2 years ago

by: Katie

We've made some updates to the video uploader! When you click on Upload Videos you will be taken to the new uploader page. The photo uploader will be updated shortly.

Once you've reached the new uploader there are two ways that you can upload videos. You can either drop and drag them from your computer into the grey dotted box or click the orange button to select the files from your computer.

Next you'll be able to select your video orientation (Straight or Gay) and your Privacy Settings (Private or Public) by clicking the drop down menus. Right below that is where you enter your video title!

The next step is selecting your categories. You can only select a maximum of three categories so pick the ones that you think are most prominent in your video.

Depending on which categories you select some tags will automatically appear. I selected the Ass category so booty and butt were autotagged.

You can also manually add tags. Once you start typing some suggestions will appear. You can either pick something from the list or enter something new. You can have a total of 12 tags.

You can also tag Pornstars in your video. You will also receive suggestions as you type, however, unlike tags, you have to pick something from the list.

Once you click upload you will see the upload progress in the form of a green bar. You can also click "Add Video" in the corner to add another video while you wait for your upload to finish.

You will also be notified when your upload has been successfully completed. Your video will then appear on the site shortly.

I hope that you love the new upload page as much as I do. I can't wait to see all of your new uploads!


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2 years ago
An option to toggle the download button would be nice. This could be helpful for amateurs who are looking to keep their videos on pornhub
2 years ago
The new uploader aint working sorry!! Been tryna upload some vids all day but with no luck, same problem as the post below!
2 years ago
Hey there, what browser are you using?
2 years ago
Im using exactly the same puter/progs/formats to upload vids to my profile as I did before the recent changes, unfort nothing appears to be happening. I spent hours waiting for the so called "green bar".
2 years ago
Hi canker, can you message me what browser you are using? Thanks!
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