there?

My YouTube channel is very sexy. It's really sexy. One of the videos that I did post on there is how I became a nude model. I talk about stuff like that. I had a video that went really well. It's called "The 10 Struggles of Being a Sexually Liberated Black Woman," and that was a very awesome video because I had three of my sexually-liberated friends up there. We're all in lingerie, drinking wine, you know, just talking about what makes you sexy and liberated and my struggles in everyday life. I have another one on body positivity. And I have a couple of blogs up there as well just to show people what I do in my everyday life. So it varies, but it's definitely sexy. I try to keep it sexy everywhere I go.


Do you drive traffic between your YouTube channel and your Pornhub profile, or do you try to keep them separate?

So far, they have been separate, but I do wanna bring the two together. I have an idea of how I wanna do it. Right now, I don't know how I'm gonna execute it. So I'm just putting it all together now.


Do you have any advice for models who are just starting out?

Most definitely. Research is key. For me, I would join Facebook groups dedicated to girls who are into camming and the adult entertainment industry. And I would ask a lot of questions. I also I followed other people in the industry, and I would constantly tag them until they actually hit me up on Instagram and now we treat each other like family.

Try and find godparents out here in the industry, who could actually help you, especially if this is something that you want to make a career out of. You're not just doing it as a hobby, but you wanna make a career out of it. Find people you can look up to, ask questions to, stuff like that. You could be more comfortable and know what you're doing so you won't feel alone.


I think mentorship is absolutely key for this industry and for any industry. Is that something you're open to helping other models with? Can they hit you up for mentorship?

They can definitely hit me up for mentorship. I am always here.


Many thanks to Luna for sharing her story. Follow her on Pornhub, Modelhub, YouTube and Twitter.

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