Happy MILF’s Day!


The first Sunday of every May is Mother’s Day – a special day set aside to show your mom how much you appreciate her. At Pornhub we prefer to celebrate MILF’s Day and show our appreciation for other people’s moms. In collaboration with our friends at Mic.com, we checked to see how much Pornhub’s visitors love moms, seeing as ‘MILF’ (Mom I’d Like to Fuck) and ‘mom’ have remained two of the top searches on Pornhub for several years. Now before you jump to any conclusions, searching for ‘mom’ is just a common way to see videos featuring mature and experienced ladies, and as we discovered in our 2015 Year in Review, there’s a growing trend toward more specific searches for ‘step mom’.


Ireland Insights


When are Irish eyes smiling? When they’re watching Pornhub of course. The Irish Mirror asked us to take a look at how Ireland watches porn so our statisticians set to work. While Ireland’s population of 4.7 million ranks it 124th worldwide, they rank an incredible 28th for traffic to Pornhub. In fact, in our 2015 Year in Review we found that Ireland had 161 visits per capita, making it 4th worldwide just behind the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. Good on ya Ireland!


Game of Thrones Season Six Has Come


For fans of the HBO series Game of Thrones, Sunday April 24th saw the arrival of the highly anticipated Season 6, so the folks at Cinema Blend asked our statisticians to look for all data relating to Game of Thrones, and the results – especially those immediately after the premiere – were surprising. We discovered that Game of Thrones has remained a popular search on Pornhub due in part to various porn parodies and also from fans hoping to find a glimpse of the nudity and sex that the series is known for.


Utah’s Porn Viewers


On April 20th, Utah’s governor Gary Herbert signed legislation declaring porn a public health crisis. Wait what?! Ok, Gary seems like a nice enough guy, and we’re not here to judge. Pornhub Insights presents the facts, and only the facts exactly as we find them. So here’s the real low-down on how average Utahns enjoy their porn.


Puff Puff Porn


Smoking is a popular fetish on Pornhub, and our statisticians took note that searches for a particular type of smoking porn increase every April 20th – which is also known as Weed Day. So for this 4/20 we’d like to puff-puff-pass along some interesting weed related stats.


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