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2 months ago

by: Katie

Following the success of our Amateur Program we're now launching a brand new monthly contest: Amateur of the Month!

Each month we'll be crowning a new Amateur of the Month. At the end of the year all of the monthly winners will battle it out for the Amateur of the Year award and the grand prize of $10,000!

Stay tuned, we'll be announcing the January Amateur of the Month soon!

Not an amateur yet? Want to join our program? Sign up to be an amateur and get paid to upload videos!


Selena22 is January's Amateur of the Month!

SylviaChrystall is February's Amateur of the Month!

Cuerotic is March's Amateur of the Month!

Please note: Amateurs are only eligible to win Amateur of the Month once per year. Selection of winners is based off of a combination of monthly earnings, uploads, ratings and other factors.


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  • Verified Member
    poppiseed 1 week ago
    poppiseed ;)
  • eli40 3 weeks ago
    Sylvia Chrystal is incredible...
  • Verified Member
    zoegas 1 month ago
    don't forget to update this page now there is two winners good pr for those two. love this idea of amateur of the month. maybe do something so you easier can see ho is the amateur winner here on pornhub and the past winners.
    keep up the god work pornhub.
    • Verified Member
      zoegas 1 week ago
      nice to here easier to see the winners this way and the are worth the extra attention.. a good looking hall of fame list . keep up the good work on pornhub you guys do a incredible job
    • Pornhub Staff
      corey999 1 week ago
      To see all of the winner past and present check out our amateur of the month page>
    • Pornhub Staff
      brettg 3 weeks ago
      Good idea Zoe!
  • Blackguy44 1 month ago
    Cool news!
  • Verified Member
    LaDahlia 1 month ago
    Awesome, I'm aiming for March! ;)
  • Verified Member
    Nasty418 1 month ago
  • Verified Member
    Sarafanlord 1 month ago
    SylviaChrystall is my vote
  • Verified Member
    OverandOut88 2 months ago
    selena22 is the shiiiiiitttttttt. ;)
  • Verified Member
    cuerotic 2 months ago
    First I would like to say Congratulations to Selena22, your shyness is a big part of your charm... I am new on PornHub, I have posted some pictures and vids and would love to know what you all think, please visit and comment... looking forward to reading your suggestions, compliments and ideas...
  • Verified Member
    mexicano1974 2 months ago
    SylviaChrystall has the best new lez video. it was awesome
  • kara505 2 months ago
  • Pornhub Staff
    brettg 2 months ago
    Thank you for all your recommendations but the amateur of the month is an automated selection based a multitude of factors of the amateur's monthly uploads and not based on community votes. Stay tuned for February's amateur!
    • Verified Member
      OverandOut88 2 months ago
      fucking right, selena22. love your comment. i agree ;) congrats on the victory doll, you deserved it!!!!
    • Verified Member
      SylviaChrystall 2 months ago
      Jesus asked me personally to my dream last night: -Sylvia the vanity are the most of mortal sin. Then I am very ashamed and wet myself in fear :(
      Therefore, I promised to him immediately that I will forbid all my fans to vote for me-desperate crying and nervous trembling as it is might think it was not pleasant.
      Automated Jesus of my multitude dream factor :D :(
      But that was a nightmare....or ...not?
    • Verified Member
      lordvater 2 months ago
      It's a shame you need to even post that! Selena is clearly Pornhub's go to amateur. Young, beautiful, big tits, takes an awesome cumshot.......Amateur of the month shouldn't be automated.....she won it hands down!
    • Verified Member
      selena22 2 months ago
      Good! I'm glad because it should be based on the actual videos.. I don't think sending followers to go and "vote" should be allowed. That would hurt smaller channels and their chances of winning any of the months.
  • rockstar615 2 months ago
    i got the best video be there are private
  • Verified Member
    sleazyC 2 months ago
    Congrats to Selena :)
  • hornygus 2 months ago
    but of course selena22 is a deserved winner!!! Congrats Selena!!! You ROCK!!!
  • hornygus 2 months ago
    latexsuexxx is my vote, because she's the best!!!
  • Verified Member
    tomyb 2 months ago
    I just looked up that sylvia you're all talking about,she's not even remotely as good as selena plus she lacks that homemade touch,she feels more professional,i think wetlittleasiangirl should get it this month
  • Verified Member
    zoegas 2 months ago
    congratulations selena22, you are a worthy winner
  • Verified Member
    zoegas 2 months ago
    we are thinking about join Amateur Program is there someting to think about before and during?
    seems like fun thing do we are new to doing porn and watching porn so much uppdating here. :)
  • Verified Member
    MissyBates 2 months ago
    I'm in!
  • kendeick 2 months ago
  • Tollman8 2 months ago
    Without a doubt, SylviaChrystal is the Goddess of Oral sex. The way she seduces the viewer while she pleasures her partner is second to none. The viewer is treated to not only a first rate performance. But, a first rate production of how a video should be done. (sex video or otherwise) All done by one camera angle.
    Each and every SylviaChrystal video is an exquisite and personal orgasm between Sylvia and the very lucky viewer.
    She should be the winner each month.
    • Pornhub Staff
      corey999 2 months ago
      Thanks for your feedback! The winner isn't chosen based on votes but we always love to here what our users think. With the quality of her videos I am sure Sylvia will win soon. As mentioned in the blog post to give everyone a chance to win amateurs are only eligible win 1 month per year.
    • Verified Member
      selena22 2 months ago
      Sylvia will definitely win a month, she makes great videos. You think she should win every month though? That wouldn't be fair to all of the other amateurs making good videos
  • instancabile8 2 months ago
    You look fantastic, kisses
  • GeilerBoy27 2 months ago
    hey ihr süßen. wie gefällt euch mein arsch?
    • Verified Member
      SylviaChrystall 2 months ago
      If you ask me then I can offer the huge cock of my horse, but I must ask him immediately. When he drunk....with three condoms....who knows? May be or may be not. :D
      OK it was a rough joke reply to a raw comment. :-*
  • Danni68 2 months ago
    Professionals considered, SylviaChrystall is not just my favourite amateur actress, but my favourite actress in this industry. She treats blowjobs like a refined art, rendering it a classy piece of work rather than a degrading video where the wioman is undermined. She is dedicated, sophisticated, charismatic, graceful, and definitely a breath of fresh air in this industry!
    I vote for her, as she is something this business needs, going above and beyond what porn is seen as
    • Pornhub Staff
      Katie 2 months ago
      There are MANY more winners for this year. Sylvia has a great chance!
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