Orange is the New Fap


Season 4 of Orange is the New Black premiered on Netflix on Friday, June 17 so our friends at Cinema Blend asked if the show had any effect on Pornhub visitor’s habits. Because the whole season arrived at once, we can only assume that fans binge watched it over the next 3 days. Everyone needs a break though, and it seems that people found plenty of time for Pornhub in between episodes.


2016 NBA Finals

The NBA championship game took place on June 19th with the Cleveland Cavaliers playing the Golden State Warriors, so our friends at The Daily Dot inquired to see if the game had an effect on people’s porn habits. Compared to a normal Sunday, Pornhub’s traffic during the game was down -10% across the United States, including the San Francisco Bay Area. Cleveland’s traffic was down -20% for the first half of the game, but then plummeted by -47% towards the end. Why such a drastic drop? Fap time clearly gave way to clap time as people all over Cleveland tuned in to see the Cavaliers snag the first pro sports championship title the city has had in 52 years. Congrats Cleveland!


Traffic increased rapidly after the game ended, reaching above average levels in the hours following. Folks in Cleveland were feeling pretty good, so Pornhub’s traffic there was up 20% above normal Sunday levels by midnight.

Who’s Your Daddy?


Father’s Day is right around the corner, so Vocative asked Pornhub’s statisticians to see if the daddy of all days has any effect on Pornhub’s visitors. In the past we found that Mother’s Day made MILFs more popular, Easter caused a leap in bunny searches, and people had some interesting things in mind on Valentines Day. With that in mind, we checked results for Father’s Day in 2015 and found that searches containing “dad” or “daddy” shot up an amazing +1361%!


The Long and Short of Porn Watching


The average person visiting Pornhub spends around 9 minutes 20 seconds and views 9 pages by the time they come and go. That hardly qualifies as binge watching, but our friends at Vice asked us if certain types of porn stand out as being watched for longer or shorter periods of time. Pornhub Insights has studied the length of time porn is watched in different countries, by different genders and age groups and even when using different devices, but not yet by the category being viewed, so our statisticians set to work.


UEFA Champion’s League Final 2016

The 2016 UEFA Champions League Final took place on May 28, 2016 in Milan Italy. Spanish teams Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid faced off. After a close match, Real Madrid won 5-3 on penalties following a 1-1 draw at the end of extra time. The match was watched closely by fans all over Europe, and much like the Superbowl and the World Cup, the Champions League Final caused a major drop in traffic to Pornhub. From 20h to 23h Central European Time, traffic in Spain was down -19% compared to the same time period on a typical Saturday. Iceland dropped -17%, Malta -15% and Norway -14%.


Because Spain had the largest overall traffic drop, we looked at the hour-by-hour traffic along with the capital Madrid and the average change for all of Europe. As the game started at 20h, traffic dropped off quickly and remained much lower than normal during the duration of the game. The tied extra time left fans on the edge of their seats, and traffic dropped as low as 27% in Spain, 44% in Madrid and 7% across all of Europe. After the game ended fans headed back to Pornhub in droves, with traffic across all of Europe reaching 13% above normal, plus 16% in Spain. Traffic took about an hour longer to recover in Madrid, reaching as high as 17% above normal at 1h.


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