4 years ago

I see a fuckload of crazy shit in the run of a work day. Between overhearing confusing convos about trannies and seeing more pussy then Ron Jeremy, very little surprises me anymore. So when I came in this morning and was actually SHOCKED by what I found in my inbox, I was pr-etty impressed. Billy, Pornhub, congrats. Below is the video of Billy (i.e. Billy The Human Billboard) getting our Pornhub (woot!) logo tattooed...get this, on his FACE! For LIFE!

Incredible!And I thought I was crazy about Pornhub.

Billy was kind enough to hook us up with some pics documenting the experience. I like to call this album "I Got a Pornhub Tattoo in the Middle of My Fucking Face For the Rest of My Life Bitches!!" .Enjoy!

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  • 4 years ago
    hahahhahahahahahahahha what a dumbass.he could always put a x over it or a triple xxx.lol
  • 4 years ago
    not everyone logs in because their horny, people are different, people have their own standards customs and rules.a brain is more important than a high sex drive lol,same as quality friendship, you will lose a lot of friends if you talked about baseball games all day, individual interests is what makes humans.
  • 4 years ago
    well when i signed up it wasnt a gay site....,just because one likes porn doesnt mean he likes every single type of it. if im proud of myself then i dont need to rely on compliments to make me feel better, one can only assume, that receiving compliments here would mean some sexual attention. I dont need or want compliments from males since i do not find them attractive and do not want their sexual attention.its a turn off, most likely because i only like women. i am more than just about sex and porn,when people come evading me and stuff sexually, when i told them not to, its like sexual harassment to me. i do not expect men to be horny around me ,men talk about men interest with their closes on, not how they want to bone other men.as a straight person that kind of stuff is awkward. lets talk about football, not about banging the team lol, would you find it appropriate to come to someones house with a boner? when you were just invited to watch baseball and drink beer?
  • 4 years ago
    there should be a blog about banning cock avatars lol, just my 2 cents
  • 4 years ago
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