2 years ago

by: Katie

1. We've Redesigned your Favorite Porn Player

We have a brand new video player to make your Pornhub experience even better! The overall design is a lot cleaner. The video timeline is much bigger now that it sits on top of the controls. If you hover over an area on the timeline you will still see a video preview as we had before.

2. New Control Bar

When you are watching the video the control bar now collapses so that you will have no distractions during your video. Don't worry though, you can still see where you are in the video and how much has buffered by the orange and grey sections on the mini timeline. If you move your mouse anywhere over the player the control bar reappears.

The Volume Control has also been moved to the left hand side and is a horizontal slide instead of a vertical slide.

The expand button is still located on the right hand side and you can use it for a widescreen view.

To lower or increase the quality of the video be sure to use the gear icon located next to the expand and menu buttons.

3. Cleaner Menu

The Menu bar has been located the bottom of the player. By clicking on it you will see the Share, Related Videos, Top Rated Videos, Most Viewed and More From This User options. To exit the Menu simply click the (X) on the right hand side of the Menu bar. More thumbs have been added to this as well; nine instead of the previous four.

Hope you all enjoy the update and be sure to leave your feedback in the comments below.


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2 years ago
Thank you for updating one of the most important things in my life.
2 years ago
I look forward to using it, thanks
2 years ago
Thanks, enjoy!
2 years ago
PornHub is such an innovative technology company.
2 years ago
where can i find the video in the picture
2 years ago
the wife and I have been here since the beginning of porn hub ! It aways stays ahead of the tech curve in computer use and movies !!!! thank you pornhub crew !!!!
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