Empire State of Porn: NY searches on Pornhub

The state of New York ranks 3rd after California and Texas in terms of most visitors to Pornhub within the United States. As we saw in our 2014 Year in Review, the US are responsible for the lion’s share of overall traffic to Pornhub, so suffice it to say that site users in NY represent a significant portion of visits to the biggest adult site in the world. As a part of a special collaboration with Thrillist NY, the Pornhub statisticians are taking a look at top searches on Pornhub within the Empire State. We observed some pretty interesting trends in this first state-specific edition of Insights – let’s begin!

We’ll start with a general overview of how long the people of New York State spend on site, on average. As we noted in our 2014 Year In Review, the worldwide average time on site is currently 9 minutes and 16 seconds, whereas in the US it’s extended to 9 minutes and 40 seconds. The State of New York falls somewhere in the middle with their average time clocking in at 9:24. Below we have a list of the top 12 cities in the state by traffic to Pornhub and their respective average visit durations to the biggest adult site in the world. At a glance, users in Rochester and Buffalo typically prefer to stay a while, as made clear by their 40 and 51 second longer than average session durations. Over in Ithaca on the other hand, Cornellians shave over half a New York minute off of their average time on site in that sessions there generally last a whole 38 seconds less on average. Go Big Red!

pornhub-insights-new-york-state-ranks (3)

We’ll continue now with a more in depth look at the specific search behaviors within each one of these cities. Early last year, we took a look at the top searched terms in some of the biggest cities in the US. At that time, the top searches in New York City were, ‘massage,’ ‘ ebony,’ ‘asian,’ ‘lesbian’ and ‘indian’. A few months prior to that, we examined the top searches in each state and ‘college’ was at the top of the list in the State of New York. There have been some interesting changes that have occurred since then, as you can see in the chart below, which indicates the top 5 searches in New York City, currently:


‘Lesbian’ moved up from 4th place to the top of the list, which is in line with a trend that we observed in the US overall. Over the course of the last year, searches for ‘lesbian’ increased by a considerable 81% and became the top searched term in the nation, while searches for ‘ebony’ increased by an astonishing 207%. As such, you’ll notice that these terms are present in the top searched terms of several New York cities like Brentwood, Cheektowaga and Syracuse, to name a few:


Brentwood’s lists of top searched terms and porn stars are very closely aligned with the US-wide results, with a noted heightened preference for ‘cartoon’ porn setting them apart from the rest.

pornhub-insights-new-york-cheektowagaAgain in Cheektowaga, the top searched terms are in line with the top searched terms on a national level with the likes of ‘lesbian,’ ‘ebony,’ and ‘stepmom’ all making the list. Residents here are also seemingly quite into Teen Moms, as reality starlet turned porn vixen Farrah Abraham slides into 3rd place on the list of most popular porn stars in the city. Over in Syracuse, they’re not really into the mom thing be it, step, teen or otherwise as you can see from their top searched terms outlined below.


As you saw a little further up, ‘ebony’ ranks in at second place in the Big Apple, which may also have to do with the proportionally larger representation of African Americans in the city compared to the rest of the state population overall. We noticed this in a few other cities as well, such as Buffalo, Mount Vernon, Rochester and Albany.

pornhub-insights-new-york-buffaloAccording to the US Census Bureau, Buffalo’s African American population is 38.6%, compared to just 15.9% in the State overall. The top 2 searches here are ‘ebony’ and ‘black’ Comparably, New York City’s African American population is 25.5% which is again, almost 10% higher than the rest of the state.


The trend continues in Mount Vernon where the population is, in fact, mostly African American – 63.4% to be exact. Incidentally, ‘ebony,’ ‘black’ and ‘ebony lesbians’ rank in at 1st, 2nd and 5th place. In nearly all of the other cities we studied, Kim Kardashian tops the list but in Mount Vernon, ebony queen Pinky (NSFW) takes 1st place.

pornhub-insights-new-york-rochesterPinky takes 3rd place in Rochester NY, where searches for ‘ebony and ‘black’ top the list of top searched terms in the city. There, 41.7% of the population is African American.


Though the top spot in Albany goes to ‘lesbian,’ the second and fourth most searched terms in the city are ‘black’ and ‘ebony’. Once again, the numbers here show a larger African American population in the area at 30.8%, versus 15.9% statewide. We noticed a comparable trend in Ithaca and Hicksville as well.


Again according to the US Census Bureau, Hicksville has a higher than average Asian population at 19.7% compared to 7.3% statewide. Interestingly, ‘indian’ ranks in at third place here.


Ithaca also has a comparably high Asian population at 16.2%, again compared to 7.3 within the entire state. Interestingly, ‘asian’ ranks in at 3rd place here, followed by ‘korean’ in at 5th. Ithaca is also home to Cornell University, which likely explains why ‘college’ is the top searched term in the area. Cornell was also rocked by a small scandal involving amateur porn having been shot in its Carpenter Hall engineering library back in 2012. It is perhaps as an homage to their racy past that library girl du jour and former Oregon State University student Kendra Sunderland (NSFW) who made headlines earlier this year for filming her own extra curricular activities in the school library tops the porn star list in Ithaca.


Despite a considerably high Latino population within the state of New York (17.6% overall), Yonkers is the only city where we see ‘latina’ rank as a popular search term. In this city, a notable 34.7% of the population is reported to be Latino/Hispanic and incidentally, ‘latina’ ranks at 4th place within the top searched terms.

pornhub-insights-new-york-new-rochelleOver in New Rochelle, we noticed the popularity of search terms like ‘milf,’ ‘massage,’ and ‘mom’. When we examined the search behaviors of Pornhub viewers by age demographic, these were all noted as search terms that were popular among our older viewers, namely those aged 55 and up. Interestingly, New Rochelle has a slightly higher than average 65+ aged population, specifically 15.2%, compared to 13.5% in the State of New York overall.


They’re clearly all about the ladies in Utica be they lesbians, MILFs, teens or step relatives! We’ve seen ‘step mom’ appear as a popular term on several city lists by now, though only in Utica does ‘step sister’ also make the cut.

pornhub-insights-new-york-troyThey see things a little differently in Troy, NY where there is an apparent preference for POV, or Point of View for the less familiar, type content. Kim Kardashian, whose famous sex tape incidentally features quite a bit of POV type footage, comes in on top here once again.


White Plains is also home to quite a few fans of those steamy POV vids, with the term showing up in 4th place in the city. The clear standout on this list is ‘yoga’ in at 5th place as White Plains is the only city in the state where this term charted at all. Namaste.

That’s all for our coverage of the Empire State. Questions? Comments? Queries? Drop us a line in the comment section below and, as always, stay tuned for the next installment of Pornhub Insights.



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