SHAKEDOWN is a time based work of art by Leilah Weinraub which depicts a real eutopic lesbian strip club in Los Angeles.Black-owned and operated, by women.

SHAKEDOWN stars Ronnie-Ron, Shakedown Productions’ creator and emcee; Mahogany, the legendary mother of the scene; Egypt, the star performer; and Jazmyne, the queen of Shakedown.
PORNHUB believes that SHAKEDOWN is an essential piece of L.A. history, of radical queer filmmaking and of contemporary video art and is PLEASED TO PRESENT THE FILM HERE FOR THE MONTH OF MARCH.

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Leilah Weinraub is a conceptual artist whose work spans across the mediums of feature film, photography and fashion product. She is the former CEO and Creative Director of the ready-to-wear label Hood By Air.

In 2002 Weinraub began shooting the film SHAKEDOWN. The experimental documentary is the central component in a project that spans over 15 years, and consists of over 400 hours of footage, a digital and material archive, and extensive photographic work. IG: @LEILAHWORLD