4 years ago

Just wanted to stop by and proudly announce Pornhub hitting 10,000 followers on Twitter!! When I began my position as Pornhub Brand Ambassador back in November I had no clue how challenging, hilarious and ridiculously FUN running Pornhub's Twitter account could be. Just wanted to give a shoutout and HUGE thanks to all of the Pornhub viewers and community members that have jumped on the Twitter train with us. I also wanted to give some love to my family members on Twitter @Peeperznow @Tube8xxx and @Extremetubexxx thanks for consistently supplying me with raunchy articles and videos.

Looking forward to hitting our new goal of 20,000 plus followers!!

You guys rock!

Big Pornhub Love

Jordan Pornhub :)

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  • 4 years ago
    thanks i feel so welcomed,can you be my sister with benefits LOL:D
  • 4 years ago
    congrats,wonders if turtles can be apart of your family
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  • Unknown
    3 years ago
    why would a porn tube site waste their time on sites like twitter ?,whats the point,you already have a much better site here to talk with people
  • 4 years ago
    Not related to this subject i have recently just joined porn hub magic stuff love the wide range of video clip available to view and download, yesterday i downloaded one of ur clips and i could not get it to play on my laptop, i am running xp is there a freeware program i can access so i can unzip the vid downloads and view them on my laptop. Thanks for a great adult video site.
  • 4 years ago
    thanks i feel so welcomed,can you be my sister with benefits LOL:D
  • 4 years ago
    @sexylexxy - Hey Pretty girl Happy to hear your diggin' Pornhub.....and sluts? We love sluts around here. Keep it up! ;)

    @Turtles - Awww Turtles your ALREADY a part of our family!! lol ;) xo
  • 4 years ago
    wow that amazing lexxy espicallly since you just joined 15 horus ago:D, you must be amazing:D
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