Caught on Camera: Celebrity Sex Tapes and Kim K’s 100 Million Video Views

Nothing gets folks flocking to the internet faster than the news of a leaked celebrity sex tape.Take selfie queen Kim K, whose infamous sex tape recently surpassed 150 million views on Pornhub, making it our most viewed video of all time.

For better or for worse, the sense of voyeurism that accompanies footage of people who live in the public eye getting down in private is intensely heightened. As made evident by reality queens Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian  and Farrah Abraham (nsfw), sex tapes can even launch the beginnings of lucrative careers!

Below we’ve charted some of the most infamous celeb sex tapes of all times. Ranging from the likes of wrestling legend Chyna (nsfw) to silver screen divas Tila Tequila (nsfw) and Mimi Faust (nsfw), we’ve got the dirt on sex tapes from everyone in music, sports, politics and everything in between. Though some may only be tabloid rumors, it seems like lots of our favorite celebs are true porn stars at heart. Scroll down and see for yourself!


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