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6 years ago

by: Dice

Hey guys, Dice here. I've been receiving some very disturbing reports recently about serious threats towards our female members, to the point where they become scared. This is obviously very unacceptable and we need to take some action to ensure the privacy and protection of everyone here. Unfortunately, there's always going to be some mal-adjusted people in our society, virtual or not. I'd really like to hear your feedback on the issue and some proposed solutions. Here is what we've been discussing thus far.

- We can add an option to make your entire profile private, this would make you virtually invisible(facebook style). Only your friends could write on your wall, private msg, share a video to you, etc...

- We will make email verification upon registration mandatory as to avoid people from creating multiple accounts to subvert being blocked by somebody.

- Blocking someone will block them 100% from even seeing your profile at all.(right now you can still see the profile/wall, just can't post in it or contact the person)

I think if we take the above steps, it will solve alot of the current harassment issues. What do you think? Please discuss.

Top Comments
  • FunPaul 6 years ago
    These wierdo's need kicking off the site, there needs to be a way of reporting this kind of disrepect to women, i'd suggest publishing there details in a section of the site and let our 'Guardian Angel Members' make contact with them!!!
  • Unknown
    Unknown 4 years ago
    Looks like you are doing a pretty good job. Great website. Hot Videos. Keep up the good work.
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  • Unknown
    Unknown 4 years ago
    Looks like you are doing a pretty good job. Great website. Hot Videos. Keep up the good work.
  • dildoman 5 years ago
    There re a website called PORNACA. Interesting collection of PornHub..
  • jagandit 5 years ago
    Definitely it should be done.
  • tico1100 5 years ago
    All of the above sounds good to me !!!! The men acting like ASSHOLES OR PERVES go somewhere else you FUCKING JERKS!!!
  • mmmbug 5 years ago
    Adding more rules only leads to more rules and more created false accounts not having any of these rules and the community helping each other and or just ignoring these kind of people which has been proven many times to be the best way to get rid of trolls would be the best way to handle these situations that come up.
  • lord darth vader 5 years ago
    hello lord darth vader here,my suggestion about the bad perverts is a total ban fromour site,if the men/ladys cannot respect each other,and are found to be disturbing the ladys in a bad way..i say use the force and permanently remove the offending person. god bless us all
  • Unknown
    Unknown 6 years ago
    Yes to the verification!!!
  • bolowink 6 years ago
    what the fuck ?!!!shameful
  • RovingEye 6 years ago
    this is absurd - firs the guys come to a porn vdo site and then they threaten the female members??? gotta be psychos ...
  • elysium 6 years ago
    On another note does anyone know a wicked aussie band named icehouse? lol they were like before i was born but there cool :-)
    I dont really see how we can be harmed? its just a site :-) anywhooo
  • ray66 6 years ago
    i agree whit everything above , cause unfortunately their whill always be idiot.
  • kickone 6 years ago
    we are all pervs no doubt about it but the ppl who have no self respect or respect for others can and will mess it up for the ones that do. i say whatever it takes to keep theses ppl out of here is ok bye me!keeping ppl safe num 1!!!!
  • okcomputer 6 years ago
    dude the blocking sounds like the best idea to me.
  • P4ND4 6 years ago
    we have to do something to protect the girls, but i agree with Curcate about the friends thing. like Curcate i never visit facebook so i don't know about the 1st but I think that the 2nd and 3rd are a good start.
  • marc34 6 years ago
    There is no way anyone should be threaten at all. All of the above should be implemented as soon as possible to ensure the peace of mind for all the lovely lady's out there.This site should be good safe fun for all.
  • eddiee32 6 years ago
    Hi Eddie again, just checking as to what`s up. Here, I agree with the blocking, I`m here til I return to work, like I said this sight is great to be free, I don`t treat it as a pick-up place. I envy these people and respect in what they do and there privacy. You know most site`s you must go to your e-mail address, instend of an entry code put in exit code on the violators? They will see the message in there box they will go for it. He`d be transfered back to his email page "wala" can`t get back in. Just an Idea.
  • CarlaBigtits 6 years ago
    I love them

    Kiss Kiss
  • hollyday 6 years ago
    they all sound really good but like Curcate said how would anyone know if they want to be your friend and vise versa, i haven't come across anything negative like what's being discussed yet but i'm new so im sure it'll happen eventually and i'd like to know that something is being done about it.

    I like the last one best about blocking someone 100% no wall or anything, and that person should be permanently banned from the site somehow as well.

  • mrmoovies 6 years ago
    i agree why cant people stop acting like their in high school.i'm just on here looking for my miss right.and i am who i say i am and very girls u can talk to me safely.
  • Verified Member
    williew841 6 years ago
    If I can do anything let me know
  • Unknown
    Unknown 6 years ago
    this is sad. But whatever it takes to keep the ladies safe....I'm down for it.
  • Advinturus 6 years ago
    For the ladies to feel safe, and keep them invovled; ABSOLUTELY!
  • CrazyGurl69 6 years ago
    sounds good
  • justmiller 6 years ago
    this is kinda off topic but still relevant... how does one delete their OWN profile if they want to. i don't see that option anywhere. i think this option should be available in the "edit profile" link.
  • FunPaul 6 years ago
    These wierdo's need kicking off the site, there needs to be a way of reporting this kind of disrepect to women, i'd suggest publishing there details in a section of the site and let our 'Guardian Angel Members' make contact with them!!!
  • bobbyd 6 years ago
    that all sounds right to me me
  • Unknown
    Unknown 6 years ago
    100% blocks sound fine. Harassment is completely unacceptable.
  • Unknown
    Unknown 6 years ago
    It's a damn shame that people can't just come here and enjoy the "scenery" and be friends. Maybe an easy method to paste the threat(s) into a message to send to the operators of the site so that they can take appropriate action is one of the possible solutions.
  • KissKing 6 years ago
    making email verification upon registration mandatory is too easy to get around. i like the blocking 100% idea. however, there is nothing like someone taking responsibility and ensuring their own privacy. never give personal info out to a community site.
  • moha199 6 years ago
    i think they should be reported to the law enforcemants agencies
  • WCRocco 6 years ago
    I dont know what happened, but if someboy is bothering to other people, I think the best way is block to the person :S ciao!
  • Verified Member
    turtles 6 years ago
    I received a threat one bitch said she was going to put me in the doghouse! lol
  • Verified Member
    turtles 6 years ago
    Keep it the same
    it is not like they threateners are really going to do anything.
  • robadubmarley 6 years ago
    Suggestion: a complaint section, so that if a person makes threats, they can be investigated by admins, and if found guilty (after the admin reads their written exchanges in pornhub) they could be banned from membership, or from the website altogether.
    This process requires man-power but it doesn't make the honest members pay with new security measures.
  • robadubmarley 6 years ago
    Considering this is an Adult website, i see this with some suspicion.
    However the 3 suggestions listed above are a good idea, idea #1 however may change the dynamic too much in here.
    #2 and #3 are very good idea that don't make the good honest members pay.
    I still don't understand what kind of person would feel scared unless they gave out personal information leading to adresses.....that would make it an issue outside pornhub's profiles.
    If a person is fearful of empty threats they should mature, ignore it, and not make the other members suffer changes for their immaturity.
  • SoKraz 6 years ago
    I'm actually very surprised to hear that threats have been made AT ALL to women or to whomever.

    I always considered this to be one of very few RESPECTABLE porn sites as respectable as u can get'm. It's kinda like MyPornSpace where I have met alot of like-minded but goodnatured perverts both male and female.

    I am blown away by the announcement but can even still respect a website that has zero tolerance and immeidate action. Whatever changes are made I am willing to comply because a website like this one should not be plagued by people with malfunctioning couth.
  • stevemass 6 years ago
    Blocking is a good thing:) Some people out there that can't be satisfied with anything! If they threaten, report them, if possible.
  • IMDinsolent1 6 years ago
    Well personally I like all the ideas presented! Add all of them! I comment from time to time about the cornballs that have problems with bothering women here! I'm up for anything that protects women and makes them safe! And all you guys that seem to have that problem just get yourself a life, maybe you might not need to bother these women anymore!
  • ridemycock 6 years ago
    i think they should have something like a report column so the person can report them and then they pornhub can fully delete that profile or something like that if u get wat i mean
  • Verified Member
    nwahs 6 years ago
    If someone isn't your friend and you block them, they can't message you or comment on your wall, so I am not sure too much more has to be done.

    Just have a good, well defined policy on what is unacceptable behavior. There are women who block guys simply because they made an add request. There has to be a major distinction between stuff like that and ACTUAL harassment.

    Whatever you do - don't add CAPTCHAS!!!
  • Wyckid1 6 years ago
    You should block, banish, and cancel there ass from this site.
  • Wyckid1 6 years ago
    I grew up with the common sense be stilled in me to never ever harm a women.The sad thing about this is that there are alot of sick F_cks in this world. These are the people that ruin every thing for us.I feel for the girls that are being emotionally harmed. This is totally unacceptable.If I could reach through the screen and grab every person that has ever done so. No tell what I would do. ALL YOU PEOPLE OUT HERE LEARN TO RESPECT WOMEN WITH KINDNESS AND THE RESPECT THEY DESERVE AS THEY ARE A LARGE PIECE OF THIS WORLDS BEAUTY.
  • chem 6 years ago
    How about instead of shielding the women, you strip the men of their ability to harass? Revoke their ability to send messages and write on people's wall.
  • Oreo1103 6 years ago
    I think it's great. I think that people tend to throw tact out of the door just because this is the "internets." If people can't exercise a little class, then they don't deserve to be members.

    I have to commend you on your very democratic way of going about solving problems. Giving people a choice is benefical to all parties involved and it brings ideas to the table that you may not have thought of. Well done.
  • drivextr 6 years ago
    BLOCK N DELETE ALL WHO HAVE BEEN REPORTED TO DO SUCH..... n place n option to actually report a person! n then you contact them or what ever
  • nyteguy 6 years ago
    I agree with all too plus those who harrass ppl should be canceled and blocked
  • Amygdale 6 years ago
    I agree with your suggestions, but I don't think it is appropriate to cancel membership. It think we should allow weirdos some room to express their twisted feelings/phantasms. Isn't this an adult website? What can people be scared of, since we don't know were people live? Beside, fear is a powerfull aphrodisiac...
  • hourguy 6 years ago
    some privacy is obviously needed. all you guys got to enjoy with a little responsibility
  • nomercy 6 years ago
    these men (if they can be called that) that are sending the threats should be castrated. violence towards women is out of order.
  • RAND 6 years ago
  • mike37892 6 years ago
    Kick the dickheads out
  • wolfnshpsclthng 6 years ago
    i think the private profile is a good verification should be automatic. its too bad that this has to be done.
  • MsBisexual 6 years ago
    dice, I LOVE this idea. you should make an entire private profile a feature, but do it like myspace. Leave the option to send a message and a friend request. If somebody doesnt want a specific person sending them anything the 100% block is terrific.
  • Chinchi 6 years ago
    Blocking someone will block them 100% from even seeing your profile at all.(right now you can still see the profile/wall, just can't post in it or contact the person)
    I it's the best solution!
  • tommy1701 6 years ago
    allow users to "report" the violating users to admin...thus eliminating and justifying appropriate order to grow, you have to chop of dead limbs...
  • eddiee32 6 years ago
    Since I enjoy what is here I hate to have one or a few to ruin a good thing here, any sujection you make I shall follow,Yes verification of the e-mail should help you.
  • Verified Member
    milkman 6 years ago
    i think you should go with the entire profile private..but at least let people see the avatar and some info(male,female,etc.)so they can send a friend request..and the 100% blocking should be some type of option
  • e9599 6 years ago
    wouldn't you need to make it retroactive? the 100% blocking should resolve most of these issues by itself.
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