3 years ago

As we all know, the US Congress is considering America's first system for censoring the Internet. Despite public outcry, the Internet Censorship bill could pass at any time. If it does, the Internet and free speech will never be the same. Sites that you use every day (including your favorites like Pornhub!) could be blocked if this bill is passed.

Since we love what we do, and we love our community, and other like-minded ones, we want to save this bill from passing. If you love porn, please take a few moments to save the websites you love, and call your Senators.

Fill out the widget below to join us in this cause! #TEAMPORNhub

xo Jordan

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3 years ago
this information is very helpful for me, Because the site is separate way of sex technique, I requesting to us congress, pls don't banned to the site
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3 years ago
polititions dont do what people want they do what they think is best or whats most profitable for them,
if you offer your reprasentative a load of money or a position at your corporation when they leave office then you might get youre view represented
if i got a server could i make an interenet alturnative?
3 years ago
Make sure to call!
3 years ago
thats fuck up for real
3 years ago
censorship in general is fucked up. why censor what can/does in real life? no matter what ppl will experience everything there for real u kno. like music: go out in public and hear ppl playin explicit music no matter your age. Also ppl fuck all the time and it is a RIGHT GUARANTEED BY THE FUCKIN CONSTITUTION: freedom of speech. stupid censorship.
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