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Today the Pornhub statisticians have teamed up with our friends at and are honing in on Hungary for a look at how this country gets down with the best site in the World. Home to some of the hottest stars in the industry, this Eastern European nation has some pretty particular porno-viewing habits, so let’s get started!

The Long and Short of It

A recent study showed that Hungarian men have the longest appendages in Europe, with a national average length of 6.5 inches. This length doesn’t translate to the amount of time that people in Hungary tend to spend on Pornhub however, with visits to the site generally lasting a mere 7 minutes and 28 seconds, and an average of 7.59 pages viewed per session.


To put it into perspective, elsewhere in the world like in Canada and the United Kingdom, visits to the site extend beyond the 10 minute mark.

Mondays have proven to be the busiest days for Pornhub in several countries we’ve profiled, and Hungary is no exception. Traffic here tends to slow a little towards the end of the week, with Fridays showing the least amount of activity on the site.


Interestingly, October appears to be the month with the most activity in. For the most part, we have noticed that colder months like January tend to be the most popular, like we’ve seen in Belgium and Norway amongst others. This slight spike of site activity in autumn is unusual, as is the slight dip in traffic in December, the slowest month for site traffic in Hungary. Again, warmer months are generally when we see these types of lulls.

Race to the Finish

As previously mentioned, Hungarians are considerably quick with their visits to Pornhub. There is some variety however in regards to both average duration time and the number of pages viewed per session when we look at each region of the country. We are able to examine these more closely with the interactive heat map below – click around and see for yourself!

At a glance, Tolna county stands out remarkably with Pornhub sessions there lasting only around 6 and a half minutes and page hits averaging 6.87. This part of the country is home to the only nuclear power plant in Hungary and is also a major hub for all types of farming so it could very well just be that the town’s inhabitants are too busy preventing a meltdown or tending to the crops to make much time for best kind of alone time. Things pick up again in Pest County which houses capital city Budapest, where the average visit exceeds that of the national average at a lengthier 7.78 minutes, though they seem to find what they’re looking for a little quicker than in the rest of the country with an average of 7.32 pages per visit compared to the 7.59 national average.


When looking at how particular cities vary in regards to their duration times when compared to the national average, there is again quite a bit of variety. For instance, in the Pest County town of Szentendre which is known for its bustling art scene, visits extend by a whole 30 seconds on average – perhaps artists seeking inspiration? Skimming a little closer to the average national time is the city of Gyömrő, with a 9 second deficit, then dipping a whole 50 seconds in the Tolna County capital of Szekszárd.

Hungry For…

The interactive chart below lets us take look at the most popular searches in Hungary, both by region and nationally. National treasure Aleska Diamond (nsfw) ranks in at first place in terms of what her co-patriots are searching for the most on Pornhub. As we have seen in many countries before like Mexico and Scotland a nation’s search terms will often include that country’s ethnicity as a highly ranked search term. Here, we see both ‘hungarian’ and ‘magyar’ (meaning Hungarian in Hungarian) ranking in second and third place, nationally with ‘hungarian casting’ and ‘hungarian amateur’ also following not too far behind.

When we break it down to a regional level, tastes tend to vary a little. For instance over in Bordsod-Abauj-Zemplen, they get straight to the point with ‘xxx’ appearing as the top searched term. Interestingly absent from most of the list is American favorite ‘anal’ which bottoms lists in Hajdu-Bihar and Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok but fails to rank nationally as a popular search term. Over in Nograd residents are tickled pink by the funnier stuff with ‘tickling’ ranking at 3rd place.


Once again, home girl Aleska Diamond reigns supreme when we take a look at which porn stars the people of Hungary and most hungry for. Not far behind are American classics Lisa Ann (nsfw), Madison Ivy (nsfw) and Asa Akira (nsfw). Local ladies Aletta Ocean (nsfw) and Michelle Wild (nsfw) also make appearances on the list, as does everyone’s favorite celebrity-gone-pornstar Kim Kardashian (nsfw).

Getting Dirty on Desktop

Hungarians appear to prefer enjoying their smut the old fashioned way – on their desktops. An overwhelming 69% (hehe) of the country peek at porn on a computer, compared to only 33% in the UK and 43% worldwide. Here, a mere 26% of traffic derives from smart phones and only 5% from tablets, compared to 46% and 11% in the rest of the world and 49% and 18% in the UK. There is something to be said, however, about enjoying the good stuff on those bigger PC screens and Hungarians seem to be all about it!


Lastly, let’s hear it for the ladies of Hungary! An impressive 27% of Pornhub viewers there are of the fairer sex, beating out the international average of 23% by a whole 4 points. Perhaps this has to do with a good amount of industry female talent hailing from Hungary enjoying the fruits of their labor?


That’s it for hot Hungarian porno stats! Let us know what you think of our findings in the comments section below and stay tuned for more Pornhub Insights.

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