1 year ago

by: Katie

We've improved the way that you can find new members on the site. Check out our brand new Discover page!

On this page you'll see members of the Pornhub community sorted by popularity, popular content, and the top community contributers amongst the categories listed below:

  1. Popular Verified Members
  2. Popular Content Partners
  3. Most Subscribed Members
  4. Members With Popular Videos
  5. Members With Popular Photo Albums
  6. Verified Members With Popular Videos
  7. Most Popular Amateurs
  8. Content Partners With The Best HD Videos
  9. Most Active Community Members
  10. Top Commenters
  11. Popular New Members

Once you've found the section that you'd like to browse simply click the "Show More" button in the top right hand corner of the section. Looking for something more specific? Check out the Advanced Member Search

I hope you love the Discover page as much as I do. I'm off to watch some of the Most Popular Pornhub Amateurs now!


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1 year ago
awesome :). This should bring all of the amateurs more video views
1 year ago
I agree
1 year ago
i like
1 year ago
me too
1 year ago
what does the pin post feature mean??
1 year ago
It pins the post to the top of your stream
1 year ago
Nice to be here.
1 year ago
Love it :)
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