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More of What Women Want

PHMKT-573 What Women Want 3

After we initially ran the first installment of What Women Want back in September of last year, we got tons of questions from readers and reporters alike, asking us to go even further and into more depth with regards to the behavior of female Pornhub viewers. As a part of a special collaboration with RedTube (NSFW) as well as our friends over at The Daily Beast, we’re going to be doing exactly that with this installment of Insights. With the number of female viewers continuously growing, the way that members of the fairer sex engage with adult content remains an increasingly fascinating topic to explore. Today we’ll be examining everything from which search terms have increased in popularity among women over the course of the past year, to which countries currently have some of the highest and lowest proportions of female viewers. READ MORE

My Little Porny: MLP Searches on Pornhub

my little porny

Bronies are an interesting bunch. They initially emerged as an online community consisting predominantly of males aged 18-35 with a particular reverence for the new generation My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic television show that launched in 2010. Since then, bronies have become the topic of countless articles and documentaries and even convene in hordes (strings?) at annual conventions. Where there is Internet sensation however, there is generally a tieback to porn. For this installment of Pornhub Insights, we’re taking a look at the magical world of My Little Pony (MLP) related searches on Pornhub. The intersection of these two worlds makes for some pretty fascinating data, so let’s clop to it. READ MORE

Coming of Age: Millennials

PHMKT-582 Millennials

The Millennial generation, members of which are also sometimes referred to as Echo Boomers, consists of the demographic cohort born roughly between the years 1982 and 2000. Through a special collaboration with our friends over at, we’re taking a look at the particular way that Pornhub’s 18-34 users interact with the largest adult site in the world. Touted by some as the most tech savvy generation to date, millennials are generally known for being glued to their phones and sharing all aspects of their lives on social media. Thanks in part to the open and rapid access to information afforded to this group by the web in their formative years, the sense of media awareness and general world views of these 18-34 year-olds truly sets them apart from previous generations in the way that they consume online. READ MORE

Pornhub & Chicago

PHMKT-552 Chicago cover 1

For today’s edition of Pornhub Insights, our dedicated team of statisticians are digging through the data in Illinois with a special focus on the Windy City. Recently we have been especially interested in these more focused type analyses which allow us to tease out data trends in a smaller geographical area, as we have just lately done for the State of New York. It’s fascinating to see how search trends and user demographics vary from one part of the country to another, and we’re at it again today. Let’s get started! READ MORE

Pornhub & Alabama

PHMKT-551 Alabama cover

After having spent some time looking at the porn habits of visitors to our site in both the State of New York and Illinois, the Pornhub statisticians have headed south. We’re looking at you, Alabama! That’s right, we’re in the Heart of Dixie examining what the people of Alabama like to look at the most when playing with theirs. As some of you may have heard by now, Pornhub is in the process of crowdfunding the first ever sex tape made in space, and seeing as workers from Alabama built the first rocket that put man on the moon, we couldn’t help but want to stop in and check out the state’s porn stats. At the request of our friends over at, we’re coming at you today with a huge load of Yellowhammer State data. There’s lots to cover, so let’s begin. READ MORE

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