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Today the Pornhub statisticians have teamed up with the folks over at Quartz India to examine how India likes their porn. With a penchant for spicy food and even spicier porno vids, this fair country is near and dear to our hearts. India is credited with having invented chess but with their ranking at 5th place for most daily visitors to Pornhub, it’s clear that hands here are spending less time on checkerboards and more time…well you know. So without further ado, let’s get into the nitty gritty and take a look at how the people of India get freaky with Pornhub!


Coming in hard at 4th place in terms of number of worldwide visitors to the site on mobile devices, India is most active on Pornhub on Saturdays and slows a little on Sunday. We’ve observed these early-week rises and weekend dips in several other countries we’ve surveyed too, like Malta and Mexico. Indians are making the most of Pornhub in May, where traffic increases slightly and then slows a little in October, where traffic dips slightly below average.


Making The Good Times Last

India boasts a respectable 8 minutes and 22 seconds in terms of how long they generally spend on Pornhub, which is just slightly below the 8 minute and 56 second worldwide average. In other countries like the United States visits tend to last around 10 minutes or 8 minutes, if you’re in Spain. Similarly, India runs close to the international average of 7.6 pages per visit, with Indians generally viewing 7.32 pages each time they click on over to Pornhub.


Though India’s national average visit duration is just around 8 and a half minutes, there is a considerable range in averages when we compare regions. Click around on the interactive heat map below to check out these differences, how many pages each region visits on average as well as traffic breakdown by device. There’s a lot to learn! For instance, in north-eastern Assam, Pornhub visits reach nearly 10 minutes in length with the average session lasting a luxurious 9 minutes and 55 seconds. We’ve seen this kind of lasting power over in United Kingdom as well, where they usually go for about 9 minutes and 42 seconds. This area of India is known for producing a highly potent black tea, which is perhaps helping to fuel these extra-long stays on the site.

On the flip side, over in Andhra Pradesh, visits tend to last a mere six minutes and forty seconds, marking an over three minute difference from nation duration leader Assam. Then again, Andhra Pradesh is also responsible for producing most of the nation’s rice supply so it would make sense that they don’t have the extra time to spare with so many mouths to feed.


The following chart compares average duration times for Pornhub’s top traffic cities to that of India’s national average. At a glance, we see Guwahati as the frontrunner with an impressive near 2 minute gain on India’s 8 minute and 22 second overall average. Also referred to as ‘The City of Temples’ as it is home to a vast number of ancient Hindu worship houses, it could be argued that the inhabitants of Guwahati are applying their long-meditation skills to their Pornhub visits.


Large metropolises Mumbai and Bangalore hone in closer to the national average with only around 20 seconds difference on either side, whereas they’re wadding faster over in Andhra Pradesh capital Vijayawada, where they get the job done in two and a half minutes less than the Indian average.


In terms of average page views per visit, Andhra Pradesh keeps it consistent with the lowest number, a mere 5.81. In capital city Delhi, they’re significantly pickier as made evident by their 8.02 page per visit average. In the region of Madhya Pradesh, famous for its erotic sculptures in the temples of Khajuraho, they reach nirvana after 7.19 page views. Overall, the Indian average falls somewhere in the middle at 7.32, comparable to Ireland where they view approximately 7.8 pages per visit to Pornhub.

Desi Desires

The ‘Indian’ category is by far the most popular in India, surpassing international favorite ‘Teen’ for most views. Historians agree that some of the first documented plastic surgeries took place in India several hundreds of years ago, a testament of sorts to which is paid in the ‘Big Tits’ category claiming the third place for most viewed overall.


When we look at India’s top searches, native mega babe Sunny Leone claims first place. As we’ve seen in countries like Scotland and many of the others we’ve surveyed, the nation’s nationality tends to appear as the most popular search term there. Interestingly enough, in South Africa ‘Indian’ is the most popular search term in the country, but only claims second place in India proper. Nonetheless, ‘Indian’ appears consistently throughout, preceding many terms that are generally searched alone. Examples of this include ‘Indian wife,’ ‘Indian teen ’and ‘Indian college girls’.

From region to region, the top searches remain rather consistent but in certain areas like Assam, Chandigarh and Haryana, ‘Indian bhabhi’ climbs to as high as third place. This term means ‘eldest brother’s wife,’ giving meaning to a whole new kind of in-law related stress. Interestingly enough, ‘Kama Sutra’ only ranks in at 73rd place overall even though the ancient Indian practice is widely popular in other parts of the world and certainly comes to mind for many when thinking about sexuality in India.


India is the largest producer of films in the world, thanks to the thriving Bollywood industry. Indian beauty Sunny Leone (NSFW) is by far the country’s favorite leading lady when it comes to porn, joined by Priya Rai (NSFW) in third place. Russian and Norwegian favorite Lisa Ann (NSFW) comes in at number 2, joined by fellow Americans Julia Ann (NSFW) in 4th place and international female favorite Kim Kardashian in 5th.

Who’s Watching?

Our data shows that an impressive 25% of Pornhub viewers in India are female, which is a significant 2% higher than the worldwide average of 23%. Excellent work, ladies of India!


Gay porn is not exactly huge in India. Our numbers show that a mere 2.18% of searches on Pornhub were for homosexual content but, this rate does appear to be on the rise.


Interestingly, there has been a 213% increase in the popularity of man on man smut in India over the course of the past year – who knows what 2015 will bring!

Happy Without Pornhub During the Holidays

As seen in the chart below, Pornhub traffic tends to dip during holidays in India. The biggest hit occurs on the Festival of Lights, Diwali/Deepavali, where lamps and candles are lighting up rooms more so than Pornhub on computer monitors. Interestingly, a significant 20% dip occurs on Christmas day despite less than 5% of the Indian population practicing Christianity. Slight increases are noted on a few holidays such as India’s Independence Day, with a near 6% increase, but for the most part Indians aren’t partaking in porn during these festivities.


How You Look At It

In terms of which types of devices are being used to spend some quality on the best site in the world, India more or less aligns with the rest of the globe. They are a little heavier on the smartphone viewing there, which accounts for 49% of traffic in India, some 6% higher than the 43% international average.


Tablet use is also significantly less popular in India, accounting for a mere 2.6% of traffic whereas approximately 11% of the world prefers to log on in this way. What India lacks in tablet use they make up for in desktop traffic though, as a solid 47.5% of the country prefers to peep Pornhub in this way, which just barely beats out the rest of the world at 46%.

That’s all for India folks! Check back again soon for more Insights from your favorite porn data source.

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