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The hottest community content and a new way to see your subscriptions videos, photos and more.

1.Community Feed/My Feed

We've revamped the entire community section of the site! When you click on the the community tab you will be brought to the new page. By default the "Community Feed" is shown. If you are logged into your community account you will also see a "My Feed" tab. This is where you can view updates from all of the users that you have subscribed to.

2. Popular Feed

Above is the Community Feed. Here you'll find the hottest content from the Pornhub Community. Uploads from the same user are grouped together for easy navigation, to see the full story simply click the "See All" button under the update. You'll never miss hot photos, videos or playlists ever again! Think your content is hot enough to make it in the Feed? Then head on over to our Uploader.

3. Filters

Located on the top right hand side of the screen you'll find the button that says "All Content" when you click on the drop down arrow next to it you will see all of the filter options.

When you filter by "Top" which is the default selection, you will see everything that is popular at the moment. If you select "Recent" you'll see all community uploads, regardless of popularity.

The next filtering option you have is for which users you'll see. You have a choice between All Members, Verified Members or Content Partners.

You can also choose to filter the feed by Segment and view all content or choose between Straight, Gay (Bisexual, Solo Male) or Shemale content.

The final thing that you can filter is what type of content you see. You can select between Videos, Albums or Playlists. It's now easier than ever to filter through community content!

You can also access the members search from here as well as from the community tab.

4. Suggested Verified Members and Suggested Content Partners

On the right hand side you'll find find suggestions from us here at Pornhub! If you aren't currently subscribed to any users your "My Feed" is probably looking pretty bare so check out some of our awesome Verified Members and Content Partners! Below this you'll also find Suggested Photo Albums and Suggested Playlists.

5. Hover Pop

The final change we've made is that if you hover over a user's avatar you can see some additional information about them!

Let me know what you think about these changes in the comments below!


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3 years ago
Can't find anyone's blogs even though I can see in my feed when someone comments on one. Can't seem to filter by blogs, the blog feed is gone from my homepage, the blog button is gone from profile pages. Everything LOOKS nice, but its all more annoying. I saw somewhere one of the PH people say "it was fine before, but wasn't used enough. We're trying to get more people to use it", yet this whole thing makes me not want to use these things anymore. Any good reason the change wasn't optional?
3 years ago
I can't give you a lesson on web development in our community blog... let's just leave it at it's technically infeasible to have both layouts. Check the feed now, I've implemented some of your feedback.
3 years ago
If it is "just a layout change" then how is it 2 communities? You can't have it both ways, is it "calm down it is just a layout change that could have been optional", or is it "major things are different we cant make it optional"?
3 years ago
Speaking of new features, can we get an "auto-decline Male/Female"? I'm a lesbian, I'm not here for men, yet I get tons of requests from them.
3 years ago
Yup it's on the roadmap! Auto reject from Male/Female/Couple or any combination.
3 years ago
Yay you pulled a Google! Took something that was simple and didn't need changing, then changed it and made it more complicated to make it look more "sleek"! Just what I always wanted! This is YouTube all over again... I hate to be rude by hating on something that took a ton of time and work. But to be fair, if someone took your good car and took a ton of time and work to turn it into scrap metal, would you be nice to them about it?
3 years ago
I'm going to separate comments from posts this week but for now you can filter and get both. I'll push this along asap. Thanks for the feedback.
3 years ago
We made it easier to share videos, photos and playlists, instead of the old tacky and non-fluid layout from before. It's a community of porn lovers. The goal was always to make it more appealing to share porn, not for friends/hooking up/dating/facebook. I'm curious why you think it's like facebook now? No functionality is really changed, other than some changes to the blogs? You can filter by posts? Go to your feed and choose posts in the filter dropdown.
3 years ago
Hi, I can't find where to up load a private video or pics from my tablet? Can anybody help pls
3 years ago
You cannot upload from tablets just yet. Please use a laptop/PC to upload your videos and pictures.
3 years ago
Where did the blog feature go? I love blogging and illustrating them with photos and GIFS. Please tell me you didn't get rid of it.
3 years ago
Yeah now it is just "posts" on your stream or whatever, its really lame that they merged them together. Especially since I can't filter my feed by subscriptions' "posts" alone, it has to add in the hundreds of comments too!
3 years ago
I agree totally, taking the separateness of the blog away and folding it into our "Stream" sucks
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