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Brent Corrigan
Brent Corrigan
Brent Corrigan’s the ideal dude for every guy with a fetish for tight innocent twinks. Come on, people… he’s literally from Idaho. But where twinks are usually known for being vapid fuck toys, Brent’s got surprising depth; maybe you noticed it in his eyes while his ass was being attacked by hungry cock, or maybe you’re aware of his post-porno careers as an indie film actor, director, and writer. Born on Halloween in Lewistown, Idaho, he split from his one-horse town when he was 18 to chase bigger and brighter dreams. His first boyfriend got him his first hardcore job via a webcam audition, and Brent was basically an instant sensation. He did more than two dozen titles throughout the 2000s as both a top and bottom, and this experience, coupled with his natural talent, led him to the other side of the camera as a porn director. Directing further inspired him to seek more mainstream – but still queer – work. He crossed over as a mainstream actor with a small role in Sean Penn’s movie “Milk” and parts in smaller indie gay cinema. In 2013, he directed and starred in the thriller “Triple Crossed”—impressive for sure; however, we’ll forever be focused on his hardcore work.
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