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Every so often, you meet someone who has a different take on the world.

It's not necessarily about what they say, but how they say it. 

Some people just seem to speak in poetry. Maybe they see the world through a more beautiful lens than I do. Or maybe they just take more time to appreciate the beauty around all of us.

That might mean stopping to smell the flowers. Or it might mean finding beauty in simple, everyday things - like making love to your partner.

Wanna see passion done right? Look no further than KristalAss.


Let’s start with your story. How did you first start making porn?

To be honest, I took a lot of pleasure watching pornographic films at the beginning of my adolescent sexuality. The unknown, and the discovery of different practices excited me enormously. But over the years, I realized that the professional productions were far from reality. My interest in porn, as a result, dropped sharply. Then we (my man and I) discovered Pornhub and its many homemade videos and we became big consumers. Men and women are natural. In a seductive nature, adoring the exhibitionist aspect of it, we decided to try to make videos - and we take great pleasure in it.


What do you do outside of work?

In everyday life, we are like everyone else. We both work in the business sector and we rub shoulders with a lot of people. I love human contact; I am very tactile. And so to keep a part of our garden secret, we don't show our faces - but I reveal many other parts of my body, right?


Has your opinion about porn changed since you started making it?

It started very slowly but in a seductive and exhibitionist way - it is enjoyable to know that many people will see your videos. Knowing that many men and women will enjoy watching us excites us a lot. We have a lot of fun reading the comments, which motivates us even more. Compliments and tips are highly appreciated - this is an essential element of motivation, and it's necessary to improve.


What’s your favorite scene that you have ever filmed?

Through the messages and comments we receive, we try to improve ourselves while having fun and staying natural. We like role playing. So I would say that the video that I always prefer is our last upload.

I also loved the one on the couch where my man makes me completely fly in the air when I sit on him. We laughed so hard that we had to cut and resume our antics 20 minutes later.

The video in the kitchen was also a great laugh. It was the biggest cumshot my man has ever had. There was not a piece of my face that wasn't covered with his sperm. We are currently keeping the photo for us, but it will probably be put online in the photo album soon!

"I am, above all, a human being with an unbridled sexuality."

What can your fans do to support you better?

What I love is when fans take the time to comment and like my videos. it shows an invaluable interest that fills me with joy each time I read one of these comments. We are very attentive to our fans and subscribers. Every day, they send us their messages, their compliments, their support. They are very important to us. They help motivate us to improve our videos. So do not hesitate to write to us - it is with great pleasure that we will answer you.


What’s something most people don’t realize about being a porn model?

Unlike big porn stars who are generally inaccessible, I think I'm a much more accessible person who loves to chat with my fans (the respectful ones, that is). I am, above all, a human being with an unbridled sexuality like many women. I would very much like couples or women to contact me and tell me that they have improved and fulfilled their sexuality from watching us.


What equipment do you use? (Camera, microphone, video software, etc)

We do not consider ourselves professionals. In order to stay as simple and natural as possible we use only a smartphone, in common places, everyday, where everyone can recognize themselves. The beach, lakes, forests, vineyards are places that we particularly like and that you will see very often in our videos. For video editing, we use only free software. We do not pretend to make special effects cinema. My main goal is to create something natural.


What do you wish you had known when you first started filming?

At first I was a little disappointed because my videos were not getting a ton of views. I asked myself a lot of questions about myself, about us, whether we should stop or not. For me it is necessary to know that one must be patient when one starts to make videos. There are a lot of videos online and to be seen you have to be lucky and creative.

"Be yourself, be natural, be patient."

What advice do you have for new models?

Be yourself, be natural, be patient.


Would you ever shoot with a professional studio? Why or why not?

It would be difficult for us in front of a film crew with a script, precise scenes... You know, "put your leg like that, turn your head, action, cut, action, cut." We would not be comfortable and we would have no pleasure. I repeat myself, but we like natural scenes, spontaneity and our own intimacy.


Are you planning to sell your videos on Modelhub? Why or why not?

Currently I put my videos to download only on Pornhub. They are visible for free on Pornhub but it's a way for my fans to give me a little gift by downloading them. In a while, we may put our first anal videos. 


You have a Twitter account. How important is social media for your business?

I recently created a Twitter account to post excerpts of my videos and photos of my daily life. A little extra to satisfy our exhibition needs.

"We are listening to our bodies, our desires."

Do you only shoot with your boyfriend? Or with different people too?

We are not married but we have been together for almost 5 years and I hope for a long time. We are both rogues and players in our intimacy. Sometimes we go to a swinger's club to enjoy even more between couples. My man loves to see me play with another woman. We are listening to our bodies, our desires. Kisses to my man.


Do you think that the French porn market is different from the American one? How so?

I think at the professional level the international market is definitely superior to the French market. On the other hand, at the level of the home-made market, I find that French content is definitely better than the international stuff. There is more sincerity and naturalness of the amateur actors. But this is only my personal point of view!


Do you have any upcoming projects you want to tell us about?

We would like above all to continue our naughty channel to make a weekly appointment for our fans if they wish.

We also plan to make many trips (with our camera, of course!).

But the biggest, which does not depend on us, would be to be invited one day to the Pornhub Awards!


Thanks so much to Kristal. Make sure to check her out on Pornhub.

The time has finally come to announce the winners of our Nutaku Games contest!

We had a ton of creative entries from all across the spectrum of models.

It was a hard (yes, yes, pun intended) decision for all of us to choose the winners.

After long hours of deliberation, we're ready to announce who's taking home the prizes.

But first - check out the compilation video:


Third Prize - $2000 + Nutaku Swag Bag


Third place goes to Diana and Daniel

Check out their winning entry for a lesson in "working through distractions."


Second Prize - $3000 + Nutaku Swag Bag


Second prize goes to Alissa Noir!

Ever wondered what it looks like when Virtual Reality meets Actual Reality?


First Prize - $5000 + Nutaku Swag Bag + Gaming Mouse and Headset


First prize goes to HarloweBlue!

Her supremely creative video took home the grand prize:


Runners-up - Nutaku Swag Bag


Along with our grand prizes, we have 10 lucky winners of a Nutaku Swag Bag!

OurDirtyLilSecret - Watch Video

LuxuryGirl - Watch Video

NatalieFlowers - Watch Video

Mia Queen - Watch Video

JuicyJade - Watch Video

XxX_Jenny_xXx - Watch Video

Bellatina18 - Watch Video

Marukarv - Watch Video

Sweet_BunnyXXX - Watch Video

SuccubusSin - Watch Video


Congrats to all of our winners! Hope you enjoyed watching these as much as we did.

What do BDSM, astral projection, skydiving, and hating your boss have in common?


She's not just a model. She's the model you wanna get to know if you're at all interested in BDSM.

I sat down with her to talk formative childhood experiences, special effects, and how to tell your boss you're not coming in tomorrow:


How did you get involved in the industry? How did you get to where you are today?

I got into the industry because I have a strong passion of not driving to work. I hated driving to work. So, that was the problem. I solved it by trying to find work-from-home solution, and the very first thing that I saw was a work from home modeling gig. It was a cam modeling job. So, that's how I started. From there everything just escalated. I wanted to do more challenging stuff. I just wanted to be more out there, so I started doing fetish production and that's what I specialize in now.


So, it's really just about being your own boss and taking control of your life.

Yeah. I hated my boss. I hated my previous bosses. They were just a pain in the ass and they just didn't know what they were doing. This really helped me take control of my time and my sanity.


Most of your content is centered around domination. Is that something you had a personal interest in before you started creating that content?

Yeah. I started dabbling into taboo and kink stuff when I was 10 or 11. I think one of the reasons was that my family was very strict; the stricter they were the more I retaliated. So at 10 or 11 I was doing my solo adventures sexually and I... I have a couple of stories, but one...


It's ok, you can say anything you like.

Okay. I've told this so many times. I remember I had a classmate, and it was an all-girl school. I remember just really picking on her. I was kind of a bully. So bad. Not proud of it, but I bullied her to a point where I was pinching her every time I saw her in class. And every time I saw her in class, she would make faces to a point where she's about to cry, but then she would hold herself back. And that made it more satisfying for me. It was like the challenge was to make her cry, but she never did.



And then, we moved, the year ended and I changed schools, so never saw her again. This is like in 4th grade. You know, it's one of those things where...


A formative experience.

Exactly. It's like one of those important moments. Plus I'm kind of into hentai, and I'm also kind of into just, like, weird stuff. Just unusual things. That helped me get into the domination aspect, and I understand how it's like to be in the position of a submissive. 


How much separation is there between your personal and professional life?

There used to be a clear separation. Nowadays, I'm more of a lifestyle dom. The separation is when I turn off my phone and my computer - I stop working right there and then, but that's the only separation. It's hard because we're attached to our phones 24/7. Even when you wake up in the morning, your alarm goes off. And where's the alarm located? It's on your phone. So I try to have that boundary to turn off my phone and just disconnect from the world and that's my separation.

"I got into the industry because I have a strong passion of not driving to work."

For those who don't know, can you just tell us what it means to be a lifestyle dom?

A lifestyle dominatrix is basically someone who practices domination, who embodies BDSM, even when the cameras are off. I don't really practice it consciously, it just comes out. It just happens especially when you meet someone and you could tell that they're a little submissive, then it just flows in.


What's your favorite video that you ever filmed?

My favorite video? Oh, I have a video of an astral projection where I go to bed, I got to sleep and my other self travels outside of my body, and forms into a more of a solid matter. Then I put on a strap-on and fuck myself.



So, it's like I'm recording myself two ways. It's kind of hard because I had to use special effects and green screen and all that. I thought that was really hot fucking myself. Oh, such a mind fuck.


That's taking masturbation to a new level.

Yeah, it was really fun.


On that note, you put a lot of production quality into your work and you seem like you have a really good grasp of video editing. How did you learn to do that?

I'm naturally creative, so I love watching movies and I love fast cuts, Tarantino style editing. I try to make it as raw as I can, but with the entertainment value like good audio or a cool intro and outro. So I learned just by watching good films and mastering Premiere Pro and Photoshop and Aftereffects and all that stuff. I'm self-taught.


So it starts with just good taste and then you just practice. 

Yeah, pretty much.


If you could go back in time to when you first started making content, what would you tell yourself?

Don't think too much. Get better lighting, absolutely better lighting, and get a cameraman. Filming on a tripod just feels a little impersonal, but when the camera is moving it feels like it's from another person's perspective.

I feel like it's more genuine.

"Marketing strategy? Social media."

That's really interesting actually because a lot of people say the opposite, that handheld could feel amateurish. But I agree with you; as long as it's well-done handheld gives sort of a more authentic feel.

Yeah. I think so.


Talking about lighting, what's your gear setup like? What camera are you using, what lighting?

I use a Sony A72S and a Sony A72R, which is for both photography and filming. And I use a Rode GO mic just like everyone else. My lights are light panels with softboxes on them. Sometimes I use a ring light in the middle just to make everything feel more grand. I also use some backlighting. Sometimes II'll put reds or blues or greens in the background just to make the room feel like it's a different room.

Sometimes I'd overdo it and film like 10 different things in one room in one day, so that could feel a little boring. 


It's interesting to bring different colors of lighting. People obsess about lightning all the time, but I never hear anybody talk about the color of it. You can bring a tone or emotion to the scene.

Exactly. And you can only do so much with a bedroom, especially if it's a heavy bed and a heavy dresser. You can't really change it much, but you can manipulate the lighting.


That's a really interesting way to keep it fresh.

Yeah, absolutely.


What are some of the challenges you face at dominatrix that people wouldn't realize?

Challenges would be doing in-person sessions. I wanna keep everything safe as much as I can; doing background checks on people, making sure that they're not psycho or crazy. So, I do all of my sessions in a commercial area - to make sure that this person will not do anything in this building because it's another business over here and another business over here. So, if something happens then people are around. People will see.

SESTA/FOSTA in the U.S., that's another thing. I know it doesn't directly impact me, but I know it indirectly does, and I know it does hit the escorts mainly.


What kind of marketing strategy do you have for your content?

Marketing strategy? Social media. I try to promote myself in the two or top three most popular sites. I tried to be on Instagram, but they've shut down my account seven times already. I'm on Twitter. TI'm on Tumblr as well. I'm on YouTube.

I'm gonna try to get Reddit because Reddit seems to be a good space too.


Talking about your YouTube channel. Tell me a little bit about that. What kind of stuff do you post on there? How has it been going?

I've been doing this for about seven years now and I started my YouTube channel a few years ago, but I didn't take it seriously until recently. I wanted to give something back to the community. I wanted to educate people, because I get a lot of emails asking me what this kink is or that kink is, what this fetish is. So I started to just explain what a particular fetish is. Like, "What is Ballbusting 101" or "How to do Facesitting 101." Just stuff that we don't think about, but it's good for me to dissect it and really explain it in a layman's term kind of way, and to make the kink more approachable.

And on YouTube, I'm more of a a girl next door type so people can relate to me and people find me approachable in these videos. The most recent one I did was, "What is cuckolding?" When I first learned of that term I was like, "What the fuck is cuckolding?" You know, it's such a weird term. But it's pretty damn hot.

I make a lot of cuckolding videos and they always sell for me. 

"Whenever I go to mosh pits, I get a lot of bruises."

Speaking of niches that are popular and make a lot of money, what do you think is being overlooked right now in terms of fetishes or niches?

I think giantess.

Giantess might be getting overlooked. I'm also popular with that. Facesitting has always been very popular, strap-on is also popular, futanari might be another one where... I'm sure you know what that is.


Tell our readers what it means.

Futanari is when a really, really pretty curvaceous woman, gorgeous woman, has a dick or they grow a dick - just this massive dick. And a lot of guys are so into that. I don't know why. I can't explain it. But it's a cool fetish, and it's quite entertaining to make for sure.


What are your interests outside of work? What do you do for fun?

I travel, I travel a lot. I travel every month. And I race cars.


Really? You race cars?

Yeah. I do a lot of fun extreme sports. I'm kind of a thrill-seeker; I'm gonna do skydiving in a couple of weeks. I do scuba diving. I also go to a lot of rock shows. Especially if there's a mosh pit.  If there's a mosh pit, I'm in. I think the most recent one I went to was Andrew W.K.

It's so great, but whenever I go to mosh pits, I get a lot of bruises.


What can your fans do to treat you and all content creators better?

Instead of watching our videos for free, purchase it. Everyone says that they're broke. But you know what, I'm pretty sure that you can purchase a $5 video.


If you bought lunch today, you could buy a $5 video.

Exactly. So, I think that's very important because it inspires me to make more, and if you truly are a fan of a particular model then, even the littlest $5 you have in your wallet can help support them.


Help them make better content.



Thanks to AstroDomina for taking the time to speak with me. Follow her on Pornhub, Twitter and YouTube

Let’s start with your story. How did you first start making porn?

Our first video was very spontaneous, that was over 3 years ago. We were celebrating something; I don't remember what, because we celebrate a lot!

We always had the desire to make our own porn videos and we did it that night. After that, we uploaded it on Redtube and went to sleep. On next day when we saw how many views and nice comments we had, we were very excited. People begged us for more and more so we get carried away. Ours videos weren’t regular vanilla porn - we are both deepthroat and rough stuff enthusiasts! 3 years ago there was a deficit on that kind of content. Because on Redtube people could download videos, we switched to Pornhub, and after that we saw that we can earn money for views. That was very important for us because we could evolve. We never thought that so many people would follow us and be our big big fans and friends.


Has your opinion about porn changed since you started making it?

Kate : Well, when we started there were less amateurs than now, and everyone did it definitely only for fun, with pleasure and because they loved it. Now we meet more and more people who treat it only as a business. Of course not everyone – there are many great and fantastic amateurs here who really enjoy it and still do it with passion. We always try be the same people as we were in the beginning. One more thing which changed in amateur porn is the quality of videos – it’s much much better than 3 years ago.  


What’s your favorite scene that you have ever filmed?

Kate: Actually hard to say! We love every threesome and foursome video because we have amazing memories from that meetings, there was a lot of fun, laugh and great moments. On our truutruu account we are proud from videos on request, prepare for scenes, scenarios, camera views and lighting, next editing and color grading ... Everything was always very exciting and last of course - priceless happy our friend who order video. But there is always a moment when you think, "Hey, I must do something new, something crazy and totally different..." and I did! I made my new solo channel katetruu, that was 4 months ago. Already I knew that there I'll never upload something pro, the plan is to upload only spontaneous videos like IKEA or any other outdoor location. Generally videos without preparing, no lights, no pro cameras, only two phones and a Xiaomi yi 4k+ which I can have in my pocket. The truth is I always look back with pleasure to my not-so-perfect old extreme hardcore videos. Why? Because I love it!


How has your video quality changed since you first started filming?

Axel: When we started, we used only old smartphones, without any tripods, without any lighting - we just put the camera on the table or floor or many books, and started the scene! 

People love that amateur look, but lot of them gave us advice how we can upgrade our videos. 

With the first money we earned from Pornhub, we bought a cheap Sony handycam. Then we bought a halogen lamp from Castorama - it gives a lot of light, but was extremly hot.

We still want be better and better so we earn money and spend for new equipment. We’re also still learning how edit videos. I have to tell you that we started with Windows movie maker. 

I think after the first year, some of our fans did fundraising for us and we bought our first really good camera; a Canon Legria GH40. It was big step for us. 

Next we bought good lighting and lots of other stuff. 

Now we have really good cameras and gear. In fact we can make full pro videos, but we still want to have a bit of an amateur look.

"Thanks to Pornhub, we’ll never work a day again."

What factors contributed to the change in quality?

Axel: It is a simple answer: we want be better and better. When we started making videos it was only fun. Now we love it. But not only porn; we love photography and we love making movies for our regular customers. 

Somebody once said, "Pick a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life." 

Thanks to Pornhub, we’ll never work a day again.  


What equipment do you use? (Camera, microphone, video software, etc)

Axel: We’ve come a long way with our equipment. As I said, we started with old phones. In the past three years, we spent a lot of money we earned from Pornhub on new gear. In fact, thanks to Pornhub, we are now professional photographers with a lot of mainstream customers.

It is very expensive stuff but worth it.

Now we use a Sony A7S camera with an external Atomos Ninja Inferno monitor. When Sony announces the new a7s mark3, we will buy it ASAP. Secondary camera is Sony RX10MK2. Also for spontaneous or outdoor scenes, we often use Xiaomi Yi 4+ and a Huawei P20pro phone.

For photography, we use a Canon 5dmk3. Also for videos we use Canon or Sigma lenses, like Sigma art 35mm f1.4, Canon macro 100mm f2.8, Canon 85mm f 1.8, Samyang 14mm F2.8, Canon 28mm f2.8, Canon L 70-200 f2,8.

For aerial shots we have DJI Phantom 4 Pro but very soon we will change it for DJI Mavic 2 Pro 

To perfect sound, we use a Rode VideoMic Pro, and now we bought a Zoom h4n recorder.

We also have a Zhyiun Crane 2 stabilizer, but we’ve only used it maybe 2 times in porn.

The software we use is Vegas Pro 15 with Magic Bullet. For photography we use Photoshop and Lightroom and a very fast Dell computer with an Eizo Cg247X external graphic monitor.

I must say that lot of this stuff we have thanks to Pornhub! When we started making videos we didn’t know anything about photography and video making, and now we are professionals and we do what we love!


How do you do your lighting for videos?

Axel: This isn’t a unique opinion, but lighting is the most important factor for your video quality!

If you don’t have good lighting, use natural light - it is the reason why outdoor videos look the best! Also videos near windows looks better. But of course, we have really good lighting. We use a panel LED light called the Yongnuo YN-600. The light is a bit harsh, but it travels well, and with a softbox the light is much softer. We also have a ring lamp called the Yongnuo YN308. 


You’ve learned a lot about editing videos and photos. Where did you learn that?

Axel: When we started, we had no idea how to edit videos and photos. First we used Windows Movie Maker, which is super easy to learn.

But when we bought new cameras we needed to use much better software. We tried the most popular softwares like Adobe, Davinci and Vegas, and we eventually chose Vegas Pro. It was not easy in the beginning, but we met fantastic people on Pornhub who helped us out. Our great fan and friend, Sid from NY, is a famous photographer and Director of Photography. He taught us a lot about color grading, editing, how make professional photos in Photoshop and most importantly how set lights, cameras and how to make a scene look good without any distortion. He is great guy - if any models live near NYC, he can make for you pro photo session or make videos. Just message us to get in touch.

We’re not done learning, though! These days we mostly learn from tutorials and books. 

"Fuck haters."

What advice do you have for new models?

Kate: The most important thing is making content which you feel comfortable with. For example, if you hate anal but you make videos with anal, people will see that you are fake. Do only things which you really love and do only things that you're good at - people will appreciate it.

Second of all also very important, do it only for your and your fans’ pleasure... Never for money. The money will come anyway.

Third: Fuck haters.


You recently filmed with RaeLilBlack. What was that like?

Kate : Yes, that was great time for all of us. Raelilblack is a very sexy and nice girl with big courage; we made 7 videos together (soon we will upload the next one. I think it’s the best). But we never forget all the amazing people from Pornhub that we made videos with, and spent great time partying with! We visited the most beautiful cities in Europe and I'm sure that new meetings will come soon.


Would you ever shoot with a professional studio?

Kate : Finally the most asked question. I have many offers from different studios but I will never shoot for a professional studio. Maybe because we, me and Axel, try do everything together and be independent... But hey! If facialabuse.com invite me someday, I won’t hesitate for even one second! 


Do you have any upcoming projects you want to tell us about?

Kate : Yes of course! We’ve had an extremely busy time this summer, but now we can chill a little bit and take care of our channels. 

So about plans with our truutruu channel – we’re looking for new friends who will join us, who would be starting out in porn or just would be in our videos. We'll help with everything to start, and teach about everything you need to start. But my plans with the katetruu channel are even more exciting! I plan to travel all throughout Europe and make videos everywhere when I can, especially outdoors... And of course in all IKEA shops (I hope Ikea security guards don't read this interview !)

I'm so happy that people loved my new account and I have 5 millions views in 4 months so... I can't stop!

To end this interview, I wanna say thank you to all my friends and fans for supporting us, and for your kind words. I still love making new exciting content thanks to you. Love you forever!

And thank you to Pornhub - thanks to you my life changed for the better and I found what I really love to do. 

Everyone's favorite reality show is back - get ready for Season 3 of Brazzers House!

10 of the world's hottest pornstars are living under one roof in Palm Springs, competing in sexy, sloppy, sweaty challenges to earn your vote.

The winner of the grand prize - $20,000 cash - is determined by your votes. So check out Episode 1 right now, vote for your favorite stars, and help them win that cash!

Tons of your favorite stars will be competing, including Nicolette Shea, Lela Star, Bridgette B, Kissa Sins, Katrina Jade, Karma Rx, Aaliyah Hadid, Ashley Adams, Kira Noir, Gina Valentina, Keiran Lee, Xander Corvus, Isiah Maxwell, Ricky Johnson, Jessy Jones and Charles Dera.


Ready to cast your vote? Choose your fav to help them win:


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