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The Pornhub statisticians are on the move again! We’ve been all across the USA, and spent some time with our Canadian buds up North. Now it’s time to head South of the border – down Mexico way – to see what our Pornhub amigos are into.

Our invitation to Mexico came from our friends at El Universal who asked us to find out what their fellow compatriotas were up to behind closed doors.


Mexico is the 11th most populated country in the world, but it’s 120 million citizens are the 8th most likely to be visiting Pornhub at any given time. Mexicans also like their porn on the go – they rank 7th worldwide for traffic from mobile devices, with nearly half of all visitors tapping rather than clicking.


As we discovered in our 2013 Year in Review, Mexicans are most likely to visit Pornhub on a Monday, and least likely to on a Sunday — the same days as the world in general. Over the last few years, March has seen more traffic than any other month, and August the least.


So how long do our Mexican amigos last (on Pornhub) compared to the rest of the world? The average visitor from Mexico will spend 9 minutes and 10 seconds on Pornhub, looking at 7.36 different pages before they’re… ahh, satisfied.

For pages viewed, that’s bang-on with the rest of the world which averages 7.60 pages, but they’re 15 seconds longer than the worldwide duration of 8 minutes and 56 seconds. Compared to their continental counterparts they come up a bit short – Canada goes 10 full minutes and the United States spends 10 minutes and 39 seconds each time they plug into Pornhub.

Take a look at the map below to see what regions of Mexico spend the most time on Pornhub. Darker green indicates a longer visit duration. By default the map shows total traffic from all devices, but you can click the buttons to view the results from PC and Mobile devices separately. The time spent on mobile devices is around 30 seconds longer across all regions.

The State of Baja California comes out ahead for both time spent and number of pages viewed. Veracruz and Hidalgo spend the least amount of time on Pornhub, and are also lower than the national average for page views, although officially Guerrero sees the lowest number of pages at only 6.84.



On a per-capita basis, the Federal District of Mexico has the most daily visitors, nearly doubling the next nearest Baja California. San Luis Potosi has the least number of daily visitors compared to the region’s population.


Mouse-over the following scatter chart to see where the different regions fall compared to Mexico’s national average for visit duration and pages viewed. The size of the circle indicates the relative proportion of traffic we receive from that region, and the color indicates how far it differs above (red) or below (green) the national average.

¿Qué los mexicanos les gusta ver?

Mexicans love to watch… Mexicans! Or more specifically, “Mexicana(s)” which is the #1 search term across the entire country. That’s not surprising though; we’ve seen the same trend all across the globe – Germans search for “german”, Filipinos search for “filipina” and in Finland they prefer “finnish”.

The only region where the top term differs is in Colima, where they search slightly more for “mom”. The next most popular terms across the country are “lisa ann” and “mom” which flip between the 2nd and 3rd spots depending on the region.

Pornhub Mexico – Top Searches (excluding pornstars)

Lisa Ann is also the most searched for pornstar in the world, and best known as a MILF, so it’s clear that Mexican’s like their mamás (or at least someone’s mamá). Interestingly, the actual search term “MILF” falls further down the list, a few spots behind “teen”.

Mexico has quite an affinity for pornstars, with 9 of the top 20 search terms being pornstar names like Lisa Ann, Sasha Grey, Alexis Texas and Jayden James. The most popular Latina pornstars in Mexico are Rebecca Linares and Abella Anderson.

Pornhub Mexico – Top Pornstar Searches

Take a look at the chart below to see how the top 20 search terms rank in comparison to each other. You can use the drop down menu on the right to see what the top searches are in each regions. You might notice some interesting regional anomalies like “hentai”. Although it’s the 11th most popular search term across the country, it takes the #2 spot in Campeche and #4 in Tlaxcala and Tobasco (some HOT Hentai anyone?).

We hope you enjoyed our trip around Mexico. Adios por ahora!

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