2 years ago

by: Katie

Last fall Pornhub was on the hunt for some interns to do all my dirty work. It is my pleasure to introduce our two lucky interns. By now you've probably seen them around the site and running the @PornhubInterns Twitter.

Community Profile: InternMadeline

Madeline's combined love of porn and social media led her to apply to be one of our lovely interns. Her favorite activities include masturbating, watching porn, and watching porn while masturbating. She also enjoys video games, the Chicago Blackhawks, soup, erotic asphyxiation and fake eyelashes. If you want to impress her start up a conversation about Pokemon, the Three Stooges, or Austrian Economics and then present her with a rotisserie chicken.

Community Profile: InternAmber

Amber is 24 years old and from Canada. She's super excited to be your little "sex-nerd" for the rest of this year. She's a really simple girl that loves zombies, food, being naked, big tits, and guys with beards. She's got a thing for redheads and freckles and loves dirty talking and role playing.

Be sure to send them some friend requests and pervy questions for The Interns Show where they answer all your questions! Here is the first episode of their show:


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2 years ago
Girls, you sound like a good working paire! You are doing an excellent job. I wanted to let you know eventhough I'm not so sure I understood your job description. But as lond as you work with PornHub, I think you deserve both a big thank you, and a long French Kiss :-)
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