5 years ago

1. Skeet skeet skeet

The phrase commonly used when a person is about to unload jism onto his partner.
Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh skeet skeet skeet bitch

'I showed that bitch my oh face then skeet skeet skeeted all over her.'

'Did you see when I did her? I was all like "SKEET SKEET SKEET!

Considering I have been single for almost every Valentine's Day of my existence I'm sure you'd find it no surprise that my growth is s-s-s-s-lightly retarded in the ways of Saint Valentine. Despite the retardation, what I AM clear on are my expectations for February 14th. Though I might try to downplay them their pretty simple! If it's Valentine's Day, and you're my man...something sweet had better be coming my way. Now it doesn't have to cost money (though I won't refuse something that does), it simply has to be thought out and coming from a place of love and kindness.

Me and one of my friend and coworker's favorite saying goes something like this

'Skeet Skeet Skeet'

Not only is it vulgar and catchy but it makes us giggle like school girls.

While there are few things in life more enjoyable then quoting Lil Jon on your lunch hour...

I have a sneaking suspicion that the ACT of Skeet Skeet Skeet is even MORE fun than singing it.

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Though I'm terrible at math (and apparently Valentine's Day) I believe I just came up with a winning equation:


Bottom Line? While roses are overdone and teddy bears may be cheesy adding three simple words into your 14th of February may offer up one of the best Valentine's Experiences of your life. Free, personal, homemade and fucking fun to say! Skeet Skeet Skeet spells R-O-M-A-N-C-E.

To All Skeet Skeet Motherfucker To all Skeet Skeet God damn!!

Jordan Pornhub

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5 years ago
its on youtube so i probably mean it wont be available to too long,lo,,you should add a copy on megavideo or zshare
5 years ago
to:Jordan yes i dig what dug, so that means we should drill together lol,

@ blank profile, not everyone can have a valentines lol,

the world has different effects on people lol
5 years ago
seriously is there anybody that really cares about valentine day?,I dont,its just another gimic to make money,spend money on your gf or she will call you a cheap fuck,if you do got a gf,lol,another pointless hollyday

anyway,im suprise to see the youtube rap video is not deleted yet,lol
usualy youtube are real jerks
5 years ago
I have no idea of what's going on
5 years ago
2003 is back again lol, they played that saw allllll the time lol, to the windows to the walls, to i slice them up and cheese, awww screech screech screech screech its a raaaaaatttt in my houssseeeeee them crayons of my wallll awww screech screech skeet pick muf**as aww skeet skeet skeet,

I love the lyrics to the song :D
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