Rusty Trombone Searches

Today we’ve joined with our friends at Cosmopolitan Italy to talk about a “secret” sexual move that has been spreading around lately… Yes, we are talking about the Rusty Trombone!

In fact, at the beginning of March, Cosmopolitan released the artcile 3 Women Share What It’s REALLY Like to Give a Rusty Trombone and after this interview, the internet went crazy for it.


Saint Patrick’s Day on Pornhub

In honor of everyone’s favorite day to get lucky, Pornhub’s statisticians took a look at how Saint Patrick’s Day affects searches on Pornhub. After the results of our Christmas and Valentine’s holiday reviews, we were expecting a pot of statistical gold from Saint Pat, and we weren’t disappointed.


Winter Storm Stella

On March 14th, Winter Storm Stella rolled into the east coast of North America, bringing with it multiple feet of the white stuff, just days before spring was due to begin. Major cities were brought to a virtual halt, as roads and businesses were either closed or inaccessible for the day. This left millions of people at home with nothing else to do but wait out the storm… and to visit Pornhub! Our friends at Time Out New York checked in to see how people put their time out on Tuesday to good use.


Insights into Ireland’s Regions

We recently had a look at the porn preferences of Irish Women, so in this edition of Pornhub Insights we’ve join with our friends at to reveal how Ireland’s different regions enjoy watching Pornhub.


Women and Tech

International Women’s Day is Wednesday, March 8th, so in this edition of Pornhub Insights we’re once again taking a look at how women consume porn differently than their male counterparts. In the past we’ve studied Women’s Favorite Searches, their love for lesbian and gay porn in our Women Searching for Women and Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys posts, and even how women differ in certain countries like Ireland and Colombia.

As we discovered in our recent Year in Review, women account for around 26% of visitors to Pornhub. That level of traffic was enough to cause a massive drop in Pornhub visits during the Women’s March in January 2017. Because some would argue that the medium is as important as the message, in this edition of Insights we will be taking a look at the various technologies that women use to watch porn, and how that compares to men.


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