Joker Searches

Hollywood’s latest iteration of The Joker landed on the big screen October 4th so our friends at TMZ asked if Joaquin Phoenix’s performance was killer enough to drive an increase in “Jocker” searches on Pornhub. Our statisticians found that in just four days, searches containing “Joker” reached 741K with a peak of 291K on October 6th. Bang!

When the movie “Suicide Squad” was released in 2016, it wasn’t The Joker who lit up Pornhub’s search box, but rather his girlfriend Harley Quinn. In our last Year in Review we found that even after two years, Harley Quinn was still the most popular Movie or Game character on Pornhub with over 10 million searches in 2018 alone.


Searches for “Joker” continue to trend over a week after the movie’s theatrical release. The highest number of searches occurred on October 11th, with the total number of searches now reaching over 2.3 million!

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