1 year ago

by: Katie

I'm excited to introduce the new achievements feature! You may have noticed that you've unlocked some achievements in your notifications.

We've added your achievements section to the right side of your profile below your 'About Me' section. To view all of your achievements simply click the 'View All' link in the corner.

By default these are ordered by your newest unlocked achievements at the top, however, since this is a new feature you may have received multiple achievements at the same time. Going forward all new achievements earned will be showed in chronological order. You can click the drop down arrow in the corner of the page to sort your achievements by earned 'This Month', 'This Week' or 'Today'

'All Achievements' displayed all achievements that are currently available on the site. The ones that you do not have are shown by a lock symbol. You can hover over the achievements to find out what they're for, or see your progress on achievements that you have yet to unlock.

Which achievement are you going to try to unlock next? Have any ideas for new achievements? Let me know in the comments below.


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1 year ago
who doesn't like to earn achievements while they jerk off? Thanks!
6 months ago
1 year ago
we like it fun thing to watch
1 year ago
My "handheld" badge still doesn't appear on my profile. Cheers
1 year ago
What a cool idea!
1 year ago
nice way to create more involvement and interaction of your members...kudos:)
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