Halloween Searches and Hot Costumes


As we’ve discovered many times before on Pornhub Insights, the tastes of porn viewers are anything but vanilla. Rule 41 of the internet states that if something exists, there’s porn for it. Perhaps that’s why year-round searches involving costumes, cosplay, superheroes, movie parodies and game characters are so popular. No time of the year brings out sexy costume seekers more than Halloween, so our friends at Refinery29 checked in to see what’s up with our spooky searches.


Pornhub Pizza Delivery: Always Hot and Fresh


One of the oldest and time-honored porn clichés is the infamous pizza delivery guy. Pornhub has nearly 2000 videos with pizza in the title, and each month people search for pizza porn more than 500,000 times. October is officially “Pizza Appreciation Month” (as if one month is enough), so along with our friends at Thrillist we’ll be serving up extra-large portions of cheesy porn data.

The most popular pizza related search is “pizza delivery” (nsfw) followed by “big sausage pizza” (nsfw) and “pizza boy” (nsfw). Some searches like “naked pizza dare” (nsfw), “flashing pizza guy” (nsfw) and “open door naked pizza” (nsfw) are related to a more recent amateur video trend that involves surprising real pizza guys.


Clowning Around


As Halloween approaches, public sightings of “creepy clowns” have become all too common. It’s a viral trend that pops up every few years, but has garnered additional media attention this season due to some clowns taking their scare tactics a bit too far. We’ve discovered many times before that increased media coverage will often result in more searches on Pornhub. Our friends at Thrillist checked in to see if all this clowning around has had the same effect, and it turns out that over the last few weeks searches relating to clowns have increased as much as 213%.


Trump and Clinton Master-Debating


On Sunday, October 9th the second 2016 Presidential Debate took place. Just a few weeks earlier, the first Presidential Debate broke several TV viewership records, but this second debate saw a 20% audience reduction to just 66.5 million. Our friends at ATTN checked in to see how the debate may have affected traffic to Pornhub. Interestingly, Pornhub’s usual Sunday night traffic dropped slightly more during the second debate, indicating that porn fans were more interested in seeing their potential presidents duke it out live.


U.K. Gay Searches and the British Chav


In a recent edition of Pornhub Insights, we looked at the most popular gay searches across the United States. So our friends at Metro UK asked us to look specifically at gay searches in the United Kingdom, along with the popular fetish of British Chav porn.


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