Save the world,
save the bees

Let's not buzz around the bush: bees are dying at an alarming rate across
the planet due to pesticides, lack of biodiversity and habitat destruction.
For the past 10 years beekeepers have been reporting annual hive losses
of around 30 percent or more. That's cause for serious concern because
without these fuzzy little pollinators, nature simply can't get it on! Bees
are crucial for the sexual reproduction of flowering and fruit-bearing
plants, which means 70% of the foods we eat today are the direct result
of bees banging plants.

That's why at Pornhub, we’re making it our mission to ensure
everyone is having great sex, even mother nature.

How is pornhub helping?

We created Beesexual: a whole new genre of porn especially dedicated to
saving bees. We turned short videos of foraging bees into what they really
are: nature porn, but now featuring the voices of some of your favorite porn stars.

For each view of one of our videos on the Beesexual channel, we will
donate to bee saving charities across the world.

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How can you help
save the bees?

Watch and share our videos of bees getting it on! Then, check out the
following tips below on how you can do your part to help save the bees.


get wet

Leaving a little water in a basin on a
windowsill or patio gives bees a place
to have a drink.


Do it

Keep it all natural by avoiding using
or purchasing products that make
use of pesticides, fungicides or
herbicides. These frequently reach
and kill bees.


It's better
with some

Try adding a blooming potted
plant to your windowsill to give
bees a place to get it on.



Weeding your garden may be good for
you but it's bad for bees-ness. Weeds
and the biodiversity they offer make
great food for hungry bees.

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