Olympic Sized Searches


The 2016 Summer Olympics kicked off on August 5th in Rio de Janeiro. While Team Pornhub was in Rio keeping Olympians safe, our statisticians had to be content following the action through their analytics screens. Our friends at Uproxx were curious to see what effect the Olympic games may have had on the search habits of Pornhub’s users. So in this edition of Insights, we’ll take a look at Rio de Janeiro and how Pornhub’s visitors worldwide reacted to seeing their favorite Olympic sports and athletes.


Does Size Matter?


Pornhub Insights is all about big data, and today we’re collaborating with our friends at The Berry to answer an age old question – does size really matter to women? And if so, does it matter more to women than men? The short answer is yes. On Pornhub, women search for big dick videos 46% more often than men do. They search using the term “dick” 122% more than men, and the term “cock” 7% more than men do.


Super Hero Parody Searches

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Fantasy plays a big role in pornography. People are not simply looking for naked flesh, they’re interested in the stories that lead to each sexual encounter. Like film and television studios, the porn industry spends millions each year to design elaborate scenes that will bring viewers into the story, and create an emotional attachment with the characters on screen. It’s only natural that fans will want to see their favorite movie characters involved in sexual scenarios, so super hero porn parodies are a popular adult film genre.


Looking Into Glasses Porn


Pornhub has over a million videos, which allows our 60 million daily visitors to find pretty much anything that turns them on. With so many video options, people often search for what’s on their mind each day, and a good example of that is “glasses” porn. If you see someone wearing glasses during the day and were turned on, why not continue the fantasy the next time you visit Pornhub?


Searching for Redheads


When Pornhub Insights recently studied the Long and Short of Porn Watching, we found that of the 100 porn categories available, it was redhead videos that got people off the fastest – by an impressive 2 and a half minutes! In a hurry next time? Head to Pornhub’s redhead category. Our friends at Buzzfeed asked what secrets these sexy scarlets may hold, so we delved deeper into who, what and where people are searching for redheads.


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