4 years ago

As you can imagine, I spend all day looking at porn, that’s why I’m so good at making best-of lists, because I truly have done all the market research possible. Without getting into too much detail, this week’s blog post is about facials, because I really need one. Cum is rumoured to be a great source of calcium, and with that all over your face, how can you go wrong? With the coming winter months we can all expect to get a little dry skinned, so why don’t we hop into the routine of a regular facial now?

1. Izy Gets Hosed

As Izy comes Izy goes? Either way, Izy gets so much cum on her face her fake eyelashes fall off. Out of embarrassment she puts on those creepy glasses while the men scream “GET HER IN THE EYE”. Izy loves it and so do I.

Izy Gets hosed brought to you by PornHub

2. Chick With Glasses Drinking Jizz

Talk about obedience, this girl sits there waiting for the cum on her face like a lost puppy dog looking for guidance, she also has that sexy librarian thing going on. Does that ever get old? Don’t think so.

Chick with glasses drinking jizz brought to you by PornHub

3. Hot Pornstar Blows On Cock

Its girls like this that love being called sluts, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Hot Pornstar Blows On Cock brought to you by PornHub

4. Creamed Head to Toe in Man Goo

She has to wear a hardhat just to protect herself from the oncoming torrential downpour of cum. Where do I meet a guy like that?

Creamed head to toe in man goo brought to you by PornHub

5. Aleksa Gets A Facefull

Are you hungry for Hungarian pussy? The bowl was a great idea, get your calcium girl.

Aleksa gets a facefull brought to you by PornHub

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3 years ago
I agree with comments below. All of these movies, except number 2, feature fake cocks and fake cum. Nothing interesting about that.

Number 2 is a John Thompson (German Goo Girls, GGG) production and those only use REAL men and cum, making it the only good clip out of 5.
3 years ago
Weak. Who wants to see a dildo shooting yogurt on a woman who clearly is not enjoying the farce either.
4 years ago
i pass all day on porn site watching pusst cock i love both masturbate my fucking cock ty pornhub you are in the best site for me continue guy like mee always stroke i never let you down ciao all masturbator chronic
4 years ago
look good
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