Pornhub Supports the Xbox One

We’ve got some more exciting news for you just in time for Thanksgiving. In another adult industry first, Pornhub fully supports brand new Xbox One! You may have recently read that Pornhub is the first porn site to support the PS4. We didn’t want to pick sides and only support one console. Our mission is to bring free porn to the masses on all devices and since Xbox One is such a great media console, Pornhub was a perfect fit.

On the first day of launch, our great development team tested and tweaked our website on Microsoft’s new Xbox One browser.  The Internet Explorer browser that comes installed on the Xbox One is blazing fast and really great to use, and we can proudly say that Pornhub is fully compatible.

The Pornhub video browser is full ready to go and supports blazing fast streaming and seeking of free HD porn.

Happy gaming and happy fapping!


  • Classy Bro

    Bingo! Now that’s classy!

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