7 years ago

by: Dice

Hey guys, Dice here. I've been receiving some very disturbing reports recently about serious threats towards our female members, to the point where they become scared. This is obviously very unacceptable and we need to take some action to ensure the privacy and protection of everyone here. Unfortunately, there's always going to be some mal-adjusted people in our society, virtual or not. I'd really like to hear your feedback on the issue and some proposed solutions. Here is what we've been discussing thus far.

- We can add an option to make your entire profile private, this would make you virtually invisible(facebook style). Only your friends could write on your wall, private msg, share a video to you, etc...

- We will make email verification upon registration mandatory as to avoid people from creating multiple accounts to subvert being blocked by somebody.

- Blocking someone will block them 100% from even seeing your profile at all.(right now you can still see the profile/wall, just can't post in it or contact the person)

I think if we take the above steps, it will solve alot of the current harassment issues. What do you think? Please discuss.

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7 years ago
These wierdo's need kicking off the site, there needs to be a way of reporting this kind of disrepect to women, i'd suggest publishing there details in a section of the site and let our 'Guardian Angel Members' make contact with them!!!
4 years ago
Looks like you are doing a pretty good job. Great website. Hot Videos. Keep up the good work.
3 years ago
Theres 3 kinds of people in this world! 1) You got the ones that make things happen
2) You got the ones that watch things happen
And then you got the ones that just dont know what happen....
7 years ago
For the ladies to feel safe, and keep them invovled; ABSOLUTELY!
7 years ago
this is kinda off topic but still relevant... how does one delete their OWN profile if they want to. i don't see that option anywhere. i think this option should be available in the "edit profile" link.
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