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This time our Pornhub statisticians find themselves in the Southeast Asian nation of the Philippines. As the world’s largest porn site, boasts an average of 35 million daily visitors. In 2013, the Philippines ranked 26th in worldwide traffic to Pornhub, but interestingly they ranked a solid 15th for visitors using mobile devices. That’s quite a significant difference!

philippines_quick_stats_rankAccording to the most recent studies by, the Philippines outranked all other Asia-Pacific countries for time spent on the internet each day (6+ hours) – clearly some of that time is being spent browsing Pornhub. The same study also points out that mobile internet penetration is currently at 31% of the country’s total population.

Late night delight

It would appear that most Filipinos are night owls as the number of visitors increases between the hours of 11pm and 1am. Nothing like winding down before going to bed.


Mobile users generally spend more time on Pornhub than their PC counterparts. On average Filipinos will visit around 9 pages in a little over 13 minutes. Now that’s stamina! In fact, it’s one of the longest average visit durations we’ve tracked. And as the following charts illustrate, both pages viewed and time on site are higher when Filipinos are on their mobile devices.

Hometown hotties

So what are Filipinos looking for when visiting Pornhub? The local ladies it would appear. Two of the top searched terms across all devices are “pinay” and “Filipina”. Next up, searches for the lovely ladies of Japan are popular.

Going mobile

Filipinos sure do like visiting Pornhub on their mobiles! Though 53% use a desktop, 37% of the traffic comes from various mobile devices, and 10% from tablets. Sometimes you just need some porn on the fly!

Overall, Windows Desktop is the most popular platform, with just under half of traffic, followed by Android Mobile and iOS tablets.

Current events

In November 2013 the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. Unsurprisingly, traffic dropped that week, and mobile traffic was down 5.7%.

Thanks for sticking with us on this tour of the porn habits of the Philippines. Until next time!

  • Tim Della

    That’s not really surprising. Filipinos are the horniest Asians if not humans, well aside from the Japs maybe. 🙂

  • Stacey

    One thing to consider, we here have crappy, slow internet connections compared to our neighbors… but yeah, Filipinos tend to be very horny…

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