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Sometimes I just don't get it. I know they say that "love is blind" and all that shite, but when hot girls hook up with ugly guys it always confuses me. I mean, as far as mysteries go, it's gotta be right up there with how they get the caramel inside the Caramilk bar.

When Angelina was with Billy Bob, that was pretty strange. But as odd-couples go, the recent news I heard about a 2005 Playmate named Jillian Grace is right up there as one of the primo headscratchers that's come across my desk in quite a while.

Apparently, the 22 year old sex kitten announced today that she is pregnant with the "love child" of David Spade. If you're lucky enough to have forgotten who he is, he's a 43 year old un-funny "comedian" who used to annoy us all with average-at-best Saturday Night Live skits, a few movies that should have been direct-to-video and a TV sitcom, "Just Shoot Me," who's title was a remarkably appropriate echoing of the desires of those few people unfortunate enough to have seen it.

I'm assuming that the story is true and that Spade really is the father. I mean, if you're gonna pretend that a celebrity got you pregnant for a bit of publicity, surely you'd pick someone with talent that people would still remember and give a shit about. Of course, what the hell she was doing letting Spade stick his dick in her in the first place is completely beyond me.

Then again, this is the same girl that used to fuck Pauly Shore, so I guess its safe to say that she either has really low self-esteem or a fetish for annoying, d-list ex-celebs. But it just goes to show: you just never know who a hot girl is willing to bang.

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6 years ago
nice blog..
7 years ago
Not that I'm a Spade fan, but I hear he has a big dong and knows how to use it.
7 years ago
I like David Spade ..
7 years ago
alright nice blog ...
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