America Runs on Anal

America runs on anal. It’s true! What many people consider a niche or fetish sexual act is actually a common practice by couples regardless of their sexual orientation. And those who don’t do it are certainly curious, as anal sex videos are some of the most popular on Pornhub. Our friends at Vice asked us to take a deeper look into anal, and we were only to happy to oblige.

The Kinsey Institute’s famous sexual surveys in the 1960s found that 9% of men, and 28% of women engaged in anal sex at least once. Fast forward to 1990 and they found that those numbers had grown to 27% of males and 24% of females. A more recent survey in 2002 found that 34% of men and 30% of women had engaged in anal sex.

As we dug into Pornhub’s data, we decided to group our insights into two different categories. Our “ass” data consists of physical appearances and includes terms like booty, butt and buttocks. Our “anal” data is more specific to the physical act of anal sex and include search terms like ass play and butt fuck.

Getting Cheeky With It

Before we dive too deep into anal, we figured we should ease in with some general ass stats to appreciate the glorious Gluteus Maximus.

The most popular search terms relating to backsides are “big ass”, followed by “anal”, “big booty” and “bubble butt”. Of the Top 20 searches, over half are related to size including “huge ass”, “fat ass” and “big booty white girls”. When it comes to butts, it would seem that bigger is better!


If you’re curious what “onion booty” (#17) means, we recommend searching for it on Pornhub (NSFW) to see some shapely results. However, we do like that the Urban Dictionary describes onion booty as “an ass so nice it can make a grown man cry.”

Videos on Pornhub are categorized as either non-gay or gay since many search terms can apply to both. We were curious to see who searched for anal more often – gay people or straight people. Turns out, 5.78% of gay searches involve ass related terms and 7.24% for straight (non-gay) searches.


Anal comprises only 1.34% of gay searches but 3.60% of straight searches. Although Pornhub’s traffic for gay videos is lower than non-gay, proportionally speaking, it would seem that straight users are more interested in ass and anal than gay users.

Going Deep Into Anal

Now that we’re warmed up a bit, let’s get into the anal stats. These are terms that involve the physical act of anal sex. The #1 search term is of course “anal” and the rest of the list is comprised of more specific searches like “double anal”.


Three terms have to do with inexperience including “first time anal” (#2), “first anal” and “anal virgin”. The two most searched for races are “ebony anal” and “asian anal”. Three pornstars make the anal top list including “Madison Ivy”, “Lisa Ann” and “Alexis Texas”.


We were curious to see how many videos on Pornhub actually contained anal sex. For straight (non-gay) videos we found that 7% were tagged with the word anal. 35% of gay videos were tagged as including anal sex along with 32% of shemale videos and 41% of bisexual videos. Anal is consistently one of the most popular video categories (NSFW) viewed on Pornhub as well.

Ass, Anal and Adversaries

Proportionally speaking, Pornhub gets more requests for anal sex from Russia than any other country. The United States likes ass a bit more than Canada, but when it comes to anal sex, Canada likes to top the Americans.


For a bit of fun, we thought we’d do a comparison of countries the United States has invaded – or in some cases penetrated (their borders). Russia is still on top, but Afghanistan edges out the Americans just slightly.


Iraq is less inclined towards ass, but they do like anal more than the Americans. WW2 adversaries Germany and Italy both enjoy anal more than the United States, but less so in Japan.

Don’t Ass Don’t Tell

Americans clearly appreciate a nice bit of booty, so we broke down the “ass” related searches state by state to see who like backsides the best. Kansas and Alaska came out on top – ironic considering they are two states with ass in their name.


There doesn’t seem to be any region where butts are significantly more popular. The results in most states were pretty close, but Hawaii did have a substantial drop at the tail end of our list.

So what about “anal” sex searches? Montana jumps to the #1 spot, and Alaska holds their #2 position. Hawaii once again comes behind all the other states.


As of 2014, 17 U.S. States still have laws banning sodomy including Mississippi, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Florida and Louisianna. Most of these anti-anal states actually appear at the rear end of our search list. The most significant exception is Idaho who takes the #4 spot on our list.

Pornstar Patootie

Some pornstars are known for their anal videos, yet others don’t do anal at all. But whenever a pornstar does anal for the first time, it generates a lot of buzz and the video skyrockets in popularity. Pornstar names are often combined with ass or anal related search terms to find just those videos. The most searched for pornstar rump is “Madison Ivy” (NSFW) followed by “Lisa Ann” (NSFW) and “Alexis Texas” (NSFW).


Even male pornstars are combined with ass and anal searches. The first part of our list are pornstars known for their straight videos, and the second part are considered gay pornstars.

Mandingo” (NSFW) comes out on top by a pretty wide stretch, as we’re sure he leaves any woman willing to do an anal video with him.


We hope you enjoyed our little exploration into asses. As always, Pornhub Insights is happy to provide some facts we can stand behind. Stay tuned for more to come!

  • PornHub has a Insights page?

    “Our friends at Vice asked us to take a deeper look into anal”
    Oh you.

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  • joozd

    Isn’t “rocco” the same guy as “rocco siffredi”? That would make him the winner!

  • Ahaha thats so funny 😀 Sasha Grey is not at her top, but Rocco and Mandingo… you win!

    • When I want to open Google Analytics I usually tipe “Anal” in google search and than click on the first link, that actually is Google Analytics. Does it count as an “anal” search?

  • Now, at what point in time has the United States invaded (or penetrated) Russia?

    • BelaruskayaChyhunka

      The intervention during the civil war in the former Russian Empire for example. There were several wars not in Russia but against russian troops in chinese uniform or military personnel and Soviet-backed movements: Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Grenada, Angola, etc. Google the Cold war.
      P.S. Интервенция. Это ж главное преступление Запада против Совка не прощенное до сих пор. Что-то Путин вас там плохо учит истории по Единому учебнику.

      • Дмитрий Кочетков

        During intervention american forces just defence parts of Transsib magistral. 15000 soldiers. They run from Russia in 1919. I think article mean Cold war like “intervention”. And about the russian troops in different uniform in most cases, they sucsessfully beat the shit out of American soldiers.

        • Theherofails

          Sure they did. That’s why Russia is a third world craphole and the U.S. is on top.

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    This is the absolute magnitude. How about a relative? Per 100,000 inhabitants?

  • Anonymous K

    This is like the full on anal evaluation. yeow

  • Choupette

    anal isn’t a big search term for gay porn because if two guys are having sex it’s gonna be up the ass (unless, of course, it’s oral sex)

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