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Alessa Savage

Alessa Savage

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Alessa Savage is a British beauty who hails from London, UK. She has a ton of tattoos and would definitely fall into the alternative category with her long black hair and goth pale skin. She is a tall one, at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing about 121 pounds. Her measurements are 36D-28-40, making her one of the curvier babes around these days. At different points of her career she has had all sorts of different hair colors ranging from blue and purple to normal colors like black which is her more usual look. One of Alessa’s most precious roles was when she starred in a Star Wars parody by Digital Playground. She loved dressing up in outrageous outfits and playing a cool storyline instead of just fucking. You will notice from her personal Twitter account, where she has tons of fans, that she often dresses up in creative costumes in her personal life.

Before porn, Alessa did mainstream modeling, and she felt that doing porn was a natural progression following that. She felt confident in her body and wanted to show it off. Alessa chose the last name Savage because she had a friend who had that last name. She thought it sounded pretty badass which is the image she wanted to give of herself. She used to tease her friend who had that name, but then she thought it would be a great porn name so she adopted it for herself. Find out why people are going mad for this UK beauty. She will get off even harder knowing that you are watching her because she is a true exhibitionist who knows just how to get both you and her off at the same time through the screen.

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Born: 1989-06-13
Birthplace: England, United Kingdom
Height: 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)

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