2 years ago

by: Katie

There are now even more ways to search and filter results on Pornhub!

1. Multiple Search Options

Searching Pornhub is now easier than ever! You can search three areas of the site all from one search bar. Simply type what you would like to search for in the search bar and then select either Videos, Photos or Users from the dropdown menu by clicking on the arrow.

2. Filter Video Searches

We've made some changes to the results page as well. On the left-hand side you will see a filter results column which will let you restrict your search to a specific category as well as let you know how many results are in that category.

You can also filter the search result by video duration. You can select one category and one duration for each search. This makes it easy to find a short video if you're in a rush, a long video if you have more time to get your fap on.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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2 years ago
Great additions!
2 years ago
sweet with such a large amount of films to choose from you need it. later lads
2 years ago
This is rad to the max! You take something good and make it even better, like building waffles out of cocaine...
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