7 years ago

There are many people out there who are into BDSM, but I think it can be safely said that bondage is rarely considered "sweet". Until now, that is. Some enterprising entrepreneur over at Stockroom.com decided that the traditional rubber or silicone ball gag could do with a tasty upgrade and is now offering the "popular fetish item combined with a classic sucking candy that's familiar to everyone."

So far, they are only being offered in the traditional multi-fruit flavor, but plans are already underway to launch Super Sour and Fireball options. These novelty treats (fun for the whole family!) are available at Stockroom.com and will be making their way to your local stores soon with a suggested retail price of $36.95.

You know, I think I'm gonna gag back all of the obvious jokes for this one. I mean, it kinda speaks for itself doesn't it? Or at least, it would if it could...

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7 years ago
7 years ago
I'd be afraid of gagging
candy normally produces a lot
of spit
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