Pornhub & The Deep Freeze

As Temperatures Drop, Traffic Grows!

Between January 7th and 8th, the North-Eastern United States experienced an extreme temperature drop that caused many businesses and government agencies to close their doors, leaving workers and consumers stuck at home.

So what did these otherwise busy people do with their time off? They heated things up by watching of course!

Below you can see how temperature drops during the “Deep Freeze” caused a significant increase in traffic to Pornhub during business hours (compared to daily averages for January).


    The Broadway play: Avenue Q sings it best: “The Internet is for porn, the internet is for porn, so grab your dick and double click, the internet is for porn”.

  • Jaime Cuesta

    WOW Florida!

  • Joe Cobb

    No wonder why it was summer there.. THEY WERE FAPPING!

  • Martha E. B.

    I support a number of sites that host porn. We saw a spike with each snow and had to provision more memory. What killed us was increased webcam sessions between members. Average time per session was 15 to 30 minutes, what you would expect for this activity.
    After the weather cleared, activity dropped but is now higher than before so I guess those who endulged found it rewarding enough to come back for more and make it a routine. Also saw an increase in number of daily repeat users (more than once per day).

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