5 years ago

One of my favorite aspects of Pornhub is the ability to upload your own sexy videos, to be your own Porn star with as much or as little anonymity as you choose. Have a creative streak? A dirty mind? Are your fucking hilarious? Well, Pornhub is officially upping the anti and is giving YOU the ultimate chance to use your creativity, brains, and even body to not only help the world in its time of need *cough* but to ultimately become $10,000 richer and get the exposure of a lifetime!!

Think American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Americas Next Top Model... only for the #1 Adult site on the Globe! Through a 6 week video competition dictated by user voting Pornhub is challenging you to get sexy, silly, creative, go ape shit, dance, sing, or fuck your way to the big win.

Entries for our Pornhub Pornhub Fever Video Contest will be seen by over 15 Million viewers a day and the Grand Prize Winner will be rewarded with ALL of the following (Lucky Bastard):

- $10,000 CASH

-AND their winning video featured on the front page of Pornhub

-AND a 12-month Membership to Pornhub Premium

-AND a Pornhub Merch Package

Did I mention there are also runner up prizes of $250, $100 and $50 EVERY week?

Wish I could Enter :(

With that said I'm super pumped to see what you'll come up with! For full contest details and to enter simply click here: http://contest.pornhub.com/

Good Luck Fuckers ;)


Jordan Pornhub


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5 years ago
slow in steady wins the race awesome quote;)
5 years ago
Uploads are not showing up on my page again....everytime i do get something to upload I get logged out..Can you look into it..Please
5 years ago
If i bring in susan boyle do i automatically win by default lol?
5 years ago
yeah,get a tattoo on your ass that says pornhub,lol
then after fucking your GF doggy style,shoot your load on that pornhub tattoo.
could be cool,if its with hot looking people
5 years ago
Hey, thanks for the reply. I really remember at least as recently as last fall that I could search via categories public/private photo albums that community members uploaded. Now there is no way to do that.
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