May the 4th Be With You

Whether they favor the light side or the dark side, the force is strong with Pornhub users. Trusted Reviews asked the Insights team whether “Star Wars Day” affects viewership and searches. While our statisticians can’t see what side of the force our visitors favor, they do have a plethora of Star Wars related data on hand — in particular when May the 4th comes around. On that most geeky of all holidays, Star Wars related searches grow by an empire sized 10430% as visitors enjoy some Hand Solo action.


Cardi B Searches

Since first appearing on the VH1 Reality Show “Love & Hip Hop: New York” in 2015, rapper Cardi B’s fame and media presence has grown dramatically. For a special report with our friends at Mashable, we first found daily searches for Cardi B starting in early 2016, but her popularity on Pornhub did not escalate until 2017. In August, her song “Bodak Yellow” entered the Billboard charts, causing her searches to increase. Searches rose again in the fall of 2017 when Offset proposed to her live on stage, and “Bodak Yellow” was nominated for two Grammys.

A massive 1007% increase in Cardi B searches happened in late December when she and Offset pretended to have sex (fully clothed) on Instagram Live. In the following days, “Cardi B Sex Tape” became a trending search on Pornhub. Since that event, her searches have remained high throughout 2018 with spikes happening in February after her “Finesse” song with Bruno Mars was released, and most recently in April when she announced her pregnancy on Saturday Night Live.

The most popular Cardi B searches are “Cardi B Sex Tape”, followed by “Cardi B stripper”, “Cardi B Sex”, Cardi B twerking” and “Cardi B look alike”.


Avengers: Infinity Porn

Pop culture events like new movies and video games can often affect the type of porn that people search for. Super heroes in particular are as sexy as they are exciting, so it’s only natural that fans will want to fantasize about their favorite characters in sexual scenarios. As Super hero movies have grown in popularity over the last decade, so have high-budget porn parodies.


Fortnite Server Outage

At 2pm ET on April 11th, servers for the popular online shooter Fortnite went down, and remained offline until 2pm the following day. The team at PCGamesN asked if this downtime might have affected searches and traffic to Pornhub.


Ireland’s Traffic During Storm Emma

Winter storm Emma blasted Ireland with snow, causing much of the country to be shut down from March 1st to 3rd, 2018. Those who didn’t lose power (or were willing to give up precious battery life), found warmth in Pornhub, where traffic saw major increases compared to an normal period.

Some of the biggest changes were seen from 2am to 3am, which is similar to the traffic change on many holidays, when people stay up later knowing they don’t have to go to work the next day. On March 2nd, traffic at 3am was 68% higher than the same hour on an average Friday.

For much the same reason, traffic was below average those three days from 6am to 7am — a popular time for people to visit Pornhub before they get ready for work, and higher again from 9am to noon hour with Ireland’s citizens being hard at home rather than hard at work. March 1st also saw a large increase of 59% above average at 3pm.

Compare these results to Ireland’s traffic during Hurricane Ophelia in October 2017 and the hourly similarities are striking. In the United States, 2017’s Winter Storm Stella and 2015’s Winter Storm Juno showed much the same results.

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