Midterm Election Day Traffic

Midterm elections took place in the United States on November 6th, as voters headed to the polls to choose who their representatives in the House and Senate would be for the next four years. Rather than analyzing what the political results might be, Mashable asked Pornhub’s statisticians to see how election day affected Pornhub’s traffic.


Overwatch Ashe Searches

Hot on the spurred heels of our Red Dead Redemption Insights, comes a new gun slinging western character to drive gaming fans into Pornhub’s corral. The newest Overwatch hero is “Ashe”, and within days of her release Pornhub has seen a 1233% increase in searches for “Ashe”, and a massive 167% increase in searches containing “Overwatch”. Full details can be found on PCGamesN.

If you’ve followed our Insights blog, you’ll already know that Overwatch and it’s heros have been popular searches on Pornhub since our 2017 Year in Review. Most recently we found that Overwatch Brigitte Searches had a massive increase after the release of her character.

Italian Swingers

We’re back today with a special edition of Pornhub Insights. The red band trailer for the Italian movie Cosa Fai A Capodanno (What Are You Doing For New Years Eve) is now exclusively featured on Pornhub, so we’re taking a closer look at the secret tastes of Italy’s swinging couples.


Switzerland Insights

In this edition of Insights we’re continuing our European coverage with FM1 Today and the porn viewing habits of Swiss visitors. Switzerland ranks 31st for traffic to Pornhub, well ahead of it worldwide population rank of 99. The most popular search in Switzerland is “swiss”, followed by “deutsch” and “german”.


Red Dead Redemption

Eight years have passed since the last Red Dead series game was released, so to say that Red Dead Redemption 2 was a hotly anticipated title would be an understatement. The Sun asked the Pornhub Insights team if this had any effect on searches.

Our statisticians found that searches containing “red dead” began to increase on Pornhub several days before the October 26th release, as the final launch trailer and game details hit the internet. Searches continued to grow following the launch, reaching 731% above average on October 28th.


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