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Discover our line of high quality personal lubricants and step your sex game up! These signature products were crafted with a wide range of individual needs and desires in mind. Just like on Pornhub, we've got something for everyone. Whether you're seeking new sensations or a smooth ride, we've got you covered.


Love yourself with Pornrub, our favorite go-to lube. Water-based and fragrance-free for a totally natural feel is great for solo sessions. Super smooth, never sticky and glycerin and paraben-free.


Set the mood and feel the passion. This natural feeling, water-based formula is great for love making sessions. Silky, smooth and non-sticky. Always glycerin, fragrance and paraben-freebox.


Heat things up! Our warming formula is ideal for sensual massage and super hot sex. Cleans up easy and feels great.


The ultimate performance. An advanced silicone blend that feels unreal. Sex will never be the same again once you try this non-staining and fragrance-free formula. Excellent for use in the shower. Great for anal sex and extra long-lasting.