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1. Nylon Cock Hand Sex Dildo Pantyhose Handjob

New inspiration for a new decade, the pantyhose handjob. What's hot about this is the way she tickles the perfectly pink dildo with her panty-hoed hands ever so gently, treating it like the delicate object that it is. If I could get a girl to flick my strap on like that I would be in heaven.

nylon cock hand sex dildo pantyhose handjob brought to you by PornHub

2. Cum Fountain

This one time I was at the Whole Foods grocery store in Austin, TX grocery shopping when I came across a chocolate fountain in the middle of the store. It was designed to serve people who wanted to dip the foods they bought in chocolate. Generally, in a grocery store this is reserved for small things, like fruits, and nuts but I went ahead and put my entire face in it. I would do the same with this cock because it reminds me of that wonderful experience.

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3. Two Girls Stroking A Tiny Dick

This is like watching an episode of Friends with the laugh track these girls are providing. If only Friends was a little more R rated I could see this happening to Ross any day. From this view though, it looks like the man in question is more of a Michelin Man type than a Ross type.

Two girls stroking a tiny dick brought to you by PornHub

4. The Cock in Her Hands Starts Throbbing With the First Touch

There's something slightly poetic about this one. I'm not sure if it's the sexy, dominating narrative, or the way the lady's extensions hang off her head as she reaches for her partner's cock with the heel of her stiletto. Regardless, it's somewhat of a Bukowski piece come to life and I think we could all learn a little something from this.

The cock in her hands starts throbbing with the first touch brought to you by PornHub

5. Sexy Brunette Does The Job With Her Hand

Everyone loves vanilla. It's standard, expected, reliable and totally delicious. I can't think of a better way to describe this other than the finest of all Vanilla, but none of that artificial kind. Also, I love the way she gets naked to do the deed, girlfriend knows what's up... kind of like Mel Gibson in "What Women Want".

Sexy brunette does the job with her hand brought to you by PornHub

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Very good choices!!!
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