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Cody Cummings

Cody Cummings

Got an itching man crush you desperately need to scratch? Then Cody Cummings is the all-male screw dude waiting for you. You don’t get to have 15 volumes of your own starring series if you’re not 100% fuckable gay meat. With a Next Door Entertainment series is called “Cody Cummings Unleashed”, he’s a smoky-eyed dream boy with the looks to make any dude consider opening up his mouth hole and butt hole for some hardcore homo fun. Cody is a workout freak and stays ripped to the hilt in order to keep his fuck stamina and ass-pounding endurance in top shape. Whether climbing aboard some horny twink for some top mastery, or letting a heavy-set bear mount him so Cody can show off his power-bottom skills, Cody’s cock and ass always steal the show. Cody got started as the typical ‘gay-for-pay’ man star, claiming to be brought up a serious hetero dude. One bet led to another, and one dare escalated to the next, and next thing you know, he was doing threesomes with other guys. First, Cody let those guys blow him, and eventually, he started opening up wide to get his own taste of boner. One kiss here, one frot session there, and more anuses opened up like flowers… and the rest is history. Now, Cody’s on a mission to convert as many straight dudes as he can, to get a wad sucked out of his pipe, and to exchange a good butt fuck. If his progress thus far is any indication, he’ll be hugely successful.
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