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Here at Modelhub and the Pornhub Model Program, the safety and wellbeing of our models, and of all sex workers, are our number one priorities.

That's why, in honor of the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, we're proud and excited to announce our new partnership with Pineapple Support, an online mental health service developed specifically for adult industry models and performers.

As we know, ours can be a trying industry, with its own unique set of struggles. While stigma associated with the adult industry is slowly starting to change, we know that being a part of this community can make certain relationships, conversations and situations very complicated. It can even take a toll on your emotional health. That's why we're making sure you have the resources you need to stay happy, healthy, and profitable.

Pineapple Support and Pornhub share a common goal - making sure that all sex workers and porn performers have access to the care they need.

Everybody deserves mental health services, but they can be inaccessible for a number of reasons - some models may not be able to find a provider that is sex-worker-friendly. Some others may simply not have good providers available in their area. Many others are unable to access mental health services due to prohibitive cost.

We're looking to change that.

All members of Modelhub and the Pornhub Model Program have unlimited, 24/7 access to Pineapple Support's network of mental health resources.

You'll be able to chat anonymously, for free, with one of Pineapple's Trained Listeners - they are specially trained to offer empathetic support, and listen to you without prejudice or stigma.

Chatting with a Trained Listener is completely free, and access to a licensed therapist through Pineapple Support is subsidized or also free.

Take care of yourself, so that you can keep taking care of business:

Sign up to Pineapple Support today.


If you're able, please also consider donating in honor of International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers, to help make sure everyone can have access to mental health services.

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1 year ago
guys this is truly amazing something that we do not speak a lot about but if you notice in a lot of our videos Devin is wearing a green band which is for suicide prevention awareness due to his best friend taking his own life two years ago you guys are awesome for this!!
1 year ago
I didn't even think about this being a thing! but now that i am aware i am so proud of PornHub Support to make this step in support of all of us models that may need a shoulder to lean on or a bit of support when we are down! Thank you so much PH! It's obvious that you really care!
1 year ago
This is really good can I make a suggestion something you can do to help people something concrete. Allow people to disable comments on videos if they wish a bit like youtube does and allows people to do you can still have the likes and dislikes button BUT no comments. I remember the night my video featured and 100 of 1000s views in a day but the negative comments about how awful I looked and the nasty nature of many guys I sat there crying for hours on my own as have no partner etc xx
1 year ago
yes. I have a stalker who is making fake accounts non stop calling me anorexic and telling me to get out the industry and die etc. ive had to block over 30 accounts 
1 year ago
That is an awesome suggestion! The consumers feedback is needed but the anonymous trolls can get mean. The option to turn off commenting would be great.
1 year ago
Girl I woulda cried with you, keep your head up you are so beautiful ❤
1 year ago
well !!!!! surely will have a success ......
1 year ago
This is amazing! Hope one day this will be no longer necessary and porn community will be free of violence. LOVE, SalixxxKatz
1 year ago
This is great!
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