Pornhub Premiers Uncensored Music Video Release for P.O.R.N. from Elektro-Pop Superstar, Alek Sandar ft. Amanda Lepore

Posted: 03/12/2015

Pornhub Premiers Uncensored Music Video Release for P.O.R.N. from Elektro-Pop Superstar, Alek Sandar ft. Amanda Lepore Bulgarian Cross-Over Pop Sensation Debuts New Video Single Featuring Popular Transgender Performance Artist

New York, NY (December 3, 2015)Pornhub the premiere online destination for adult entertainment, today announced the premiere of international pop artist Alek Sandar’s brand new uncensored music video for his latest hit, P.O.R.N., featuring notable transgender singer and performance artist, Amanda Lepore. The video’s tamer version originally debuted on popular LGBTQ publication, this past September.

By tapping into the built-in audience demographic that frequents Pornhub on a daily basis, the NSFW version of Sandar’s catchy track will have the chance to exist in the form it was originally created; as a no-holds-barred visual feast for the eyes. Sandar’s newest release takes advantage of a catchy beat and memorable chorus, making it an instant club ready anthem that simultaneously acts as satire riffing on society’s obsession with social media and fame.

“We’re extremely excited to be hosting Alek Sandar’s newest music video on our site,” said Corey Price, Vice President, Pornhub. “Sandar is a rare talent in the pop industry, finding cross-over success, and using music as his medium to turn social norms upside down with a deep message disguised by an infectious track. We’re honored that he chose our site as a platform to host his newest video in its original form, and truly see him as an immense talent that will resonate with the over 60 million people that come to Pornhub each day.”

The entire message behind “P.O.R.N.” revels in the notion that everything in society is sexual and should be embraced as something that’s permeated society’s cultural status quo, but still remains taboo to speak about in the open. Sandar’s collaboration on the video with known transgender icon Amanda Lepore helps to support the video’s theme by leveraging her popularity on social media and her reputation for embodying traditional views of physical perfection.

“I'm so excited to be partnering with Pornhub for the exclusive premiere of the NSFW version of "P.O.R.N" featuring the gorgeous Amanda Lepore,” said Alek Sander about the video premiere. “Not only is Pornhub the PERFECT place for my audience (aka everyone) to hear my message on fame and social media, but now we can all band together to finally prove to the world that #YOURLIFEISPORN."

Alek Sandar has been in the music industry since the age of 17 when he first gained recognition as one half of Berlin-based electro-pop duo, Splendid Sounds, which gained recognition in the Berlin club scene throughout the early and mid 2000’s. In 2011, Sandar and band mate Jonathan Wuermeling moved to Los Angeles and founded indie record label, Splendid Sounds Records, where they worked with notable groups such as Frankmusik and Far East Movement. Shortly after, in 2012, Sandar launched his own solo career, resulting in a brand new acclaimed body of work that’s turned him into a household name in his native Bulgaria, and into a rising star in the U.S.

For more information on Alek Sandar and his newest music video single, please visit his Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter pages. You can check out the uncensored version of P.O.R.N. on Pornhub at the following link:

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