5 years ago

Hello Lovelies,

It's a new year here at Pornhub and change is already upon us. Thanks to your suggestions and feedback I wanted to let you know that as of today we have doubled the 'Favorites' section in our community (so from 50 to 100!). I was thrilled to hear this because not only do I get to see more of what gets you off (meow) but this also shows me that you folks are being listened to. What you want is stupid important especially with a site like Pornhub that is essentially built by members. Keep it coming.

The other update made to our site is that you will now be able to post pictures on the blog on your profile! More dirty pics??....I like.
When I asked for an alternative Slogan to our Current "Pornhub it Makes Your Dick Bigger and Your Pussy Wet". I was pumped by the amount of response (and creativity) you layed on me. Making sure to document each and every slogan suggested, I sent those bad boys off the Big Bosses here at Pornhub for review. It was a tough call as everyone has a different idea of what makes a solid slogan. While Pornhub has decided to stick with our newest version (It makes your Dick Bigger and Your Pussy Wet) I want to give big kisses and knucks to the top voted slogans for our contest. I will personally be sending you out a Pornhub T-shirt or Tank Top! (Holla!) We selected our top three slogans based on the highest amount of votes:
Shoutout to our winners in (no particular order);

. Pornhub: slippery when wet. Mankind
. Pornhub: makes your dick bigger and your twat hot. Maritt
. Pornhub: It makes your dick tick and your pussy purr! Dick

There were soooo many rad slogans; I saw a few I would have loved to see in the top three but hey! It's a new year and we're scheming up all sorts of dirty new contests for you to stick your finger in ;) so there will be lots to go around.

That's all for now Pornhubbers


Jordan Pornhub

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5 years ago
I would like to know what happen to a video that was on your site say a week ago and now it is gone off your site. It was a interracial sex video titled white wife fucked by black man. There was also a title after the video went off. "Suzanne fucked good" I believe this may have been British but I'm not sure please help.

5 years ago
Pornhub: Proud To Be A Porn Addict
5 years ago
@mrmojorisin How long ago did you delete the videos?
@ebonykr There are various reasons that a video may have been removed due to copyright infringement or perhaps a user deleted the video him or her self.
@TJLuvr Agreed! Looking forward to seeing more of it!
@JJ09 I'm looking into this right now.Lol no hiding for us!! ;P
5 years ago
That's great to know that the PHub Community came together. Even if it was in competition, we all seem to benefit from the contests. Congrats to the winners.
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