Help Pornhub help Giant Pandas. Panda Style.

The giant panda is a vulnerable species due to a low birthrate caused by its reluctance to get it on: giant pandas spend most of their time eating and sleeping, mating – which is possible for only 2 or 3 days once a year – is of little interest to them. To get pandas in the mood again scientists and zookeepers resort to different methods, one of which is "panda porn" which tends to increase panda's sexual activity. The shortage and the poor quality of such videos though, poses a problem.

Starting on March 16th, National Panda Day, Pornhub is calling on our community to help get pandas in the mood.

We're making panda style porn.

How can you help?

Be creative. Grab a partner and slip into some panda costumes or slap on some panda-inspired body paint.

Have panda style sex on camera! For inspiration check out our Panda Style videos on Pornhub now.

Upload your video to Pornhub in the Panda Style category.

What's next?

These videos will be available in the Panda Style category on the site. Our goal is to create a quality database of content that zoologists can turn to, when they need to get giant pandas in the mood.

For every video uploaded as a part of this campaign, Pornhub will donate $100 to giant panda conservation charities. We'll also be making a donation of 1 cent per view on videos in the Panda Style category from March 16 - April 16th 2017.

Make love, save pandas! Panda style.

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