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Pornhub Authors is an article series written by Pornhub Models, for Pornhub Models.

It's your chance for an inside look at the careers, and minds, of Pornhub Models. 

For this edition, we're hearing from Kristina Sweet, a.k.a. LuxuryGirl. Read on for her story of intercontintental love, heartbreak, and sexual awakening.

Hello, my name is Kristina. I will tell you the story of how I have become a Pornhub model, and how Pornhub has changed my whole life in two months. Not so long ago, I lived in New York with my boyfriend and enjoyed my life there. Unfortunately, life sometimes brings undesirable changes: my boyfriend cheated on me. I have a very serious attitude towards cheating, since I believe that spiritual relationships are above sex. So if the loved one is cheating, I see no sense in saving such a relationship. Since nothing was keeping me in New York anymore, I was forced to move back to Russia.

When I came back home I faced a very difficult situation: I had no place to live. All the money I had, I spent on the plane ticket - so I couldn’t rent an apartment quickly. On the upside, I had a lot of friends back in Russia. One of my close friends, who I’ve known for many years, offered for me to live with him and I agreed. One Friday night he and I were drinking wine at home and I was pouring my heart out. I did not know what I wanted to do in Russia, or how to find a job quickly. Of course, I was also very upset about how the relationship with the man I had lived with for four years ended. There were more questions than answers.

Porn actors are happy people, at least because they are confident and free.

After a long conversation, we decided to distract ourselves and randomly went to the Pornhub website. We watched several porn videos and started to discuss the filming of porn movies. We shared the view that porn actors are happy people, at least because they are confident and free to do whatever they want. Of course, like any other normal person, I had watched porn before.  My favorite videos were the works of the Brazzers studio. I had heard about Pornhub before, but I had never gone to the website. I became interested in how the Pornhub website could collect so much free amateur content.  I carefully examined the site and realized that Pornhub had the Model Program that was giving an opportunity to share videos and receive money for it. It suddenly occurred to me that I could try to record a video myself. Of course, I could start recording solo videos as many girls do (in fact, they do it very well), but I think that the most exciting thing about sex are the feelings between partners, and that is why I needed one for a video. Frankly speaking, I used to have a relationship with the friend who was hosting me, when I was younger. But we were teenagers back then, and that relationship was rather fleeting. Although, I think he was still in love with me at present. That is why I offered him a crazy idea at that moment, and he agreed without even thinking for a second. Wouldn’t you?

Our first video turned out to be very nerve-wracking. I had a feeling like I was having sex for the first time, everything was somehow new for me. The quality of the video left lots of room for improvement; we were making it with a phone and used a flashlight of a second phone as lighting. If you watch my first videos, you’ll see that the quality of them is different from what we film now. But, surprisingly, starting from the first two videos we began to receive positive reviews and comments from the viewers. It cheered us up a lot and I want to express my enormous gratitude towards all my followers for the nice words that they leave in comments and write to me in private messages. The support is very important, as you realize that you do it for a reason and that people like it and your videos bring positive emotions. We started to record more videos and work on the quality. After the first month of filming we bought a Canon M50, a microphone for it and a diode light set. By the way, I recommend this camera to all newcomers, because it’s not expensive and you can connect to it an external microphone (good sound quality is as important as a good picture). Also, this camera has a revolving screen that makes filming from the tripod much easier, and it also has optical stabilization which is indispensable when you film by hand.

"Thank you to Pornhub for gathering such a cool community."

Right now, it has been two months since I have started to record videos for Pornhub and I have changed my mind about a lot of things. For example, I have realized that Pornhub is something more than just a website with a big amount of content. First of all, it’s an international community of interesting and open people. In the very beginning I had a lot of questions about my work at the website. I was asking these questions to the models that had already succeeded and got tens and hundreds of millions of viewers. It was nice that almost everyone responded, shared their experience and wished me luck. I want to say thank you to Miss Banana, Madeincanarias, Danika & Steve Mori, DirtyLady, Leolulu, AprilEighteen, NoFaceGirl, Mini Diva. These guys have supported me and responded to my (sometimes stupid) questions, and shared their knowledge and experience. I have become a pen pal with some of them and I hope that soon I will meet them in person.

If you’re just starting to record videos or just thinking about it - please, do not be ashamed to write to those who have already succeeded. You can always write to me and I will share my knowledge and experience. I want to say thank you to Pornhub for gathering such a cool community - it’s very valuable.

"What makes amateur content unique is the feelings."

Right now I’m doing well. I didn’t begin to look for an apartment, and stayed at my friend’s house. Over these two months he became more than just my friend. Now I can officially say that we have a relationship and I am very glad. We have great plans for the future: soon we are planning to move to New York because I believe it is an ideal place for me. I want to travel to Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I started courses of photography, and it means that my followers soon will see a lot of my new sexy photos. I stopped worrying about my past life, now I live enjoying every minute.

As for my wish to all of you who start or only think about starting to film porn videos. I want to say that everyone watches porn; there is nothing shameful about sex - it is normal and absolutely natural. However, you need to have sex from the heart, have sex with pleasure and desire. If you are just working on the camera it will be visible and you won’t be different from any other videos that studios are making. What makes amateur content unique is the feelings and it’s very arousing. So let’s film emotional sex which will bring positive emotions, health and happiness to our society. I kiss you all and wait for you on my page.

Model Citizens is our Pornhub Model interview series, where you get a chance to learn a little more about the models you love to watch - from their opinions on the industry, to their favorite song, to how they got their start.

This time, we chatted with DaddysCamille. Read on for her take on what it means to be an adult star in 2018:

Let’s start with your story – how you got involved in the industry, and how you got to where you are today.

It was honestly by chance. I was a party in Miami when I ran into a representative for a Playboy company called PlayboyLive. It is what started my career. As far as where I am today, I feel as if I'm just getting started.


What’s your favorite category of video to film?

It's a tie between sucking dick and twerking. 


You’re very active on Twitter. How important is social media to your business?

I feel social media is almost essential to anyone in this field whether you are pornstar, cam girl, Pornhub content creator, or director/producer. 


What advice do you have for models who are just starting out?

Don't put so much pressure on yourself and don't get discouraged if you're not growing as fast as you anticipated. Do as much studying as possible and stay true to yourself when it comes to making your content. 

Don't be afraid to go outside of your box.

What’s the best way for your fans to support you and other models?

I feel fans can support us by buying our content, subscribing to snapchats, tipping on their favorite Pornhub videos, subscribing to fan clubs, following on social media, and sharing content. It is also highly appreciated when fans are polite and encouraging. 


What’s your favorite song right now?

"Moonlight" by XXXTentacion 


What do you like to do outside of work?

Honestly, I'm kind of reserved. I like to stay at home and binge watch shows. I also like reading, drawing and playing video games. 


What is your camera/equipment setup?

I use a Logitech C920 HD webcam with my laptop, and iPhones. 

"We're actually normal people who do normal people things."

What’s something about being a porn model that most people wouldn’t think of?

That we're actually normal people who do normal people things.


What do you wish you had known when you first started making content?

How much dedication is truly required and that it's okay to not get it right the first time.


Is there a scene you’ve always wanted to film, that you haven’t filmed yet?

I would like to do girl/girl or boy/girl/girl. I enjoy both men and women. 


What’s something simple and inexpensive models can do to improve their videos?

I suggest models using Fashion Nova and other similar companies. Don't be afraid to go outside of your box and try things you've never worn before. It's all trial and error. Even using different wigs and watching makeup tutorials on Youtube for new looks. 

"I just personally prefer to make my own content and be in creative control."

Would you ever film with a professional studio? Why or why not?

Yes!! I have with Greg Lansky's Blacked.com. I had a good time, but I just personally prefer to make my own content and be in creative control.  I have social anxiety so working with strangers can be overwhelming for me. 


Who are your heroes, both in the industry and in the mainstream?

Abella Anderson, Abella Danger, Teanna Trump and August Ames (RIP). As far as mainstream, I've been heavily influenced by the SoundCloud culture since 2015. 


What’s your biggest goal for 2019?



Any projects coming up that you’d like to tell us about?

I don't want to speak on anything yet, but I am definitely working on A LOT more content! :)

We all know that porn can be a tough industry to navigate.

There are concerns about safety, privacy, and intellectual property in any business, but even more so in ours.

That's why it's important to us to be transparent and honest with you.

Here are some of the things you might be wondering about, and how we're handling them.

How does Pornhub help sex workers?


Five years ago Pornhub launched the Model Payment Program as a way for sex workers to earn revenue with their content. The program grew from less than 10 models at launch, to over 50,000 amazing independent content creators who have earned tens of millions dollars of advertising revenue. This year we launched even more ways for sex workers to earn revenue with their content, such as selling content directly, tips and recurring billing on fan clubs.

We have partnered with a number of great organizations in the past, and are currently researching various sex workers’ rights organizations and advocacy groups that Pornhub could partner with and donate to in the future – we are very open to suggestions here as well!

Pornhub is also actively working to fight against the stigma of sex work; something we’re looking to do through partnerships with like-minded organizations, and facilitating open and accessible conversations about porn and the sex industry. We have some exciting announcements coming out in 2019 which will speak to this as well.


How do we fight racism and misogyny on your platform?


Unfortunately, there’s a ton of racism and misogyny in the sex industry (and in society as a whole), and because Pornhub is a community built platform, it comes through sometimes, no matter how hard we try to be fair and respectful. We’re trying to push the industry in the right direction (for example, changing the t slur to trans on our site), but unfortunately search terms used by the general public are slow to change - but it is happening!. Ultimately, we want models to have full control over which identifiers, terms and words they market and define themselves with.


Why are you using PayPal?


It’s no secret that there are many difficulties faced by both individuals and companies involved in the sex industry, when it comes to dealing with financial institutions.  PayPal specifically is a method of payment that many people, who may not have the luxury of a bank account, rely on to get paid. We are happy to be able to offer it as well as Paxum, check, direct deposit and cryptocurrency as payment solutions for our community. We are aware of PayPal’s inconsistency with sex workers and are always looking to add alternative payment methods.


Do you publish people’s information along with DMCA takedown notices?


On the DMCA takedown form, people are able (and encouraged) to use their stage name when notifying us on infringing content that needs to be removed from our platform.

We do not publish full names, in case someone does send a full name and didn’t mean to.

We have never released personal information, even for valid counter-claims - this is all settled privately through email communication only.

A few years ago we added an alternative form that doesn’t require a DMCA notice to remove unwanted content, as DMCA law can be cumbersome in that it requires personal information.

Pornhub is devaluing the adult industry and causing performers’ rates to fall.


Streaming technology has caused shifts in several industries, resulting in changes to the ways that creators monetize their work. We have seen this in music, TV & film and yes, the adult industry as well. While Pornhub does not create content, we are partnered with and license content from a number of creators still operating within the traditional studio model. Pornhub also offers creators a number of different ways to monetize their work, namely the Content Partner Program, Model Program and Modelhub. These programs are designed for creators to be able to retain full control over where their work is visible, how they want to price it, and how often they want to release. We have a number of model coordinators on our team dedicated to helping models succeed and achieve their goals through our programs.

Over the last decade there has been a shift that has put more power in the hands of independent creators who can create content, earn royalties as well as control their content on adult platforms and programs.

We believe that enabling creators to release their content entirely on their terms, while retaining 100% of the rights and royalties they earn, is in fact the best way for creators to monetize in today's industry landscape.


Why do you allow unverified uploads on your site? What are you doing to fight porn piracy, underage and stolen content being uploaded on your site?


Pornhub is a community where everyone is welcome to share their content, be they a studio, affiliate, amateur, artist, model, or anyone else. As is standard on most streaming and content sharing platforms, like YouTube and Twitter, it is the uploader’s responsibility to ensure that all performers in the content they’re uploading to Pornhub are consenting adults. However, we also do verify the ownership of videos uploaded to Pornhub. Every single upload is scanned upload against a third party database of fingerprinted content to verify the ownership belongs to the uploader. If there is a match that doesn’t belong to the uploader, the video is removed. We strongly encourage content creators/owners to digitally fingerprint their work, which is free to do (we cover the cost) and really helps to keep content off of undesired platforms. Read more about how to fingerprint your content.

Read more about how to fingerprint your content

It is strictly against our TOS as well as against the law to upload underage content or content that the uploader does not have the rights to post on our platform. We have a dedicated community that works actively to ensure that content adheres to our TOS and rapidly flags anything questionable for review/removal.

Furthermore, all exclusive models in our model program have free DMCA protection where we scan content and issue takedowns on the top tube sites for no extra fee. Anyone set up for content monetization on our site can also transfer any earnings from unauthorized uploads of their work to their account. Read more about the advantages of being tubes exclusive.

Read more about the advantages of being exclusive

How does Pornhub keep minors off their website?


We believe that parental guidance and education are of the utmost importance when it comes to young people and their developing sexuality. To take precaution against minors engaging with the site, Pornhub has RTA labeling on all pages for automatic blocking by all parental control and filtering software. We also launched the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center under the direction of Dr Laurie Betito in 2017, which features many articles on how parents and educators can tackle these topics with kids.


I'm curious about pay scales/compensation for "amateur" videos.


Amateurs in our model program are paid 80-90% of the ad revenue that the videos earn. The more ad views on their videos, the more they make. Last year the average rate was $0.69 for every 1000 views. Good content can get millions of views and make thousands of dollars. We also have the option for amateurs to sell their downloads on free videos, or sell the video instead of offering it for free.

More on the Model Program

The ability to ban IP addresses would be amazing. It’d stop illegal uploads from continuously being uploaded by the same person.


Because of privacy laws we often do not have the full IP address of users who access Pornhub and do not store this information either. Also, many IPs are shared and do not represent a single person.

However, once a user becomes a multiple infringer, they are permanently banned from Pornhub.

Blacked Friday

1 year ago

by: Andy

Black Friday. The day a supposed deity died on some two-by-fours. Or more importantly, the day Americans reenact the Purge at Wallmart.

There have been injuries, collateral damage and even death on Black Fridays past and present. But tho we mourneth now, there is a bright beacon in the distance shedding light into our hearts.

That light? Well that’s just the light dancing off Joss Lescaf’s gigantic, glistening, black penis as it pulls out of Lena Paul’s beautiful pink pussy.

In the spirit of Black Friday- or should I say Blacked Friday; Blacked, Blacked Raw, Vixen and Tushy have released a set of very special scenes that will pick up anyone who’s in the holiday doldrums.

Watch the clips below and for more great content, visit the Blacked network channels!

Blacked Raw







Black Friday For Models

1 year ago

by: Andy

Black Friday is tomorrow.

It's the biggest online shopping day in North America.

That means your fans will be online, with their credit cards out, ready to buy.

So make sure your Modelhub for-sale content is ready for them, too.

As you know, modelling is a business like any other. So you should take cues from big businesses (that make BIG profits) for your marketing and promotion.

If you want a piece of the action this Black Friday (and Cyber Monday), consider running a discount on some of your videos.

However - discounting isn't for everyone. It's a business strategy that can be extremely profitable if used well, but don’t feel obliged to discount your videos if it's not part of your strategy.

If you choose to run a discount, try these promotional images we made for you (click to open in a new window).





When posting these, make sure to write in your tweet or Instagram caption that you're running a sale, what kind of discount your fans can expect, and link directly to your Modelhub profile (or even a specific video).

Here's an example of what your tweet might look like:

What kind of discount should I run?


There's lots of different ways to run a sale, but here are some guidelines that will help you decide:

- Don't discount everything. Leave one or two best-selling videos at full price.

- Discounts under 30% are not as effective. Consider discounting between 30-50%.

- Try doing a lower discount on Friday, then raising it for Monday. That way, you'll maximize sales at a higher price, then anybody who was on the fence will scoop it up at the lower price.

- Consider putting your least-performing video at 70% off or higher - that way, you can advertise your sale as "Up To 70% Off." Studies show that consumers are more likely to visit your store if they think there are discounts as high as 70%. HOWEVER: your videos are extremely valuable, so don't over-discount them. Don't put more than one video at a discount this deep. Make sure to maintain the premium feel that your videos have.

- Remove the discounts promptly after Cyber Monday. Your fans need to learn that when you run a sale, that pricing is only available during the sale.

- Remember, you don't have to offer a discount at all if it's not part of your strategy.


How do I set up my discounts?


Adding a discount to your videos is easy. Once you've uploaded a For Sale video to Modelhub, just visit your Video Manager to add the discount:

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